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Happy Wednesday! Because I am nearly finished with the first edits of Emergence (meaning, Betas, gird thy loins!) I decided to share the first 38 sentences. That’s WIPpet math — 7 for July + 31 for the thirty-first = 38. I had toyed with 31 lines of Chapter 7, seven lines of Chapter 31, but neither suited me. Here then, until my Betas see fit to slice it into bloody chunks, is what passes for the beginning of the second book in The Darkness & Light series.

He stirred.

He had a name. If he searched the recesses of his memory he could recall it.

At the moment, however, a name possessed far less importance than the enormity of breathing. The crone lay nearby, less alive than he, and yet her presence twisted like a knife in the back of his skull. It surprised him she still lived. The brunt of the attack had been centered on her. He had suffered only the magical backlash — and the physical damage of being trapped under shattered stone and wood.

He rolled his head on the pillow and peered through his lashes to locate the source of the hushed voices that had woken him. He recognized the guttural snorts and cackling of one. The crone’s pet, it seemed, had survived the ordeal as well. Pity, that. He hoped it had not been instrumental in saving him. To be in any way indebted to a creature of dubious genetics and minimal intelligence would be unthinkable.

The other voice belonged to a woman, but in the dim light and silhouetted against the fire he could make out none of her features. She straightened as though feeling his gaze. Her eyes glittered when they turned his way. “Lord Donovan, you’re awake.”

She moved to where he laid and knelt beside him. Her hand brushed his forehead and the unmistakable tingle of dark magic flowed from her touch. Donovan closed his eyes as it coursed through him.

“Grumlin, fetch the draught,” she said.

She slipped her arm under Donovan’s shoulders, and lifted him easily to place a cup to his lips. He drank out of reflex and gagged on the warm, sour liquid. She forced him to choke down a few more pained swallows before lowering him back to the pillows, then wiped his chin with a warm cloth as though he were no more than a babe. He curled a lip at the attention, but did not have the energy to object. The scent of lavender and herbs tickled his nose as she drew the cloth across his chest. Coupled with whatever had been in the draught, it served to relieve numerous pains.

He licked his lips. Forming words took time, actually speaking them took immense effort. “How . . . long . . . have I been here?”

The woman made a face. “The better part of six days.” A strange accent gave the simple sentence a musical quality. “How long you laid within the runes, I think was perhaps half that.”

“Who are you?” His voice, in stark contrast to hers, bore an annoying similarity to the crone’s pet.

“I am known here as Teeva.”

 As a bonus, this is Teeva’s theme song. As soon as I heard it I pictured her.

Now, go out there and WIP it up. I mean it. And remember . . .


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  1. I’m glad Grumlin survived! I enjoy his snark. And ooh! new character! That’s a very haunting piece of music. I look forward to seeing more of Teeva.

    • Grumlin has a small but important part to play later in the book. He was too fun to leave behind. And there are quite a few new characters to meet.

  2. Ah ha! So Donovan is meeting someone beside himself and Ciara who possesses dark magic. This could be interesting. It doesn’t seem the dark side gets along with itself too well so far.

    • Hee, hee, hee. Well, those who lean toward the darkness are generally power hungry egotists who don’t play well with others. So, yeah, there may be some issues. 😉

  3. Intriguing!! Great description! Love that theme music for Teeva. 🙂

  4. Oooh a new character. She sounds interesting and makes me wonder what role she’ll play in the continuing story. Personally I still want Ciara and Bolin to get together. Call me corny but I think they’d make a great couple!!

    • Aww, that’s sweet. 😉 I’d love to tell you they do, but then again, maybe they don’t. Ciara certainly hopes they do. Secretly, so do I. But Bolin, he’s kind of a tough nut to crack. As for Teeva . . . well, she thinks Bolin’s rather a tasty treat herself. Oops! Did I say that? Just disregard. *whistles and wanders off*

  5. Teeva is such a pretty name, and that is a gorgeous song! I think I need to add more Dead Can Dance to my writing playlist.

    • There are three specific songs from Dead Can Dance that have landed on my Emergence soundtrack. This one for Teeva, and then two which are scene related as opposed to character related. They really do have fantastic, moody music.

      • I spent most of yesterday afternoon listening to them while I worked, and they really do have some great moody music! And some of their songs would make great belly dancing numbers 🙂

  6. That’s a great beginning and very intriguing. I love the line ‘to be in any way indebted to a creature of dubious genetics and minimal intelligence would be unthinkable.’ I like the description of Teeva too. Super stuff!

  7. All you had to do would have been post that Dead Can Dance piece at the beginning of the post and I’d be happy. Mmmm… Though I’m still rather partial to Saltarello by them, the images chosen for that video were wonderful. I almost felt like I was living one of my childhood dreams… to be able to see Egypt.

    So Donovan is starting to sound like Grumlin… (yeah, after the song, I was a bit distracted… also, it’s fun imagining Donovan hearing himself talk like that.)

  8. Fantastic. The theme song has a lovely baritone flavour.

  9. I love this piece. So many questions!

    Especially, I enjoyed this part –

    She forced him to choke down a few more pained swallows before lowering him back to the pillows, then wiped his chin with a warm cloth as though he were no more than a babe. He curled a lip at the attention, but did not have the energy to object.

    i can visualize this so well, and remember times when people have fussed too much over me, and I was too mannerly to curl my lip. So Donovan just gave me vicarious vindication. =)


    I love this new theme of adding music videos. It’s got me thinking of which music most inspires my stories, and I sense i will be sharing, too, at least some weeks. =)

    • I’m a terrible patient and probably have at least growled when being fussed over. Probably for different reasons than Donovan, though. Glad you like the piece.

      I wish I could add the soundtracks to the e-books so they’d play at the appropriate time, just like a movie. Wouldn’t that be cool!! Maybe I could insert Click Here links to YouTube. Hmmm . . .

      • I really enjoyed the snippet, and am looking forward to more!

        I love the idea of Click here YouTube links, too! I think you should go for it! =)

  10. Nice character introduction. I like how you let actions speak before the character really does and how you don’t reveal the name “too late” or “too early.” Also Teeva is a cool name. 🙂

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