Why the WIPpeteers Are Here: Interview With Krista Walsh

Today is a special day, which is saying a lot for any Monday as far as I’m concerned. What makes it special is that today’s WIPterview is with the talented Krista Walsh. Without Krista, there would be no WIPpeteers today. Well, not this band of merry miscreants anyhow. It was through Krista that I first heard about WIPpet Wednesday way back…well…I did the research on it once but probably didn’t keep the notes. Anyhow, let’s just say this whole WIPpeteer thing is, in a round about sort of way, Krista’s fault.

Hey, you in the back row trying to look inconspicuous! Yeah, you. Get that basket of rotten tomatoes out of here. It’s a good thing, the WIPpeteers, not a bad thing. Monkeys! Where are my minions? The guy with the basket…sic ’em.

*clears throat* Let’s see…where was I? Ah, yes, today is doubly special because not only is Krista joining us for a WIPterview, it is also–*confetti, trumpets, champagne* Release Day for her fantasy novel Evensong. *the crowd goes wild* *glares as crowd merely offers up huge yet still inadequate applause* *gives best David Bowie Goblin King impersonation* Well, go wild. (And if you know exactly which scene that was from, you get a bonus brownie.)

Moving on… in case you missed it, I reviewed Evensong here, and joined in the cover reveal here. In the immortal words of our very own Kate Sparkes, “I read this book and it ate my brain.” Trust me, that’s a good thing. So, without further ado, a huge WIPpeteer standing ovation…

...Krista Walsh

…to the marvelous Krista Walsh

*smiles as Krista bows, curtsies, blows kisses*

*taps foot impatiently* Okay, okay, that’s good. It’s not like the Grammys or something. That red on the carpet isn’t…well…a red carpet….

Why don’t you settle onto the throne. Careful, the seat needs to be replaced. It’s a bit cracked and has been known to pinch a person’s bottom. Would you care for any snacks? A white mocha, perhaps? Super. Now that all the fanfare has died down, let’s get right into it. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?

KW: *waves hands in front of face in classic award-winning gesture. Sits down, jumps back up and rubs bum. Takes monkey and sits on him instead* I’m just so honoured to be here! You’re all so wonderful! *points at tomato man* Except you. What’s your name? Geral? What kind of name is that? Well, Geral, prepare to meet an unpleasant rotten food incident in a later book. I’m watching you.

Thank you for the warm welcome and all this confetti! Black, too! You know me so well! And please tell me the story about the carpet one day. Sounds exciting.

So. Me. I am a Canadian author, white mocha addict (so yes, please and thank you!), Tim Burton & Joss Whedon enthusiast. I lose myself in words, but have recently learned to balance that with stepping outside to find subjects to write words about.

kls: Tim Burton and Joss Whedon are gods among men.

KW: Aren’t they just? My shrine is in my kitchen.

kls: Let’s talk WIPpeteers for a moment. What drew you back to us?

KW: I loved the idea of it. A supportive group of readers jumping around blogs every week, leaving comments, sharing/retweet-ing posts. It’s a very inclusive process and never fails to fill me with warm and fuzzies.

kls: Ah, yes, warm fuzzies…I think I have some of those under the couch. Tell us what WIP(s) you’ve shared with our readers?

KW: This question just prompted me to check my posts over the year and see just what I have been sharing. Good memories there 🙂 . For a while I was on a roll with my fantasy novel Evensong, but I guess that won’t count anymore since it’s no longer a WIP! Most recently, I posted the introduction to a murder mystery set in a burlesque club (see question 1 re: getting out of the house to find things to write about).

kls: The burlesque one was awesome, by the way. I can’t wait to see more of it. What’s your favorite part of WIPpet Wednesday?

KW: Thanks! Writing it is almost as fun as the research for this one.

Half the joy of writing is getting other people to read it, but there’s a fear of not sharing until it’s done. Until it’s perfect. But let’s face it – the best edit is only ever done when the words are in front of someone else, right? That sense of “Oh man, that dialogue could be shorter; there should be a comma there; that is definitely not the word I meant to use.” So not only is it a chance to display (among an incredible supportive group), but it’s also a chance to focus those editing powers on one short excerpt.

kls: Very true on all points. So, outside of WW, what project(s) are you currently working on?

KW: Ah, the long list! I’ll keep it down to the big one: The sequel to Evensong, my fantasy novel Eventide.

kls: *loud whoop*

KW: I can’t say too much about it since Evensong has only just been released, I’m hoping to have a release date sometime in June!

kls: *louder whoop* I can’t wait. Now let me find that blasted horn…*rummages through box* I know it’s here somewhere. Ah! Got it. *pulls out bicycle horn* Um…guess this one’s more for squeezing than blowing but go ahead and make some noise! Tell our readers what you have out there, where to find it, what’s coming next, and where to connect with you.

KW: Hang on, let me get my air horn.

kls: Oh, an air horn. Sure. *chucks bicycle horn back into box* Whatever you want. It’s your day.

KW: Are these things big where you are? Around play-off time, everyone has one here and they make me want to send out the attack ravens.

But I digress.

The most exciting item I have to share is Evensong! You’ve been wonderful and huggable and helped me with the cover reveal & posting reviews, and now it’s finally available for sale! You can find it available through Amazon, Kobo, B&N.

Next: the sequels Eventide and Evenlight, both slated for 2014 release if I can manage it without my brain melting out of my ears. But in a good way!!

Where you can reach me: Newsletter, Blog, Facebook, Twitter

kls: Wow! Both released in 2014. That’s awesome! *happy dance* Now, let’s see how you do in the by-now-infamous-not-quite-the-quick-snappy-one-or-two-word-response-I-expected-Lightning-Round! On your mark, get set–

Coffee or tea? Tea
Rock or country? Rock
City, country, or seaside? Country
Favorite color? Green
Favorite pastime besides penning fantastic tales? Reading them 🙂

kls: –Go!

Oh…wow…done. *blinks* Now I’ve got like five minutes with nothing to do because I think that’s all I have besides a HUGE thanks for stopping by and for first introducing me to WIPpet Wednesdays all those long moons ago. Anything else you’d like to share? Any final thoughts?

KW: Only to thank you very much for including me amongst the WIPpeteers! I think it’s incredible what you’ve started and how you’ve organized it. I look forward to checking out people’s posts each week, and hope it’s a routine that carries on for a long time.

kls: So do I. *lifts chalice* A toast to the success of Evensong!


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  1. Coffee or tea? Tea

    One of many reasons why Krista is awesome. Good luck with the launch.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me! I always love stopping by your blog 🙂 I may need to adopt a second monkey. Joe’s getting lonely because Kiri won’t play with him.

    • Aww, poor Joe! I’ll ask if anyone’s up for a trip to Canada. It’s probably warmer there anyhow!! Thanks for coming by. 😀 Hopefully Evensong does wonders.

  3. Great to learn a bit about you, Krista! I’ve added Evensong to my list of books to buy when I lift my self-imposed “not allowed to buy anymore books until I’ve read the ones on my bookcase” ruling.

  4. Very impressive lightning round I must say. As always another fabdabbydozey interview. The very best of luck with Evensong Krista, I hope it’s a huge success. I’ve just downloaded it on my Kindle – it may be a while until I get round to reading it but I’m looking forward to it.

  5. I second Krista, Kathi, I think you do such an ace job of organising WIPpet Wednesday once a week every week. You’re a star and we’re all so grateful!

    Krista, the peace I read from Evensong was compelling and I’m keen to read it sometime soon. Best wishes with it all, I hope everything goes well. 🙂

    • Thank you very much!! I hope you enjoy it when the time comes 😀

    • Thanks, Elaine. 🙂 Don’t know how I missed this the first time. The WIPpeteers would be nothing without all of you. Well, basically it would be me and a bunch of imaginary flying monkeys.
      Hush! You are too imaginary. Ow! Stop that. *coughs* Me and a bunch of flying monkeys.

      • Sounds like you need to get those flying monkeys of yours in order Kathi. Show them who’s boss!! I’ve got some tips I can give you from training my dog. All right monkeys, all right, no offence! *whispers* just let me know if you’d like any tips on how to keep them in line!

  6. Happy, happy release day, Krista! Glad you came back to the WIPpets so we could enjoy pieces of Evensong (pre-release)… and (Kathi would probably agree) find out how a Lightning Round is supposed to go. 😉

  7. So cool to learn a little about the originator of WIPpet Wednesday. 🙂 And Wowie! on that publication rate!!! *wistful gaping as at a guitar solo that ripped the stage apart with awesome* So impressed.

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