Year End Wrap & the Last WIPpet of 2015

Happy Almost 2016! I hope everyone is making it through this holiday season without too much stress.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who spread the word about my promotion last week, as well as those of you who added First of Her Kind to your e-book collection and/or TBR list. You helped it break into the Top 10 for Free Epic Fantasy books for a couple days, and that was totally cool. 😀 I hope you enjoy the read. As always, feel free to drop me a line or give me a shout-out and let me know if you liked it. Heck, let me know if you didn’t like it. I can’t grow as a writer without useful constructive criticism. Of course I like the praise much better, but you have to take both with equal grace.

 Edge of Darkness, the third and final book in the Darkness & Light series, is still scheduled to be released within the next couple of months. No firm date yet.

What other projects am I working on?

Glad you asked! Bound in Shadow is still in the hands of a couple publishers. The wheels of traditional publishing are slow, somewhat cumbersome things. So I wait. Impatiently. Check e-mail. Frequently. Sigh. Scowl. Check e-mail again. Check the spam folder. Scowl. And wait some more. In the meantime, the second Coinblade Chronicles book, as of yet untitled, is well underway, and I have some idea what will be happening in the third as well.

I’m trying to knock together some short stories for various reasons, but I have several problems with that. One, lack of writing time. What little I have gets devoted to CBC2. Two, I’ve never been really good at telling a short story. They all seem to grow to novella length and beyond. Three, whereas I can generate plot ideas for novels, generating plot ideas for shorts leaves me staring at a blank wall. Why torture myself then? Partly because of those last two points and partly because ‘various reasons’.

Those of you who remember Fader and Roe from The Adorned, don’t despair. I’m planning to give them some attention again in 2016.

And, of course, I have several other ideas rolling around in my head, some new characters, new worlds, all clamoring for my attention. So you really never know what’s going to pop out next. How can you be the first to find out? Glad you asked! (My, but you’re full of wonderful questions this morning.) Sign up for my Newsletter. I promise no spam and lots of entertaining articles. Trust me, it’s not a Buy My Books!!!! sales-pitchy type of newsletter. There’s other stuff. And giveaways.

Now, since it is Wednesday and I’m here, how about a WIPpet? You can read what other authors are offering from their current WIPs by following this link. Today, for the last Wednesday of 2015, I went to page 30 of CBC book two and pulled this tidbit for you. Very rough, first drafty stuff and no context because that’s how I roll. Enjoy!

There were more voices and people around me than there should have been, even given the size of Dell’s household staff. I sat with my hands braced on my thighs, staring at a spot on the floor and trying to breathe around what were certainly cracked ribs.

Worn but polished boots wandered into my line of vision, paused, continued on. Some time later they returned, stopped, and turned to face me. Above them were striped pants, then a broad, gold sash beneath a sword belt. I tipped my head, my blurry gaze traveling up the rest of the crisp, spotless uniform until it found the Watch Captain’s face.

“Not today, Harding,” I said. “I’m not in the mood.”

A scowl tipped his mouth downwards, though from my vantage point, looking up, it could have been a smile–with enough imagination and perhaps another bottle. Harding hadn’t smiled at me since finding me with his sister in what could only be described as a delightful, yet compromising, position. The man certainly knew how to hold a grudge.

“I’m here at the behest of Master Ruke,” Harding said.

I wrinkled my brow and winced at the burn the movement sent across my temple. “Who?”

“Talmynn Ruke? The Chancellor’s Master of the House?”

“Oh.” Who knew Talmynn had a complete name and a title?


  1. Woohoo!! All the new projects and wonderfulness 😀 Love the WIP!!

  2. That was great (as usual).
    I hope you hear something soon. My book is in the hand of an agent. And yes, I also am checking email.

    • It’s crazy, isn’t it? As soon as my e-mail light on my phone comes on, I grab it and look. Dang, I hate waiting.

  3. Intriguing snippet.

  4. OMG First of her Kind is amazing. Your writing is fabulous. Great story. I’m halfway through and I love it.
    I do want to let you know – please don’t take offense. There are some spelling typos in the e-book format. I would want to know if it were me. But the writing otherwise is just fabulous, full of great imagery. I love how you found a way to actually visibly describe the ‘magic’ threads between the characters.
    I’ll post a full review when I’m done (on amazon or goodreads or something) and let you know 🙂

    • Thank you very much. Glad you’re enjoying it. Ah, typos. It seems no matter how many eyes go over it, something is always missed. It was nearly to print before the automated software caught Chapter Fiveteen. *facepalm* 5 sets of editorial eyes on that ms and no one caught that. Yikes.

  5. Great snippet. Also, I totally feel you in the short story front. Anytime I try to write a short story, it just keeps going on and on and I can’t really create a short enough beginning, middle and end. I’ve heard the advice that, to write an effective short story, it’s best to start at the climax, or in my head, in the ‘middle’, but still, it’s very difficult.
    I look forward to more excerpts. Glad you’re finding success as well.
    Happy New Year 🙂

    • Yeah, even starting at the climax or starting at the end, I just don’t have an easy time with it. But, I’m going to keep pounding and hopefully come up with something brilliant.

  6. Like

    (I miss like buttons…)

    Short stories are a problem for me, too. Novellas are turning out to be rather fun, though. 🙂

    • Novella is just the doorstep to novel. *sigh* And, unfortunately, the markets I’m looking at require a mere 6-10k. Usually more toward the 6 than the 10. Oh, the agony!

  7. Woohoo! Fader and Roe. <3

    Think of short stories as scenes instead of stories. It helps to pare down to just what you need.

    And Driev. You are a scoundrel. I don't blame Harding. Of course, I don't not blame his sister, either. 😛

    • Ha! Yeah, scoundrel. ;p

      I try to pare. I really do. But things just get away from me. I know, put your character up a tree, throw rocks at him, get him down.

  8. What ReGi said. That’s the only way I’ve managed to write short stories. I also have better luck if I make a series of them, so that I can feed my need to go longer without messing up the idea of a short story…I’ve used Trip and T’Pol for practice there, because T’Pol simply WILL NOT stop feeding me stories, and it doesn’t matter one bit to her what else I intend to be writing…

    On the other hand, my novella series turned into novels…short for me, at 58K-67K, but still – they were meant to be shorter….

    Driev might someday want to weigh out the cost of those dalliances against the injuries he takes as a result of them…but of course, he won’t.

    Wanted to let you know that my eyes and migraine-prone head aren’t fond of this white on black…the text kind of swims and induces mild vertigo. Since that’s sometimes an issue for me, anyway, I might be the only one, but thought you’d maybe want to know.

    Looking forward to more Driev, more Fader and Roe, and more more from you! =)

    • I’m not sure Driev is capable of weighing costs. Though he expects other people to do as much. There is a lot in store for him in the second installment. Mwahahahahaha!!!

      Hmm, sorry about the white on black. Would a soft grey work better?

  9. The last line made me smile. Looking forward to more of Driev!

    Good luck on your projects and have a great 2016. 🙂

  10. Oh, gosh. I love short stories! I always have. I prefer them to anything else, but I really don’t have time to write them because I’m always novelling. Sigh.

    Love this line: “Who knew Talmynn had a complete name and a title?” ROFL! Sort of, “Oh, a real person with a life?”

    • As long as Driev has know the man, he’s just been Talmynn. He didn’t really care to find out any more about him. And since they don’t care for each other, he’s not inclined to do so now. 😉

  11. Happy New Year! All the best for 2016!

    I hear you on the short story issue. I was actually not too bad at it back when I was writing fanfiction regularly, but do you think I can turn my hand at an original one?

    And it sounds like this Talmynn fellow may have left out a few details…

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