Where it all Began

A couple weeks ago, fellow WIPpeteer Eden Mabee went digging after the origins of WIPpet Wednesday. Due to her prompting, I did a little research. I couldn’t remember the exact details of how or when, except that I stumbled upon it via the incredible Krista Walsh. Coming up with concrete answers took a trip in the Wayback machine . . .

"Where are we going today, Mr. Peabody?"

“Where are we going today, Mr. Peabody?”

“Well, Sherman, it looks like we need to head back to June of 2012. And, to give props where they’re due, the originator of WIPpet Wednesday, at least as I knew it, is the awesome Sarah L. Fox.

So, in honor of going back in time . . . um . . . I got nothing for that. Sorry folks. Instead, for the 24th of July, I give you 7 letters from page 24 of The First House:

“It was . . . em”

Just kidding! How about 24 paragraphs from page 24 instead? Wait!! I can’t do that because I’d be giving away spoilers. Um . . . all right, settle down, I’ll figure something out. Here then, 7 lines from page 24 of The First House. A bit of witty dialogue between the brothers and an old *cough* friend *cough*.

“You should have let me talk to him,” Grady said, following Quinn’s thoughts.

“Your method of talking tends to be a bit final.”

“Nonsense. I’ve been talking to Somman here for most of the morning. He’s not dead.”

“A blessing, to be sure,” Somman said.

“Meringer didn’t question you as to the box’s contents when you gave it to him?” Quinn asked.

There you have it. Happy WIPpeteering Wednesday!

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  1. Love the new look to your site! Very earthy 🙂
    And great WIPpet! Snappy banter is my favourite 😀 Would love to read more!

  2. Ha ha – love the lines ‘…He’s not dead.’ ‘A blessing, to be sure.’ I concur! 🙂

  3. Oh I love that little itty bitty excerpt! It feels great when the characters lead the way with witty banter. Those feel like awesome writer moments.

  4. Witty dialogue indeed! I’m with Elaine on loving the ‘He’s not dead.’ ‘A blessing to be sure’ lines. And yes, just why wasn’t he questioned over the boxes’ contents?

  5. Your site’s new design is lovely!

    And, yes, Krista Walsh is incredible. 🙂

    I enjoy following your posts!

  6. I love the “you’re method of talking tends to be a bit final”

    That be my favorite line. So to the point without saying it outright.

  7. You can fit 24 paragraphs on one page? O.o I’d need at least two or three pages.

    I like the banter. 🙂 I think I’ll like Grady.

  8. Yay! ReGi’s with me on Grady now!

    Thanks again for going back in time (did you know there actually is a Way Back Machine (at least as far as the internet is concerned? http://archive.org/web/web.php

    I loved the joke about 24 letters, but… Yeah, I think you may have had riots on your hands for that if you’d left it there. Especially when we love the way these guys are once they get on a roll.

    • Hee, hee, Grady will sooooooo enjoy that. 😉

      That way back machine is a bit of a scary thing. Some things should just be forgotten methinks.

      • Probably… he does seem to be a bit of a dog on occasion. :-S

        It’s a bit scary, but also a bit cool. The interesting thing is that it has archives not just by post, but by day. And… I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what the NSA has. 😀

  9. You always manage to reel me in and then drop me like a HOT potato! *grins*

  10. A bit final… I like that!

    • Quinn is a little hard on Grady sometimes . . . okay, most of the time. Probably, on some level, his brother scares the crap out of him, but he’s very glad to have Grady on his side.

  11. Love the dialogue! My fondness for Grady keeps growing and growing with every new bit you share 🙂

  12. Ah, that makes me giggle, especially this line: “Your method of talking tends to be a bit final.”

  13. There’s so much personality in that conversation. It totally made me smile.

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