White Rabbits and Running to Keep Up

O’m’gosh! Wednesday (as I write this) is tomorrow and I need a WIPpet. Yikes. I am sooooo unprepared. Before I go on to scrambling for something, I need to give a big shout-out to everyone who showed me cover love (and please, don’t let me forget anyone!) If you have a chance to stop by any of these blogs, I suggest you do so. Not just because my cover is there, silly, but because these are a group of the most supportive, friendliest, writerly types I know.

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What a list! I’m still on target for a St. Patrick’s Day release. I’ve got a few interviews planned for between then and the second week of April, so no telling where I’ll turn up. Some of my characters are getting into the act as well. Mwahahahaha…

Ah, so, WIPpet time. To be honest, I’ve not spent much time with Driev the last couple of weeks. I’m floundering at the mid-point. So I printed out a hard copy and am reading it over just to get a feel for where the story needs to go. For some reason, having that hard copy in my hands is so much different than reading the words on a screen. Regardless of that fact, I think I can find something to offer.

I was going to be mean and give you only thirteen words. You know, 12 for the date plus a bonus word because I’m feeling all giddy this week. It happens to be one of my favorite Driev lines so I decided to share it with you in addition to my WIPpet.

“I’m afraid if I set my vices aside, Father, I’d have nothing left.”

That really is him, isn’t it? And, since we brought the good Father Jesup into this, I’ll give you twelve short paragraphs that follow a day after the encounter above. I don’t believe I’ve given you this bit before. Driev left Gylan (a.k.a. ‘the boy’) with Father Jesup at the temple where he occasionally rooms. And , well, it didn’t work out as well as he trusted it would…

Someone once told me I lack subtlety. It may have been Dell. In any case, I disagree. It’s only in certain situations that I tend to lose restraint. Father Jesup allowing the boy to be taken to Trinity Market in the company of several lay-priests happened to be one of those situations.

“You said to keep an eye on him,” Father Jesup said. He took two hasty steps back, his eyes flicking to where my sword’s grip rose above my right shoulder. “I assure you, he is in good hands.”

“And I assure you, if he ends up in the wrong hands, you’ll get to kiss your blessed Ornthenal’s feet before the day is out.”

“Are you threatening me?” The father’s voice rose an octave; indignation and fear mingled in equal measure.


“How dare you.” Indignation won out.

“Trust me, Father, I dare plenty. How long ago did they leave?”

When he failed to answer me quickly enough I snagged a handful of his frock and, lifting him to his toes, forced him back five paces into the wall and held him there. He sputtered the whole way, face reddening, fingers clawing at my wrist.

“I will pray fo–“

His head bounced against the wall with a loud thud.

“How long?”

“Hours.” The word came out as more of a screech than anything. “They should be returning shortly.”

Yep, as subtle as a brick, that’s what he is. I’m pleased to say I did finally make it around to everyone’s WIPpet last week. Although it took until Monday. 18 WIPpets!! Did you all see that?!!? How awesome. 🙂

Now I have to run. Much to do. I’m like the White Rabbit again…


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  1. Loved Driev’s line. And the rest of the excerpt.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, you can spend as much time with Driev as you like. 🙂 But I can understand that you need to get your next book launched. Subtle as a brick. That’s how I like my men. 🙂

  3. Makes me smile. This is a great character and as always the writing is strong. I love reading you. 🙂

  4. I love him. Nope, not subtle there. And the single line? Marvelous. There’s a lot of emotional depth in that single quote.

  5. Loved the single line – it packed a lot of punch for 13 words!

    I also loved the snippet, however this line is just a tad confusing:

    “You said to keep an eye on him,” Father Jesup said. He took two hasty steps back, his eyes flicking to where my sword’s grip rose above my right shoulder. “I assure you, he is in good hands.”

    At first glance it looks like Driev might be saying it, but then when I go back and reread it it’s clear that Father Jesup is, but it’s still kinda awkward.

    • Hmm…I’m not seeing it, but, then again, I know who is saying what so it’s probably hard for me to pick it up. I’ll definitely flag it, though, and give it another look in the edits. Whenever I get that far. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Yes feel free to post as much of Driev as you like. He has that certain something – and great one liners (I can see why that one is a favourite).

  7. *snicker, snicker* I like Driev. He’s funny. And I like that the priest’s indignation wins out over his fear. At least for a few seconds. 🙂 I’ve, happily, never been in that kind of situation, but I can totally see myself making things worse in just that way.

    • You say he’s funny now, wait till he…um…never mind. 😉 And, yeah, I’d have probably made things worse as well.

      • Oh, I totally get that Driev is a bad dude. It’s what makes him such a fun character. Like the Phantom in the musical version in The Phantom of the Opera. You sympathize with him in spite of his obvious flaws. (The book Phantom was not so. He destroys any chance at sympathy he might have gotten.)

        • Keeping the sympathy part is something I’m trying hard to do because he has not lived an exemplary life. It’s hard writing a character who is so bad and having him be the MC and the POV and thinking, wow, this guy is frickin’ scary. Like, don’t turn your back on, kind of scary.

  8. Love those thirteen words, that he wouldn’t have anything left if he got rid of his vices! St. Patrick’s Day release – sounds great!

  9. What a great set of cover release blogs (I didn’t sign up since I normally don’t post on Monday… oh, and because I’m a ditz who forgot :-/ )! It’s a gorgeous cover, btw.

    I hear you on that hard copy thing… I’m almost at that point with most of CTSS. Ah, the trees!

    I have to say, I’m really curious as to why Driev is that upset about the boy being at the market with a group of priests.

  10. Damn, I love me some Driev. fantastic snippets, both of them!

    Mwahahahaha indeed…

  11. I agree, those are some friendly writers. Congrats on your upcoming book release–so exciting!Also, thanks for sharing more than 12 words. It’s a great except, immediately I was captured by the scene and characters. 🙂

  12. Great excerpts Kathi. Driev sure is one tough guy isn’t he? Not sure I’d want to get on the wrong side of him… And I loved the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ clip. You know I’ve never seen that film. Terrible isn’t it? (Me not seeing the film, not the film itself!!)

  13. Driev, you naughty, naughty boy, you! Please, do continue with your impertinence and protectiveness and snark. It is quite greatly appreciated! 🙂

  14. Ahhhhh, DRIIIIIIEEEEEEV……*sigh*

    i love a forceful man – so long as he isn’t trying to force me.

    Although I imagined, when Father Jesup asked him whether he was making a threat, that Driev would say, “No.”

    In a flat voice with a perfectly menacing face that makes it clear that this is nothing more than a statement of fact….

    If x, then y.

    I think I like my Vulcans just a little too well – I see some Vulcan implacability in this one. It’s twisted, but it’s there, I think!

    As always, I love the things you do with Driev (take that any way you wanna!).

    • Ha! Never thought of Driev with any Vulcan tendencies. He’s a little too…emotional at times. Granted, that emotion is general anger or rage, but still.

  15. That really is a great line, Kathi. And a great scene. 🙂

  16. That awkward moment when you could swear you already commented on this post, but apparently not.

    Seriously, that is a beautiful Driev line. I also love “His head bounced against the wall with a loud thud.” As though it was a complete coincidence and Driev had nothing to with it.

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