Whirling on WIPpet Wednesday

What a whirlwind this past week has been! My brain is just buzzing.

I’ve made mega-strides on getting EoD one step closer to Beta reading status. Those of you who have read the first two, if you’re interested in filling a Beta spot, please let me know. I foresee having this beast ready for reading by the end of the month.

On the BiS front, I’ve started up a street team which is something I’ve never tried before. I’m feeling very optimistic and really enthusiastic about it. If you didn’t get an e-mail invite to join, and really want to be part of it — check you inbox, check your junk mail, if you see nothing, let me know. I am limiting the numbers, just to keep it from getting too crazy. Already a lost cause in some regards. It’s in its infancy, with the really big push not scheduled to begin until September. For anyone who wants to help spread the word without joining the street team, I’ll have a banner with the pertinent info and some other graphics you can share in the coming weeks.

Remember, if you want to stay up to date on the latest, like my author fb page. That’s where I’ll be sharing a lot of what’s happening in the writing world. I also share posts, images, and humorous tidbits on writing, reading, and anything else that catches my ey.

Okay, on to today’s WIPpet. It happens to be the hub’s birthday, but I don’t have any excerpts related to that to share in his honor. Instead — flying monkeys, confetti, horns tooting, some version of the Happy Birthday song and — back to the real reason we’re here on this auspicious day. WIPpet time! Pulling from EoD again, I went to the current Chapter Eight (month), down 15 paragraphs (year) to give you the following twelve (day) paragraphs. This takes place shortly after last week’s very short excerpt.

Berk glanced past her. The men had dispersed, one going into a nearby shop, one heading back down the avenue, and the other crossing toward the residential area of the city. He blew out a sigh and relaxed his hold on his sword. Goddess above, just because someone wore a woolen cloak to ward off the chill didn’t make them a marauder. He rubbed a hand across his forehead, stopping when he caught Ciara’s concerned look.

“I’m fine,” he said, before she could ask the question poised on her lips. He forced a bit of false cheer through the irritation, and resumed his role of guide, sweeping his arm out to indicate the row of merchant shops that lined the avenue. “You’ll want to come back here during the Springtide Festival. The shopkeepers try to outdo one another with decorations. It’s even better in the evening. They spare no expense in lighting their shops. Some even enlist magic users to create… ” He trailed off, his smile fading under Ciara’s continued scrutiny. “What?”

“Did you use the herbs I left the other night? The ones to help you sleep?”


Ciara’s eyes narrowed.

“I thought you wanted a tour of the city,” Berk said. “If you’ve changed your mind, we can go back.”

“I –“

“Hold there, Guardsmen.” The order came from behind them, in the direction of the castle.

Six soldiers approached, all wearing the amber uniforms of the Council Guard. Berk recognized their leader; Captain Marshall, a few years older than him, and just highborn enough to feel entitled. He brushed past Jorny and Pehl to stop in front of Berk, flanked by two of his men. The other three took up positions around them as though expecting trouble.

In the hierarchy of Nisair’s assorted military factions, the Emperor’s Guard held the top rung. The Council Guard, a notch below in all but their own eyes. As the chosen guards for the Imperial Mages, they felt they should be accorded more respect and a higher degree of authority than the Emperor’s Guard. In Berk’s experience, none felt that more strongly than Captain Marshall.

Berk faced the captain, putting an arm back to tuck Ciara behind him. Marshall’s eyes flicked her way, his nose twitching as though he smelled something offensive.

“She’s to come with us,” he said, drawing his gaze back to Berk, an obvious challenge in his expression and stance. “Stand aside.”

Have a great day!

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  1. uh oh…this does not look good. I should probably save my nail chewing for when I read the whole thing. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m not a big Facebook user, but I will do what I can when I notice calls to action. πŸ™‚

    Nice twist there in the excerpt!

  3. Note to self – take a few minutes today, and find all those important emails! Likethe one I hope is there that lets me play with Driev!

    Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with Berk and CIara. Really.

    They’re in a pickle, looks like, and I hope they can get out of it somehow, because I’v got this funny feeling that Berk isn’t going to just stand aside as ordered, and that it would be a bad idea for Ciara to be separated from him (even though I’ll readily admit to being more than a little bit lost here, because Other Things….).

    But I miss Driev! =)

    • It should be there. The e-mail, that is. I’ll add you to the FB group today just in case it’s not.

      Berk would never abandon Ciara. Poor boy. He’s hopeless. But later… well… things happen. Mwahahahaha

      Driev appreciates being missed. Truly? *sigh* I think his ego is starting to get a wee bit inflated over all the attention of late. I’ll have to make a point of knocking that down in the next installment. For now, I’ll let him ride the wave.

      • I’m heading over to check the email right now (haven’t been on Facebook since I got up)…

        OK, got the email and responded. Going to hang with my Accomplice for a while, but I’ll check on the FB group tomorrow at the latest.

        Exciting stuff! =D

  4. I forgot to add the birthday wishes for your husband!

  5. Happy birthday Schwengel-man!

    I love Berk in this scene. Especially this: “He forced a bit of false cheer through the irritation” Oh, how I know that one! I love the way he puts on the tour guide show, and the internal dialogue, and the way he tucks Ciara behind himself. πŸ™‚ Very nice snippet.

  6. Oh dear. I expect this is not going to end without a fight. Also, he’s totally lying about the herbs, right?

  7. “Goddess above, just because someone wore a woolen cloak to ward off the chill didn’t make them a marauder.” This reminded me of what someone might say today about a hoodie and a thug. πŸ™‚

  8. somehow I think Berk is going to have a problem on his hands in about two seconds flat. Great excerpt, loved the twist at the end.

  9. Hope your hubs had a happy birthday!

    …I think Berk may end up wishing that he hadn’t fibbed about those herbs, because considering his thoughts on the subject, I don’t think he’s going to take an interruption by those guards very well at all. Being fully awake for that kind of thing does kind of help!

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