WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80 Check-in

WIPpeteersWell, well, well, looky here. It’s the 3rd. Hmmm….could give you just three words, or three short sentences, but I’ll be nice (don’t spread it around, I’ll deny it) and give you three paragraphs to introduce you to Rainie.

“Hey! Break it up!” The words jumped from Rainie’s mouth before her brain could filter the situation and come up with an alternative plan. Had her mouth waited, her brain would have informed her that getting involved in a fight between two grown men who outweighed and out muscled her would not be one of her better ideas. But old habits die hard, and when had her mouth ever waited on her brain?

Both men looked to where she stood at the mouth of the alley. The shorter, rounder man — the one on the losing end of the proposition — took the opportunity to break free and beat feet in the opposite direction. That left Rainie facing a pissed-off hunk of six-foot tall lean muscle. He glared at her, then turned and took off after the fat man.

Rainie swore.

And now for my Wednesday ROW80 update. ROW80LogocopyWell, I’ve been writing every day. That’s a plus. Some on Emergence, some on Crossing Paths and then a bunch on . . . well . . . not sure what. I’ll just call it Literary Exercise as there is no way in Hades I’m working on three WIPs at once. Absofreakly no way. But, when I’m stuck on my WIPs I still need to write. So, I open up the electronic notebook and just go wherever my fingers lead me. Keeps me in practice. I do have to take a look at Scrivener and see how close I am to being done with the first draft of E. I think over 1/2 way to my self-imposed 110k target. Yes, it’s going to be a bit longer and a bit more involved than FOHK. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

And now, one of Rainie’s theme songs.

Lacey feat. Apocalyptica “Broken Pieces” from Micael Rubens on Vimeo.


  1. Everybody so far is doing 3 paragraphs, I think– works for me! This is a very nice character introduction snippet. I like her already. πŸ™‚

  2. Apocalyptica!! I LOVE them (saw them twice in concert!) And you’re writing every day, good for you, keep at it!

  3. I love her already! She sounds really fun! I like the “had her brain waited” line especially (I tend to narrate in a similar way in some of my other stuff). The song is really cool, too; I do love me some Apocalyptica.

    • Rainie and her brain do a lot of conversing. It’s a *very* different voice for me to write in but it’s rather fun. I figure, since me and my brain are always arguing . . . um . . . discussing things, it might be nice to have a character with the same problem. πŸ™‚

  4. Is Rainie armed, by any chance, or is she merely suicidal? Taken out of context, these snippets lose a little something, but Rainie is certainly an appealing character.

  5. Mouth kicking in before brain, never a good thing… but makes for interesting characters and scenes. I like the sound of Rainie; loving the fact a strapping six-foot tall man takes one look at her and legs it in the other direction! Good going on managing to write every day too. πŸ™‚

  6. Oooh I love a cliff hanger! Is Rainie disappointed that she didn’t get to fight??!!

  7. Fun snippet! And nice going on your goals. I work on multiple drafts, too, but more on rotation of a sort. I can only do one at a time, but after a while, whether long or short, I’ll either need a break or get an inspiration for one of the others. I’m currently back on story 1 which has been neglected for a couple years, maybe longer.

    • Good luck! I seem to do okay bouncing between them. I think because they are so vastly different. I do find I have to get my mindset right, though, by either listening to music suitable for each, or reading some of what I’ve written to get in the mood again.

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  9. I like her – I think I have the same problem… brain mouth filters… I also loved the way the guy ‘beat feet’ – very cool.

  10. Absofreakly was my favorite part of the entire post. (The rest was good too, btw…)

  11. Well first of all, I’m extremely jealous that you’re writing every day. Well done, and =*P. Second, I too have multiple WIPs going at the same time. More than 2, to be honest, which is insane and I think you’re wise for (pretending to) avoid(ing) it. Also wise, IMHO, for not forcing your WIPs but rather just giving them the opportunity to show up during your writing time.

    Question: I see that you have self-imposed word count goal for at least one of your WIPs…do you also have self-imposed deadlines? If so, how do you reconcile your desire to let your WIP come naturally with your desire to have it done by a certain date?

    • Hi Sione, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only crazy person with multiple WIPs. (Even if I am trying to convince myself one of them is just harmless exercise and not really a WIP at all.)

      I do have a self-imposed deadline for Emergence because it is the second book of a series and I promised my loyal fans (all 8 of them) that I’d have it out by the end of this year. I wanted the first draft done by . . . well, mid-April. *gulp* And I think that’s the problem. I’m pushing it and trying to force it and it’s fighting me. I keep telling myself that quality is most important and great works of art can’t be rushed. That doesn’t always help.

  12. Rainie sounds a lot like me, unfortunately πŸ™‚ I have to say I like that name too!!!
    Keep on writing.

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