World's Greatest Juggler Quits

I don’t juggle.  Not in the actual sense of the word.  Metaphorically speaking, I’m a world class juggler.

Sometimes, I think the real kind of juggling would be easier.

I had the last two weeks off from the day job because of a plant shut down.  I had great plans for those two weeks.  All in all, about seven projects I intended to either check off my list, or at least take a big chunk out of.

Yeah.  You know that ol’ proverb about the best laid plans?  So I didn’t get to a lot of the projects on my list because, guess what, folks?  I could easily write full-time.  You want to know how I know that?  It’s what I did just about every hour of every one of those days off.  Seriously.  Just ask my Sage who I’m sure was wishing I would just go back to work during the day.

Okay, so I slipped into a few rounds of Bubble Town every so often, and maybe spent one or two days hanging with friends — all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you know.  Other than that, I wrote, edited, beta read, and wrote some more.

And it was really cool.  Except for one thing.  A lot of the time when I was at my keyboard, I was mentally beating myself up for not doing one of those other projects on my list.  Some of which are for other people, but none of which have to do with the written word in any form.

It took me until near the end of the two weeks to come to a conclusion.  I need to clean house, declutter, just say ‘no’.  There are projects I’m involved in just because I didn’t want to say that little word.  Things I agreed to do at the time, that have morphed into something I do all the time, because I did them that one time, and which I’ve since come to despise.  And things I said yes to because I know how to do them, and felt bad saying no.  I should remember what I told a previous employer.  “Just because I *know* how to do something, doesn’t mean I *want* to do it.”   Quite frankly, I know how to do a lot of things, not all of which I enjoy.

It’s going to tick some people off, and I hope they’ll understand, but it’s time to really focus on the two or three things I want to excel at, and let the rest go.

Like juggling.  Yeah, I need to let go of that.

Write on!  


  1. You’re right. About the juggling. Might be different if you worked at a circus.

  2. The only person’s feelings your responsible are your own. It is ok to say no. I have to remind myself that, too. So, go out and just yell it out. “NOOOoooooo” (I hope what I was trying to accomplish there comes off right and not nonsensical).

    Anyway, it’s good you realized that and want to take action instead of continuing to go along with it.

  3. Yikes. Do I know the juggling act. I feel like the busier we are, the more we have to do–if that makes sense? I also believe that we will fill our days to capacity no matter if we have 59 things to do or 7. I learned this fact as a mother, wondering at the start of the day how I’d ever get done the things I needed to accomplish. But at the end of the day, the most important tasks were completed as well as some not-so-important. I find that as long as we put our minds to it, we’ll do it no matter what. But if we let ourselves off the hook, even a little bit, then these things don’t get done.

    I have trouble saying “No” also. I have to work on that, because it is a matter of feeling guilty for letting someone down.

    • I know people that never seem to have anything on their plate. Heck, I don’t even know if they have a plate! I sometimes wonder what life is like on that side. I don’t wonder for long, though. I can’t operate that way. I *have* to have a plate and it needs things on it. I just have to learn to control my portions.

      Hey, this sounds a lot like my diet! LOL

  4. Well done you.
    I have two little girls so most of my obligations are to do with them or the house (and occasionally the hubby). But I find the worst of the obligations are the ones I set myself. I’m a terrible task manager, setting myself unachievable goal after unachievable goal. The only way I can manage is to not worry about the deadlines. I just keep at the juggling, keeping as many in the air as possible, and if I am late for things, or things take a long time, that’s just the way it is. Like today I managed to paint another panel of the fence, (10 down, 18 left to do.) Dig over another 2 square metres of the front garden. Cut down a tree. Mow the front lawn, (managed the back lawn a few days earlier.) I would be better if I could concentrate on one bit and get it finished, but my little ones won’t let me do that, so I do the best I can. Never let it get you down.

  5. Oh this is exactly where I am right now (and why I’m taking a blog holiday – to streamline my life against the ‘should be’). Like you I’d rather write without the distraction of stuff I don’t even want to do … It’s not an easy process though. Good luck clearing out the ‘life-clutter’!

    • I had some success with that . . . except that every time I clear something off, something new pops up! LOL How is your streamlining going?

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