Why I Love My Kindle Fire

Okay, I don’t consider myself a geek, but I do love gadgets.  I may have mentioned that before.  Still, it took me a while to break down and get an e-reader.  I spent a lot of time wavering over spending the money when I could download the Kindle ap to my phone and my laptop.  Problem was, the phone’s too small for reading, and the laptop’s not conducive to reading while lying on the couch.  There are all sorts of balancing issues that come into play.

Then the color vs black & white debate raised its ugly head.  If I truly planned on using ‘it’ solely for reading, why not stick to the basic version of the Kindle?  C’mon now, people.  Bright shiny, bright shiny!

And if I planned on forking out a couple hundred bucks for a color reader, why not add a bit to it and get an actual tablet?

After literally months of wavering back and forth, and hemming and hawing, I purchased a Kindle Fire in January, knowing if I didn’t go color I’d regret it.  I read all the specs and reviews first so I pretty much knew what to expect, and what not to expect.  So I thought.  You see, I expected a reader with ability to browse the web and check e-mail if a wireless connection was available.  That’s pretty much all I wanted.  No, it doesn’t have its own 3G connection; you need to provide the wireless access.  Also not a big deal for me.

Can I just interject here and say, I freakin’ LOVE my Kindle Fire.  It’s like my smart phone and my laptop hooked up one night and had a baby.  Now that I got a case and a stylus for it, I love it even more.  Let’s not forget the addition of Quickoffice Pro, which I admit, I haven’t used a ton, but I see the potential.  Though typing, even with the stylus, isn’t as fast as a normal keyboard — at least for me — the Fire has become what a spiral bound notebook and pen used to be.  And it easily syncs with Dropbox for even more productivity.

Not only do I read books on it, the Fire acts as date book and address book as well, and allows me to access all my social networking sites.  I even use it as a cookbook in the kitchen.

At this point, the biggest gripe I have is then inability to comment on some blogs/forums, while on others I can.  That’s a pretty minor issue.  Oh, and the carousel ticks me off a bit.  I like only the items I want to appear on the carousel, others in my Favorites location.  But whatever I open gets added to the carousel forcing me to remove it.  Repeatedly.  If there’s an option to not have that happen, I haven’t found it yet.  Again, minor.

The Fire is lightweight, extremely portable, and the battery life seems pretty decent.  All in all, if you’re in the market for a tablet, but don’t want the high cost and can do without a camera and things like that, you might want to take a peek at the Fire.  It’s a nice compromise.

Write on! 


  1. Looking into asking hubby for an e-reader or tablet for by birthday, so I enjoy hearing about peoples’ experiences with the various versions.

  2. I love my Kindle, but I stuck with the basic one because reading on a backlit display makes my eyes hurt. I have the iPad for magazine stuff I want in color, and the Kindle for the book reading. And the smart phone for whenever I need anything ;-). I’m a gadget girl 😀

    • Yeah, the Fire does have a bit of glare from time to time but I haven’t found it super annoying yet. 🙂 I may have gone with the basic Kindle, but, I admit, I really wanted a tablet, just didn’t want to fork out the big bucks and this seemed a doable compromise. 😉

  3. Kindle fire is a lot like the Nook tablet. I love, love, love my nook the same way you love your kindle.

    For me, it’s best for reading in bed. Instead of needing my book, a booklight, and my reading glasses, all I need now is my nook. Is it any wonder I don’t read paper books anymore?

    • I bounced back and forth between the Fire and the Nook — read all the reviews, etc. A good friend of mine has the Nook also. I don’t remember what it was that swayed me, probably just that I already had the Kindle ap installed on laptop and phone.

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