Wrapping it Up

As the month, and shortly thereafter the year, comes to its inevitable conclusion, I thought I’d take a minute to update everyone on the state of things.  No, I didn’t NaNo so I have no report there.  Although I would like to congratulate all of those I know who particpated.  Remember, just diving in and making the committment was huge, whether you hit your goals or not.  Great job, everyone!  I look forward to reading some of the resulting, awesome, works that come out of it.

The Voyage of the Indie Treader continues (and I’ll have more posts about that journey). I will have a BIG announcement some time within the next couple of weeks which will hopefully include a release date and, quite possibly, a sneak peak at BD&L’s cover.   Also, I’m putting together a blog tour, so if you’d like to host me on your blog please drop me a line  kathils01 (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll hash out the gory details.  If I need to bribe you to get a spot, I’m not above doing so, just let me know which flavor and how much.

Several months ago fellow fantasy author EM Castellan contacted myself and a handful of other fantasy authors, about banding together to share our love of the epic tale.  The result of that e-mail is a new collaborative fantasy blog: There and Draft Again.  It’s very much in its infancy, and though it’s already live (so go check it out and bookmark it!  Better yet, follow.), our first official post and GIVE AWAY will be December 1st.  Did I mention there will be a GIVE AWAY?  Of what, you ask?  <shakes head>  Wha’d’ya think I’m crazy?  Not telling.  Go, bookmark, then check it out after December 1st.  If you enjoy fantasy, this is going to be the place to hang out.  Seriously.  It’s a super group of authors and we have a bunch of awesome posts scheduled.  You can also follow us on Twitter @ThereDraftAgain

By the weekend I’ll be posting my review of Make Believe, an excellent anthology I had the privelage of reading prior to release.  This is one you really need to add to your shopping list if you enjoy paranormal romance with a twist.

Also, coming up after the first of the year, I will be welcoming back author Steve McHugh to talk about the much anticipated sequel to his awesome debut novel Crimes Against Magic.  If you missed my review of CAM, please, go here.  If you’d like to read my original interview with Steve, you’ll find that here.  If you haven’t yet gotten your own copy, I suggest you head over to Amazon and do so.  Go.  Now.  I’m basically done here anyhow.

So, although the year itself is winding down, it looks like I’m winding up.  I leave you with a line from Cage the Elephant ~ Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked:

Oh no I can’t slow down,
I can’t hold back
Though you know, I wish, I could,
Oh no there ain’t no rest for the wicked,
Until we close our eyes for good.

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