WIPpet Wednesday ~ Meet Donovan from First of Her Kind

Today I’m being interviewed by Mara Valderran. Another trip to the UK, if only in the virtual sense. And, being that it’s Wednesday, that means a WIPpet is in order. This week, I give you 13 lines for the 13th and introduce you to our protagonist. Enjoy!

Donovan despised gazing. He considered it nothing more than an old woman’s pastime. But he despised being summoned like some common lackey even more, so he took his time responding. The image of the ancient crone wavered as he trailed a finger insolently across the surface of the liquid in the bowl.

“You have something for me,” she said, and it had the sound of a demand.

“Perhaps.” He normally considered it unwise to provoke her, but he took his pleasures where he could find them. Within the walls of his fortress Donovan enjoyed a certain amount of immunity. “It will take some time to prepare.”

“I have nothing but time,” she replied, her voice heavy with bitterness. “You, on the other hand, are running short.”

“Am I?” Donovan circled the bowl on its pedestal, and, not for the first time, considered knocking it over.

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  1. A vivid scene and a great introduction to a character. Little details such as ‘he trailed a finger insolently across the surface’ brought the scene to life. The dialogue is intriguing and it’s left me wanting to know what they’re talking about!

  2. I don’t know what it says about me, but I really like his attitude!

  3. Hmmm… makes me wonder what would happen if he did knock the bowl over… Thanks for the linkup!

  4. Ooo… he’s so creepy! And so is she. Whoever she is. Sorcery + megalomaniac + creepy woman = bad news for the good guys.

  5. I love insolent, arrogant bad guys and you write Donovon so well.

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