Where the Muse Resides. . .or Not

I always find it interesting how ideas and thoughts seem to circulate at the same time.  I was pondering my work space and thinking about where and how other authors pursue their craft.  Apparently, a lot of folks are on the same wave length because there seems to have been a sudden burst of blog posts, tweets and FaceBook status’ regarding this topic.

Lately, I do a lot of my writing at work.  I try to keep it confined to my breaks but my muse doesn’t really operate on the same schedule as my employer.  At any given point I’ll have five or six applications open on my work pc, juggling deadlines, windows sharing space with one another on my lovely, large monitor.  Usually, one of those windows is MS Word and one or another of my WIPs, or some excerpt, sniglet, blog post or query I’m working on – like this one.  It’s a good diversion and a bit of a stress release for me during the day.  I could liken it to something my dogs do, but only dog folks would understand and appreciate the analogy so I’ll leave it alone.

At home I do a lot of writing on my laptop at the kitchen counter, sometimes on the couch with ear buds in to cut out the noise of the TV.  It’s far from ideal my husband tends to wait until the most inopportune time to lean over my shoulder and interrupt me with a profound question.  Usually something like, “What are you doing?”  I used to prefer writing down in my studio which has a bank of windows facing the west and a view of the front yard which is mostly a forest.  It’s lovely.  I can put five CD’s in the player, hit shuffle, and lose myself.  Everything I need is in that room.  For some time now I’ve been avoiding my studio and I’ve finally figured out why (besides the fact that my PC is over ten years old and slower than molasses in winter).  Everything I don’t need is also in that room.  My studio has become a giant cluster f@#!

It’s because I’m a piler.  I admit it.  I make piles of things that should get filed (usually in File 13) or put away.  Then I move the piles from one location to another when I need the space they currently occupy.  Presently the spaces they occupy include my drawing table, work table, printer stand, desk, and floor.  There is now even a pile on the seat of my desk chair.  I moved that particular one from kitchen counter on Sunday so some friends and I could enjoy brunch after working dogs.  Anything I don’t immediately want to address or don’t know what to do with ends up, for some unknown reason, in my studio.  Just walking into it these days makes me almost anxious because there is stuff. . . everywhere.  It is uncontrolled chaos and disorderly and though I’m not a neat freak like my husband, it’s beginning to bother even me.

My muses are apparently boycotting it altogether.

The only one that spends any regular time in there at the moment is my nearly 17 year old dog.  Lace has a ginormous dog bed which you can see in front of the stereo cabinet and it’s where she spends the majority of her day, snoozing, while we’re at work.

A couple months ago I had made a great deal of headway on organizing and cleaning.  All I had left to tackle was the storage closet, a nightmare behind closed doors.  But then life became over-busy with my involvement in a week long, international dog event and seemingly over night the piles returned with a vengeance.  There is an unfinished portrait of Lace on the easel, a jewelry piece I’m working on sitting on top of a pile on the work bench, some matting projects and who knows what else buried amongst the stacks of stuff.

I need to reclaim my space.  So, back at the top of my To Do list is to ruthlessly attack my studio.  My muses are tired of hanging out in the kitchen.


  1. My office turned into the same chaotic tornado site. Every time I clean it, I promise myself I’ll keep it that way. A week later…
    I wish you luck on your quest!

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