Wednesday Wippet

I’m jumping on the Wippet Wagon.  Wednesday Wippet is an idea I first saw on Krista Walsh’s site.  She snagged it from Sarah L. Fox.  The idea is to share a bit of your WIP on Wednesday ~ the only rule appears to be that it ties in with the date.  Today being the 13th, I’m going to share a snippet from chapter thirteen of my WIP Between Darkness and Light.  Hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out other Wednesday Wippeters, Krista, Sarah, and Steve McHugh.  (If you find others, or are joining in, let me know and we can make a blog log.)

Darkness settled in early beneath the thick canopy of interlaced boughs.  Donovan sniffed, and wrinkled his nose at the dank, musky odors stirred up out of the muck by their passing.  No wonder the crone wanted out of this place.  Even for one such as her the cedar swamp had to be unbearable.  How many centuries had she been confined here?

But then, what other choice did she have?

“Soon I will have many choices.”

Donovan’s horse threw its weight back to its haunches, and jerked to a halt with a toss of its head in a move that would have unseated a lesser rider.  The beast gave a wide, white rimmed glare to the bent old woman that stood before it.

Donovan made no effort to keep the distaste from his face.  “Crone.”

Oddly flecked grey eyes, framed by eons of wrinkles and hooded by heavy grey brows, surveyed him with the sharp intensity of a hungry predator.  “How goes your tutelage, lordling?”

Write on!


  1. <3. Nuff said really 🙂

  2. It does catches some of my attention… it has the ‘I want to know what does it all mean’ aura, which is a good bait to catch with.
    Keep it up, best of luck

  3. That’s a great little snippet. I’d like to read more now.

  4. Great snippet! Welcome to the wippet wagon! 🙂

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