Write It Like . . .

In my case, according to I Write Like, it’s Anne Rice.  At least when I dumped in a huge swatch of the epic fantasy WIP.  I freely admit, I’ve never read any of Anne Rice’s work.  Guess I’m going to have to now.

Then I dropped in a bit of one of my Greylands pieces.  In that genre, it appears I write like Stephen King.  Bad, Kathi, I’ve not read any of his work either.  Well, On Writing, which I’m still not all the way through.  BUT, I have watched several movies made from Mr. King’s books so I’m more familiar with his work than that of Anne Rice.

Finally, I popped in a darker piece of the unnamed urban fantasy WIP.  For that, I write like William Gibson.  To be honest. . . had too google him.  Had absolutely no idea who he is or what he’s written.

So, to answer the first question; no, I don’t have sooo much time on my hands that I just flitter around the www until I find stuff like this.  I actually stumbled upon it via Twitter and the illustrious T. James.  I have no idea how they decide who you write like, but it looks like I’m in fairly good company.

Wonder if I can put this in my query letter?

Write on!


  1. Good company indeed 🙂 I’ll have to try this out sometime. Knowing my luck, I’ll be compared to my least favourite authors 😉

  2. Hm. I suppose being advised by a computer program that “You write like Geoff Chaucer” — or any other human for that matter — is vastly better than being told you write like crap. Which, I hasten to add, you certainly don’t!

    As evidenced by BD&L, you have a unique style: a voice that’s both clever and humorous. It’s a mix that makes the edgy material edgier and the funny material funnier. You don’t need to write “like” anyone else; you just need to write.

  3. My WIP, PRETTY SACRIFICES, is written in an usual style, not only shifting viewpoints but moving from first to third person. It also shifts in time and includes some poetry. So…

    I plugged in three different excerpts.

    One (present day, first person) said I wrote like Arthur C. Clarke (of 2001 – A Space Odyssey fame).

    The second snippet (present day, third person) said I wrote like Dan Brown (DaVinci Code, etc.).

    The third excerpt (historical, first person, including poetry) said I wrote like Rudyard Kipling (famous for his fiction and poetry).

    I don’t think I write like any of the above-mentioned, but it is very interesting! (I would rather have been likened to Anne Rice or Stephen King. LOL!)

    As an aside, to test the system, I took a second snippet from a different part of the book that was present day, first person and it once again came up as Arthur Clarke.

    Things that make you go hmmm…

  4. Okay, so now I have to go tell other writers about it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Ah, more shiny things to distract me… LOL!

  5. Ha, I tried this and got a completely different author for each page of the same manuscript I tried. I’m not entirely sure it’s not a random author generator ;o)

  6. Interesting. I’ll have to check this out…

  7. Great post. I don’t know if the program works or not, but I do know it was pretty fun to mess around with. (At least for me.) I plugged in a few random pages from my blog, and it returned all of them as HP Lovecraft. Then out of curiosity, I plugged in an excerpt from my first Novel, All Are Broken, and it returned Mary Shelly. Finally, I tried and excerpt from my latest work, and it came back as Kurt Vonnegut. I like all of those writers, but I don’t particularly think I write like them. Oh well, it was fun, a nice little distraction.

  8. Apparently I’m a cross between Tolkien, Tolstoy and Mary Shelley. Woo-hoo!

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