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I toyed with posting this bit, as I don’t want to give any spoilers from Emergence, but, it’s Tuesday night, I need to post *something* so . . . the first sixish (fine, I used seven) lines of chapter six. Remember, WIPpets are generally first draft stuff, which means unpolished. If you’ve read First of Her Kind you’ll know who Andrakaos is. If you haven’t, may I ask, why not??

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Andrakaos watched Ciara approach, his head resting on massive forelimbs, eyes half-lidded. He had become more tangible since the battle with the crone. He no longer appeared as a vague, smoky, serpent-like entity. He had become something of form and substance, though most of him still remained shrouded in darkness. Even the shimmering green blanket of the Greensward’s magic that kept him subdued couldn’t penetrate the shadows around him.

Ciara wet her lips. He terrified her even more now than he had before.



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  2. I admit I have not yet read First of Her Kind (but will do!) so this is my first introduction to Andrakos and I’m not surprised Ciara is terrified. I have quite an unsettling image of him in my head from your extract… great stuff!

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  4. Ooo I like the changes in Andrakaos – was pretty scary in a powerful unpredictable way in FOHK – but this looks intriguing too. Some weeks it is hard to find anything that isn’t a spoiler. Good choice!

  5. CrEEpy!! Do you ever actually scare yourself with your writing? I did that once, then felt pretty sheepish afterwards…

  6. Poor Ciara! Always having to deal with creepy entities! Sooo glad I’m not a character in one of your books. I’d melt into cowardly little puddles and you’d be stuck writing poetry about flowers in spring.

    • Yes, I’m not very nice to my characters, am I? Well, sometimes. πŸ˜‰ Hmm. . . poetry about flowers in spring, huh? I’m somehow thinking even that would be so rosey. Mwahahahahaha

  7. Wait. What? You nuked something because it was “too dark/scary/evil”?

    Are you completely insane?

    Do you know how difficult it is to find someone willing to plumb those depraved depths? Geezle Peezle! How did I fail so completely? Where did I go wrong? You were so — *so* — close, too.

  8. D*mned WordPress wouldn’t let me enter the link to the Emily Litella photo. [mutter]

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