Who's in Charge Here? WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80

Firstly, a huge apology to my fellow WIPpeteers for not making the rounds last week. I may still get caught up, but I make no promises as my schedule is on the insane side at the moment. I was gone from the 16th through the 20th, and I’m not sure you’ll see much of me at all between the 29th and November 12th as I’ll be down in TX at the Australian Shepherd National Specialty. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, that’s okay. If you’re interested in that side of my life, you can always check out my other blog Shadowdance Farm. Anyhow, I trust the WIPpeteers will carry on in my absence, behave, and keep everyone entertained. I’ll try to check in as often as time permits.

In the meantime, my WIPpet follows, and my ROW80 update (such as it is) follows that.

Here is another excerpt from the unnamed fantasy that is currently my second project. Yes, I just made that official, didn’t I? Edge of Darkness still takes precedence, followed up by my What to do about Driev quandary. When not working on either of those, I promise to keep working on this. For now I shall call it The Adorned for reasons you don’t know yet, and because I have no brain capacity at the moment for devising a snappier title. For the 22nd of October, I give you 22 sentences–if I counted right. The last couple of weeks I have introduced you to the two main characters. This week, Roe has been trying to avoid Fader and not having much luck. Here he finds her after she’s had a bit of an altercation.

A large shadow leaned against the corner, the glow of street-side lanterns reflecting in light eyes as he watched Roe. She stopped. He didn’t move. She considered her limited options, then turned around and headed back down the alley–back the way Tuter’s boys had gone, because a sound drubbing might just possibly knock some sense into her, and she obviously needed that.


She flipped a gesture at him and kept walking. His hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped, littering the night air with a string of curses colorful enough to make a docker blush. For a big man he could move incredibly fast and quiet.

“I need your help,” he said.

Roe twisted from under his grasp and backed until the wall stopped her. “I helped you once and guess what? I got trouble for it. Trouble in the name of Tuter Lighton. Do you know who he is? No? No, you probably don’t. But he was asking after a big, bald man with paintings on his skin, and when he asks it’s with his fists. Understand?”

“Did I not say that by aiding me you had put yourself against those who were against me?”

“Which is why I’m done aiding you.” She shoved her palms against his chest in a vain attempt to back him up. “Bugger off.”

Now, ROW80 progress. I missed Sunday’s check-in and will likely miss a few more. Re-read the first paragraph if you didn’t see why that is. I added zero words from last Wednesday to yesterday when I managed to squeak out a measly 1,672 conglomerations of letters. But, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, right?




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  1. “For a big man he could move incredibly fast and quiet.”

    I love how this story is set so solidly in her voice. Very nice.

    And yes, 1672 words is far better than nothing. And if you’re not sure what to do with Driev, I’m sure I could keep him occupied for a while.

    • I’ll make sure not to tell Berk that.

      And thanks. I think I’ll need to go back and change some of the language eventually. I’ve got Roe using words I don’t think she would. She was raised on the streets and that needs to be reflected more I think.

    • That line could describe my Accomplice. He’s a ringer for ol’ Henry VIII, but he can disappear faster than a guy half his size….it’s freaky, and he’s passed the talent onto our teen…

      And I think Driev should have options. Or I should…or something!

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  3. Yay! Official! Roe’s reasons for not helping seem pretty reasonable to me. 🙂

    • Yeah, yay. *half-heartedly throws confetti* I’ll feel much better about it when I get to do my Much Needed Research, and actually sit down to wrap my head around the threads of a plot I have.

  4. Ha! Kate’s comment makes me giggle. I had the same thought. 🙂
    I’m loving Roe and her temporarily named story, The Adorned. At first I read that as Adored, which got me thinking of the description you provided awhile ago of her male companion. 🙂

  5. What to do about Driev…I’m sure I could offer a suggestion or two. *wonders where the “wicked smirk” emoticon is*

    I’m with Roe. I prefer not to answer the sorts of questions asked with fists.

  6. I love Roe’s last comment hee hee! Good for her for standing up for herself. Seems like he’s put her in a bit of a bad situation – OK so he may not have intended to, but still.

    I’ve had a little peek at your other blog. Beautiful dogs and gorgeous pictures. I’m sure they could give my naughty Golden Retriever Dug a run for his money! 😉

    • Thanks, Elaine. My dogs are a great crew. Well, for the most part. Okay, maybe only sometimes. It helps that they all have an amazing sense of humor. Well, it helps them. Not so sure it helps me any. But it does make me laugh on occasion.

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  8. Great excerpt again, Kathi. Love the interaction between your characters. One thing, though: the first par had me confused as to whose pov it was. This made it sound like it was someone other than Roe, “… because a sound drubbing might just possibly knock some sense into her…” By the end of the excerpt, I understood that it had to do with getting beaten for his sake once already, so maybe with more context it wouldn’t be a problem. Just tossing it out there as a data point!

    • Likely it’s a context thing. The whole piece will be written from Roe’s POV. At least, that’s the plan at this point. Subject to change, of course.

  9. What!?! He’s bald? How did I miss that? All interest in him dissipates. 😛

    Poor Roe. I’m interested in seeing her in a fight. I guess this desire for a beating stems from a little more than simple “I shouldn’t have helped him” syndrome? Is she already crushing a bit? Or am I jumping ahead? I want to know why Fader needs help. (Okay, so maybe not ALL interest dissipated.)

  10. I also missed that he was bald, but now that makes him remind me of the Grounder guy in the 100, so *yum*. Another really great excerpt. I love how well developed Roe already is and I barely know her, but I have a feel for how she would act in these situations. Nicely done.

  11. The Grounder guy in the 100??? Wait here just a sec…

    Hmmm…maybe in his younger days. Fader’s a bit older than that, and a bit broader. At least in my head. But you may have any image of him you choose. 🙂

    And I’m thrilled Roe seems well developed already…in the literary sense. Must mean I’m doing something right.

  12. loved this interaction. great excerpt.

    And yes, I’m sure we could think of plenty to do with Driev. 🙂

  13. It’s definitely better than a sharp stick in the eye! Good work, considering how busy you are 🙂

    Moving on to your snippet – I loved it, especially the last words ‘Bugger off’ it cracked me up and says so much about how she’s feeling. I also laughed at the thought of Roe making a docker blush with her language. I really like her 🙂


    Sorry. I just love Australian Shepherds.

    Good work this week considering how busy you’ve been! And of course, great excerpt. I’m liking Roe more and more! Especially if she’s the type of person who says bugger off!

    • *hands Rachel paper bag* Here, breathe into this. Nice and easy. I know, it’s all right, sometimes they make me hyperventilate, too. 🙂

      I’m going to start a Friends of Bugger Off club. It seems to be more popular than I realized.

  15. I like Roe better and better each week! Yay for making some progress. Anything is better than nothing.

  16. 1672 is still progress. I think writing will always ebb and flow. You’re getting there. It’s better than standing completely still.

  17. I always say any new words are good words.

    I love how characters say stuff like “Bugger off” and they aren’t having anything to do with what’s going on, but they will. It’s a novel after all. And usually it isn’t because they want to. Things seem bad at your start already and I’m willing to bet things will get worse. Oh I love that!

  18. Only 8328 (I calculated distractedly, and in my head, so I might be wrong!) words remaining till you can feed TnT another word to play with…

    And words like these…maybe the dogs could help you round them up…? 😉

    I think I love this story!

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