Yes, Wednesday Again, WIPpet Time!!

Business first — if you haven’t seen it, there is a linkie link on the sidebar —————> If you want to join in the WIPpet fun, click the link and add your URL. The link opens on Monday each week, and closes at midnight Wednesday.  Please let me know if you have problems with it. There should be a way to share it on each blog, so if not, I’ll need to look into it.

Now, on to this week’s WIPpet.  A little change of pace.  These 23 lines come to you from my as-yet-to-be-titled anthology piece. Because it’s out of context I’ll set the scene: Duncan & Gareth are riding to Mollag’s place. Duncan has a woman, Alereena, bound and gagged sitting in front of him, that’s who he’s talking to at the beginning of this snippet.

“Secondly, who are you? Your real name this time, and your station. You handle yourself like one of the Elite, but no sister of that faction that I’ve ever known — and yes, there have been a few — would ever offer her head without explanation. Or a fight.”

“Ask her how she’s going to get us out of this mess while you’re at it,” Gareth said over his shoulder.

“And what mess is it you’ve gotten yourselves into now?”  They reined in and swiveled as one to face the source of the question. A woman stood on the stump of a downed tree, the breeze playing with her loose, flaxen colored hair. Her mouth curved upwards in a playful smile as her eyes swept over Gareth, and she winked before arching a brow at Duncan. “Since when does the virile Duncan Featherstone need to resort to tying up his women? I thought they all dropped, swooning, at your feet?”

“All but you, Mollag, my love. All but you.”

“Hmm.” She pursed her lips and studied Alereena’s face for a good long while. “I think we best get you boys out of sight.”

Gareth angled his horse toward the stump. “Come here, woman. Warm my lap for the rest of the ride, and I’ll tell you of my companion’s singular act of stupidity.”

Mollag climbed into Gareth’s arms, sitting sideways across his horse, her arms wrapped snugly about his considerable girth. She laughed as he buried his face in her ample bosom with a bear-like growl.

“This is the only good thing that’s come of today,” he said, before taking up the reins and striking off once again.

“And you thought nothing good would come of it at all,” Duncan said.

Gareth flicked a gesture at him without turning.



  1. I love the way it’s so playful – yet you’re conscious there is a woman tied up and there is obviously more to it. Great WIPpet.

  2. Great stuff little late to the party but posted the first line of my wip in the link section!

  3. I love how detailed a picture you can get of each distinct character from such a small passage of work. Awesome job. 🙂

    • Thanks! I really like the two characters in this piece, and think they may some day get a book of their own. I have quite a few snippets already written.

  4. Hmm… what in the world is Duncan up to?

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