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First, I have to thank Kate Sparkes for this lovely post to my Facebook Timeline:

monkeysOh, so true!! It made me giggle quite hysterically. Or maniacally. One or the other. Okay, on to the business of this post. I didn’t get to posting my ROW80 update Sunday, or making any blog rounds. I have a very good reason. I was busy working on my ROW80 goals and trying my darndest to not be sucked in by that great big bright shiny otherwise known as the internet.

How’d I do? Awesome. I made strides on the cover for Emergence, and I got the blurb written (which I had totally forgotten about). I suppose I should really be thinking Blog Tour…

I added words to CBC. Not sure how many. Still need to do some plot noodling, but that’s low down on the list.

Aaaaaannnnnddd…Nope, that about sums it up.

Hey, did everyone remember to check out Monday’s WIPterview with Ruth Nestvold? If not, get over there. There are only a few WIPpeteers left (Raewyn, I need to send you the WIPterview). Don’t forget, if you have a question for me, put it in the comments. I’ll be WIPterviewing myself last.

Now, my WIPpet. Um…I had to get a little creative with the WIPpet math. 1+22+14 gives us page 37 of CBC, from which I give you 20(14) sentences. See how that works?

A little backstory so you’re not hopelessly lost by the second paragraph: Driev had been in a bath house prior to this scene. The boy in question is the same one from the sewer scene, hence the need for a bath. Tam I think we’ve met before.

“Excuse me?” My brows rose high enough to get lost in my hair.

Ahgul’s voice in my head had put a chill in the warm water sooner than I would have liked, and sent me scurrying back to the lay-over. I’m not sure what becomes of a soul after death, but Ahgul’s seemed to have taken up residence as my conscience, and I didn’t care for it one bit. No more than I should have cared that I arrived just in time to find Tam getting ready to leave with the boy.

She peered past me to where the boy sat on the mattress while we discussed his fate. “Why is this a problem?” Tam kept her voice just above a whisper. “I thought you wanted to be rid of him?”

“Truth,” I said. Oh, truth, truth, a million times truth. “But tell me why in the gods-be-damned hell the Shadow Guilds are sticking their fingers into it?” And why the gods-be-damned hell I gave a rat’s balls.

“I don’t know. Look, I made the rounds of Sounder’s Hill, put some feelers out for Fallis–“


Tam scowled. “Gylan’s brother.”

“Oh. And?”

There it is. Now go see what everyone else is WIPping up.

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  1. Driev really does have a way with words: ‘And why the gods-be-damned hell I give a rat’s balls.’ Always makes for entertaining reading. Great first line too.

    I saw that post Kate put up on facebook – made me giggle too. 🙂

    • Yeah, he’s something, isn’t he? I think he developed a colorful language in part to irritate his father. That was a bad idea though…

  2. He cares because it is odd. And odd things, no one likes. That’s why they sell socks in pairs of two. That boy isn’t going anywhere.

    Glad you are making progress on your goals. 🙂

  3. ‘And why the gods-be-damned hell I gave a rat’s balls.’ loved this line. Driev certainly has a way with words.

    Great job on your progress so far this week.

  4. Always love Driev!!! So glad you’re writing this book. Congrats on your progress on your other projects.

    • Ha! Let’s hope I can finish it. If these characters would just stick with what I tell them to do it would go so much easier. They are quite the unruly bunch.

  5. I like the tension between Driev and Tam in this scene. Love the line ‘My brows rose high enough to get lost in my hair.’ 🙂

  6. “Oh. And?”
    And what, indeed. Nice teaser. Methinks perhaps Driev has a softer spot for the wee lad than he’d like to admit. Or perhaps the ghost serving as his conscience does. Either way, this could get very interesting. 🙂

    Speaking of flying monkeys, wouldn’t you like to see what I’ve got here n my purse? It’s pretty. So, so very pretty.

    • No. Absolutely no soft spots. And don’t let him hear you suggest such a thing.

      *leans over and pears toward ReGi’s purse* What has it got in its pocketsess…er…pursesesess? Hmmmm?

      • Pursesesess!!! Hahahahaha! 😀 Don’t worry. You’ll find out soon enough. Just as a precaution, however, you might want to start kissing your flying monkeys good-bye. Or whatever it is you do when your minions fly off to do someone else’s bidding.

        • Hmm. Well, I’m not too concerned with my minions flying off to do someone else’s bidding. I don’t know what you’ve got hiding up your sleeve but I’ve got a trick or two my own self. No, not the rabbit out of the hat thing. That never works.

          • Are you telling me you didn’t miss your monkeys at all this weekend? Because what I had in my purse WAS the crown that summons the flying monkeys to do my bidding. *sighs* My 5 yo found it and thought it was a dress-up crown for her. Your stupid monkeys made a DISASTER of my house playing tea party with her. I’m still cleaning I-don’t-wanna-know-what out of the chandelier. You can keep your stupid monkeys and good riddance!

            • You now, now that you mention it things did seem a little quiet around here this weekend. I was pretty busy though. And there does seem to be a decided lack of…stuff…where it doesn’t belong. *peers at monkeys sleeping like innocent babes* Are you sure it was MY monkeys?

              • Positive. Oh, so very positive. It seems chamomile tea makes them tipsy and they spent a good hour relating some of your exploits. But you don;t have to worry. I promise not to blackmail you.

  7. Great job working your goals this week! I didn’t post an update on Sunday either pretty much for the same reason. I think for me it is easier to do once a week rather than twice. May this coming week bring you much success in your goals!

  8. Bad enough having a conscious without someone else getting in there and putting in their two cents too. Great WIPpet. Love the voice – as always!

    Feel free to send the interview over, just tell those flying monkeys to behave. The ones in this house may not be able to fly, but they are just as capable of causing havoc!

  9. I love this line: “Excuse me?” My brows rose high enough to get lost in my hair.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve done that.:)

  10. Oooh – missed that last interview. I’ll skip over there directly!

    Not sure I’m entirely certain what’s happening in this scene, but the narrator’s voice is strong and I like that. Favorite line: My brows rose high enough to get lost in my hair.

    It really catches your attention!

    • Yeah, I kind of threw you in the middle of a scene here. 😉 But, the date forced my hand. I’ll try to post a more clear one next week.

  11. Sorry, I haven’t been around lately. Buried up to my eyeballs in work. Yes, I’m retired but I can’t multi-task anymore. There I’ve said it.

    I love the voice and the language here, fiesty, past century, shows personality etc etc. This is a wonderful character. Glad you’re making progress. 🙂

  12. Another nice excerpt! Don’t recall Tam, tough, and I think I would have remembered, since one of my best friend’s name is Tam (short for Tamela), and it’s not exactly common. 🙂

    Ok, question time:

    I realize I’m pretty lucky with the parrots outside my window, but I’m still envious. Where did you get the flying monkeys? Can I have one?

    What’s your favorite movie (besides The Wizard of Oz)?

    Where can I get some of those black and white striped tights?

  13. I love that picture. Have a good week. x

  14. It’s always so hard to read things when kids get in the mix of adult power games. Hope everything turns out ok. Remember, your promised us a Dinsey ending!

    • A Disney ending?!!? When did I promise that? Um…I’ll…try? I hate picking on kids, but they have it rough in this one. Driev in particular had a very bad childhood in some regards. At least for this boy I think things will turn out okay.

  15. I love the cursing. I also really love it when characters like Driev care about something/one against their own wills.

  16. “And why the gods-be-damned hell I gave a rat’s balls.” Yup, count me as another fan of this line. Also, I’m a little jealous of people who write good dialogue. I have to work really hard at it!

    • I talk to myself a lot. I think that helps. 😉 Actually, I do ‘act’ out any scenes with a lot of dialog until I get it where it sounds natural to me. Of course, I do this when I’m home alone. Thankfully, we don’t have any neighbors close enough to notice. Especially when I’m having a three way conversation while doing chores!

  17. The hard of voice but soft of soul character… That’s what I suspected Driev might be. They’re fun to write because they have so many layers of defenses piled on to protect themselves that they often don’t even know who they are are let alone how to let us as writers know how to portray them.

    Good luck with him. He’s going to be …. interesting.

    And I LOVE that post about the monkeys!

  18. Ahhh, Driev.

    I won’t even suggest that you care. And, no, I won’t offer to hug you – because, of course, you wouldn’t give a rat’s balls about physical affection or warmth…of course not.

    Because you are tough.

    Got it.

    But methinks you may be stuck with the kid for a while, and that it’ll be good for you both.

    So there. =)

    • Hee, hee. Funny, he has opportunities to part company with the boy but there’s always something that stops him. Of course, none of it has to do with any sort of emotion or caring on his behalf. Noooooo. Ulterior motives. Everyone has them, you know. 😉

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