Writing When I Don’t Want To ~ Guest Post by Gloria Weber

**Today I hand the keys to the dungeon over to the wonderful Gloria Weber. She’s going to keep you entertained, and I’m going to go do stuff. Enjoy!  ~K **

Many thanks to the flying monkeys for making a spot for me in the corner. Also, thanks to the ever lovely Mistress of Awesome and Empress of the Land for letting me guest blog today. Now on with my rambling, erm I mean post.

My tagline for my latest short story release is “What happened to ALICIA?” But, an even greater mystery that I face at least once a week is, “What happened to my motivation?” I normally don’t find the answer, but I have five methods to deal with that pesky situation.

  1. Bribe

Sometimes I can’t write because I rather do something else. Like, I’m writing this blog post, but I kind of want to watch ONCE UPON A TIME. (I’m late to the game, so there’s tons of episodes I have yet to watch.) So, I’m using that as incentive to get this done!

  1. Deprive

As the owner of bright and shiny ADD (attention deficit disorder), there are days every little thing distracts me. Though mostly that means I’m chatting on Gmail or staring at facebook or Twitter. Those days, I need to deprive myself. In that case, I use Writer’s Block (formerly known as Force Draft – http://writersblock.io/).

  1. Peppy Music

It’s like when I go on the treadmill. I turn on the machine and I’m staring at the console/keyboard feeling bleh. But the instant I pop on some peppy tunes my feet/fingers start doing their job. I also find the more bpm (beats per minute) the faster my fingers fly (my feet stay at the same pace, because you can’t run faster than the treadmill without consequences).

  1. Change Projects

Some days it is just that another project/idea is on my mind or I’m just not feeling the task I set forth for the day. So, I change my plans and get to work. Progress matters more to me than a schedule.


I could try all the above and still lack the desire. That’s when I try again from the beginning. I get up and do something else like a chore or go for a walk. When I’m done, I approach my laptop again like it is the first time even if it is the second or third.


And, sometimes, no matter what I can’t write. I try to not beat myself up and read instead. As reading is just as important as writing to a writer. We all have an off day or two.

Share your tips for getting yourself to write in the comments! And if you like a contemporary tale with a touch of romance and fantasy, please pick up ALICIA (http://amzn.com/B01417P1GA).


Make sure to check out Gloria’s upcoming release…


Gloria Weber lives in Ohio with her husband, son, daughter, and many pets. Her website is http://gloriaweber.wordpress.com and she can be found onTwitter as @GloriaWeber or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GloriaWeberWriter

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  1. Great post! Usually I don’t want to write when I’m stuck on a scene that’s going nowhere. When that happens, I do something mundane like washing dishes or vacuuming to let the scene percolate.

    One other thing that has been helpful is writing poetry. I don’t profess to be good at it. I bought a book called The Aspiring Poet’s Journal by Bernard Friot. It has poetry prompts. I’ve found that writing something different from what I usually write (and poetry is different) helps me relax more.

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