WIPpet Craziness and ROW80 Laziness (Not Really, But it Sounded Good)

Wow! Wednesday already? And half way through October? So much to do, so little time to squeeze it in to.

As usual, I’ll start off with my WIPpet before diving into my ROW80 update. Sorry if this sounds rushed, it is. I’m heading out of town Thursday right after work, and won’t be back until Monday and there’s a long list of All Things That Need To Be Done. It goes right along with the List Of Instructions for the hubby, who gets to farm sit while I’m gone. But I’m taking two of the dogs this trip, so that only leaves him with three. And the sheep. But they’re easy. I just know that even when I write out nice, specific instructions about who gets what food and how much, he treats them the same way he treats any instructions: barely glances at them and carries on how he thinks best. *sigh* Can’t complain too much, though. At least he’ll stay home and hold down the fort while I go gallivanting around the country.

Alrighty then, moving on. For today’s WIPpet I’m going to give you 15 for short paragraphs for the 15th. This takes place the morning following Roe’s discover of the not-quite-dead-guy in the street. Here we get a bit more of a glimpse at the stranger after Roe has taken him to one of her hideouts and seen to his wounds. She meant to stay awake to keep an eye on him but…well…it had been a long day, and she wakes to find herself snuggled warmly under the man’s cloak.

Roe shot to her feet, dagger in hand, the man’s fur slipping to the ground. She found her guest lounging against the chimney, one leg drawn up, his arm resting across his knee.

“If I had meant you harm, you would not have woke,” he said. “Or at least not at your leisure.” He touched the bandage across his ribs. “My gratitude for this.”

“It’s going on the bill,” Roe said.

He nodded. “Just so.”

Roe slid the dagger back into her boot. She studied the man casually studying her. “Do you have a name?”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “Don’t all men?”

“I don’t know,” Roe said, resting her hands on her hip and cocking her head. “I’ve not met all men.”

“Names are a sacred thing, do you know this? To give one is a matter of trust.”

“You talk funny. Do you know this?” she mimicked.

He smirked. “Just so.”

Roe glared at him a moment longer. “Fine. I don’t need to know. Once you pay me for my trouble, I don’t intend to see you again.” She turned away.

“Fader Price,” he said to her back. “And your name in return?”

She angled a narrow look over her shoulder and debated making something up. A guess said he’d done as much. But something compelled her to tell the truth. “Roe.”

“Just Roe?”

“It’ll do for now.”

I haven’t totally figured out if this will be my next ‘real’ project, or if a second Driev tale should take the honors.

Moving on to my ROW80 update–as you can see by my lovely progress meter, I only managed to add a little over 1,000 words to EoD since last week. That was mainly due to being out of town Friday thru Sunday. I don’t foresee much writing getting accomplished between today and Monday either. Argh. But, all work and no play and all that.

Anyhow, now I’m going to go stand on Shan’s blogstep anxiously awaiting her TnT post using my first 10k word.

As always, to visit other WIPpeteers, follow the linky thing in the sidebar. To visit other ROW80 bloggers, click here. Not sure how many my schedule will allow me to visit, but I’ll do my darndest.


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  1. “You talk funny. Do you know this?” she mimicked.

    I do like her.

  2. Roe speech is snappy. Wonderful. <3 <3

  3. Have fun on your road trip. I am sure the hubby and the critters will manage just fine. Go and enjoy yourself.

  4. Have a great trip, Kathi!

    Love the interaction between these two here. You do have a talent for that. 🙂

  5. Love this exchange!!! I hope you’ll consider this a “real” project. 🙂

    • If I can squeak in some research and narrow down an actual plot, I think it will be. I have a little bit of an idea, but it started out with characters who wanted out of my head, so we shall see.

  6. Fantastic snippet Kathi. I love it! I like the tension between the two characters, Roe’s frustration and his smugness. I do hope you continue with it – I wanna read more!

    And I have to say your intro really made me chuckle – the part about making a list for your husband for while you’re away. I can relate to that, definitely! 🙂

    • I don’t know why I bother with the list. *sigh* But everyone’s well cared for in my absence, even if not precisely the way I would do it. (Yes, I’m a control freak.)

  7. I like this Fader (whatever his real name is), I think he’ll give Roe a run for her money. Their scenes together are electric, they draw me right in and always leave me wanting more. It must be glorious to spend so much time with them 🙂

    • They are great fun to spend time with. I’ve got quite a few scenes written and I love the way they interact. Now, if I can just figure out what they’re up to… I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

  8. I suspect we may be married to the same man. Just yesterday I asked him to feed the cats, gave him SPECIFIC instructions on how much to feed them and what does he do? Hauls the bag and dumps a pile on their cat tree. Urghh. They’re fed alright. For the next THREE DAYS!

    Now, about that excerpt. I like this Fader, despite his odd speech, and Roe seems spunky and just my type of girl. Nicely done.

    • Ha! That’s how he feeds the sheep!! I go through more hay when I’m not home. But that’s better than skimping, I suppose.

      I’m glad you like Fader. He really is a good guy. Well, he’s not a bad boy and I suspect he has a ruthless streak when pressed, but he’s more even-tempered than most of my characters. 😉

  9. I really liked your WIPet. Roe is definitely a character I would read a whole book for. Good luck on your trip!

  10. I hope you get your To Do list worked off before you leave! Sounds like you’ve got quite a bit on your plate! Love your WIPpet!

  11. I do like these two. I’m tickled that Roe wants to be paid for services rendered, and that she’s not going to let this Fader dude off the hook even if he did cover her up…

    I think he’s more than a little fascinated by her…

    I’m putting the finishing touches on my WIPpet now. I see you pacing out there! Come on in and relax for a bit, and hopefully I won’t disappoint. =)

    • Roe is very pragmatic. She has a hard life and survival is never a certainty. She definitely doesn’t give anything away for nothing. Usually. Most often. Sometimes. Hee, hee, hee. And yes, Fader has more than a passing interest in her. There’s this scene I have written…

      I’m not sure the story will go that way, though. 😉

      And speaking of going that way, I will make it to TnT but it may not be for a few days. Can’t wait to see what they’re doing.

      • Well, someone was sardonic…I can tell you that much….

        You can always save that scene for a dream, or an alternate reality, if they on’t end up going that way…

        May your weekend be wonderful! =)

  12. Okay. So maaaybe Fader isn’t as grumpy as I thought. Maybe. It’s hard to tell in this snippet. He has the upper hand, after all. It’s easy for him to be in a good mood at the moment. He promises to make life interesting for Roe, at any rate, and Roe intrigues me. I picture a kind of grown-up, female Oliver Twist.

    • He’s really not a grump by nature. Really. Think Big Teddy Bear. Yeah, that’s Fader. (Just don’t tell him I said so.) Oooh, I like that description of Roe! Yes, that’s her alright. Perfect!

  13. 1. YAY FOR PROGRESS!!!!!!
    2. These characters amuse me. He does talk funny lol. I’m interested to see where it goes with them.

    • 1. Thanks. It feels good. Finally!
      2. Awesome! 🙂 Roe is honestly hoping it goes nowhere. Well, okay, she may be hoping it goes somewhere, but with no strings attached.

  14. I really like Roe. A lot. I like her sass. And he does talk funny. I like it!

    All progress is good progress! Keep up the awesome work being awesome and enjoy your adventure!

  15. “Just so.” What a great signature expression! Unusual and yet very telling. I heard him say it in Viggo Mortensen’s Lord of the Rings voice. 🙂

    I love Roe’s cautious assistance and snarky demeanor. Very amusing!

    Travel safe. I can definitely relate to worrying about the hubby when it comes to the critters. I have dogs, a cat, birds, and a turtle and it seems so stressful for the hubster to remember to feed all of them, much less how much, haha.

    • Hmm Viggo Mortensen’s voice. Okay. I can totally connect that to the mental image I have of Fader. Of course, daydreaming of Viggo… um… what? Where was I? *cough*

      The complication this trip comes from the second oldest dog (13) needing some meds each day. Nothing serious, but I went over it twice with him, then wrote directions. She’s one of his favorites, though, so I’m sure he paid careful attention. *rolls eyes*

  16. Haha, Roe reminds me of Aria in Game of Thrones. Tough girl, quick wit, sharp intellect. This scene is one I could imagine very well in George R. R. Martin’s books. Although…. erm… I haven’t read them. I stick to the HBO show only. WAY too many names and intrigue to keep track of mentally. The visual helps me much more. But I am fascinated by the world he created, so in a very roundabout way, if you remind me of him, great job!

    • I can honestly say I’ve not read any of GRRM’s work, and I only watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Although I did suffer from a short addiction to Aria and the Hound scenes on YouTube, so I know who she is. In any case, I’m flattered. Although, I’d probably never kill off as many characters as I hear he has! Yikes.

  17. I really liked this exchange.

  18. For my two cents, I think you should keep working on this one. Just so. 🙂

  19. Fantastic Banter! Looking forward to more of your wippet 🙂

  20. So thankful for a writing challenge that knows we have a life. I’ve been busy . . . planning my writing projects. 🙂

  21. Have I mentioned that I love when women give lip to annoying, pretentious men? 😀 I like Roe. I want to know more of her.

  22. I really enjoying this excerpt. The characters came across well rounded and fresh. I look forward to reading more about Roe and her mysterious companion. 🙂

  23. I really enjoy the strength and attitude of your female characters. Nothing like giving the boys a taste of their own medicine from time to time. 😉

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