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Another Wednesday, another WIPpet. And, while you’re at it, go visit the following blogs. They may have WIPpets as well. And if they don’t, they’re still awesome and you should still go pay them a visit. I’m working on finding out how to do the whole Linky-type thing to make WIPpet Wednesday’s easier for folks to join in and share. Until then, we’ll muddle through.


So, on the 16th, this comes from page 16 of Emergence:

“I did what needed doing at the time. As always.”

“And explain to me why you felt it needed doing?”

Bolin drew in a long, calming breath, and forced himself to remember that, not only did Nialyne hold the title of elder of the Greensward, she had raised him through a good portion of his youth. That awarded her a certain amount of leeway  he didn’t extend to others. “I prefer to know everything I can about my enemies.”

“The elders are not pleased. Danya Maurar is beside himself.”

“Danya Maurar is a narrow minded fool.” Nialyne’s chin tipped up and her eyes hardened. She waited for Bolin to correct himself, or apologize. Neither of which he felt inclined to do. “He is of the opinion Galys Auld exists outside the empire. His lack of concern for situations beyond these borders is intolerable.”

Nialyne sighed. “Even still, he deserves your respect.”

“His position deserves my respect,” Bolin said. “As a man he’s yet to earn it.”

He rocked back slightly as Nialyne came to stand directly in front of him, her gaze on level with his own. “You forget yourself, Danya Sciath.” The quiet tone of her voice would have put Bolin’s hand on his sword had it been any one else. “Because of your position within the empire, and by nature of what you are, you are awarded certain liberties within Galys Auld not normally afforded those not born here. Disrespect is not one of them.”

She turned her back on him and went to the table, and Bolin let out the breath he’d been holding.



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  2. Very nice! I like the tension.

  3. Hmm… interesting. Here’s this obviously intimidating warrior being intimidated by an elderly woman he could probably break in half. Is it mere respect owed to an authority and friend, or is it something else?

    So, is Danya a title or a name?

  4. Interesting. My only issue was that I found the double names/titles a bit confusing but I’m surethey make sense in context 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, now that I read it again, out of context the names & titles are a bit confusing. 🙂 Hopefully it’s much clearer in the actual ms. Thanks for coming by!

  5. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been doing a WIPpet Wednesday post for the last two weeks. I didn’t know who to ‘register’ with as it were. Hope that’s not an issue. 🙂

    • Not an issue at all!! I will add you to my list of links next week — unless I figure out how to get a linky thing going. Coming right over to read and enjoy . . . .

  6. I didn’t do the WIPpet post. I’m very bad, sorry. I am much farther behind on my story than I thought and I’m not ready to show ‘n tell. But I love that you’re doing them and that you’re talking about getting a linky thing up and going…hopefully one of these days I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon! Great piece!

    • Not to worry! Whenever – if ever – you’re ready, feel free to join in. I did put up a linkie thing — hopefully it works! My WIP is first draft but I find it sometimes helps point out some problems when a small piece is separated from the rest. At least for me. Have a great day! 🙂

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