Unexpected Musings for WIPpet Wednesday

I know, I said I was taking a bit of a hiatus from WIPpet Wednesday, right? But yesterday, for the first time in way too long to admit, whilst working on Edge of Darkness (you know, the infamous Book Three in my Darkness & Light trilogy) I actually felt a little tremble of excitement flow through me. A flicker of, “oooh… I kinda like this.” I tried to be really cool about it, not making direct eye contact for fear of frightening it off. And by the end of the day it was still there. In fact, this morning, it’s still here.

I blame my subconscious. Which after a restless night, left me with a scene that spurred several others and was a missing piece of the puzzle.

Of course, I say this knowing full well that in another day I may well be bemoaning my fickle muse, and once again sobbing in my alcohol infused coffee.

But for now, in honor of this momentous event, I wax poetic.

*climbs onto stage and clears throat*  *a hush falls over the crowd*



*smiles sweetly*

My poem. Entitled Ode to the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious is a marvelous Beast
As problems it solves while fast you sleep.
The Brain it starts whirring,
Thoughts begin stirring,
who cares if your rest is disturbed?
With morning’s light through the window streaming,
you try to recapture your brain’s own scheming,
like dust through your fingers,
it’s gone, does not linger,
leaving you mostly perturbed.


*exits stage left*  *err… right*  *um… disappears behind the curtain*

Hey, I never claimed poetry was my strong suit. Also, because I’m feeling so… ahhhhhhhhh… I give you a WIPpet that doesn’t really come from an actual WIP. I shared the opening of this a couple weeks ago. Something I dally with from time to time. Show of hands for those of you who recall Horban and his… arms.

Bravo! Due to some of the comments following that opening, I found and am going to share with you the first time Horban is actually given a weapon. He really is quite inept, as you shall see. Fifteen sentences for the 15th.

Horban caught the weapon out of reflex alone. Fumbled it. Gave a startled yelp when the blade nicked his finger. Fumbled it again, very nearly dropping it straight into his foot. He finally got an awkward grip on it and stared, mouth hanging open, unsure what Kalyn expected.

“It’s a sword,” she said, giving him an encouraging nod, and talking slowly as though to a small child who was having a hard time understanding. “You do know how to use one, don’t you?”

“No.” Horban’s voice rose an octave. “Why would I? I’m no soldier.”

“It’s really quite simple. Pointy end toward anyone besides the three of us that comes for you.”

Horban shook his head, gingerly holding the weapon point down by just a few fingers on the crosspieces. “Take it back.”

And with that, I bid you fond… wait! I leave you with this quite humorous video. Krankenwagon… *snork*


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  1. “Take it back.” – yeah, I don’t see that happening. Although it sounds like he could be in more danger with a weapon than without. 🙂

    • There is a school of thought that facing an untrained opponent is more dangerous than facing someone trained. In this case, however, I believe you are correct in that Horban is more likely to do himself in than inflict any serious harm to anyone else.

  2. Congratulations on the spark. *speaks quietly, moving slowly* I’m hoping to find that spark soon myself.

    Thanks for the video. Not only is my husband of German extraction,but I learned German after three Romance languages, so the contrast was hilarious.

    • Thanks. So far it’s still mostly here so that’s good. 🙂

      I have to imagine it was difficult going from the softer sounding languages to German. I’m sure they’ve hammed it up a bit for the video, but I still found it chuckle worthy.

  3. Love the poem! May have to steal it and share with my creative writing class. Bravo!

  4. *stands stock still so as not to startle the flutter* Is there a writerly equivalent of “break a leg” to avoid jinxing things?

    Substitute sword for volleyball and nicked finger for bruised wrist and you have me earlier this evening. Though volleyball is probably not as dangerous.

    German really is the best. I think I’ll go around saying krankenwagon for the next couple of days.

    • Hmmm… ‘break a quill’? ‘Splatter ink’?

      I love krankenwagon. The hubs said something to me and I whipped around and yelled out, “krahnkenvaaagin!” He just blinked and went on with whatever he was saying. Probably the wisest thing he could have done.

  5. hahaha Kalyn sounds like me. I missed Horban the first time, so this time was fun!! w00t! for that spark. Keep it with you as long as you can.

  6. Ha ha! I knew he’d wind up going with the women. And ha! Love this scene!
    I needed that poem about the fickle muse!

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  8. I missed Horban the first time – but this was delightful (in part because my reaction might be almost identical to his, if someone tossed one at me).

    *whispers softly, so as not to alarm the muse-ing*

    Hooray for sparks that are puzzle pieces.

    I love when that happens. Once, the a-ha came as I was stepping out of the shower. “That’s IT!” I yelled, as a cascade of pieces fell into place amid fountains of fireworks – and my poor Accomplice, who thought I was about to launch into some angry rant…

    Pretty funny! Not as funny as a krankenwagen come to resue an injured schmetterling, but then, what is?

    (It’s possible that I haven’t had enough coffee, and a little too much kid silliness for my coffee saturation…)

  9. Wow. I loved the poem! May the muse be ever faithful in weeks to come.

  10. Fun poem!

    I love “anyone besides the three of us who comes for you.” The implied meaning, as I read it, is that he’s not supposed to point the pointy end of the sword at them even if they do come after him. 😛 I love it. 🙂

  11. Ah, yes… some of our favorite Bavarians. They have a whole series of videos along this line. Love them.

    (I’m not even going to mention the… well, you know. Don’t look it it. Don’t act like it’s even there and maybe it’ll get brave enough to come closer.)

    Hadn’t seen Horban before… I clearly was missing something. Neat!

    • Horban only visited the one time a few weeks ago. One of those sandbox projects I go play with every now and again.

      I’ll have to look up more of their videos.

  12. Ha! I love Horban. Maybe a little mean, but I also love that these women are schooling him.

    That video…*dying*. My kids are home (opting out of state test), and they insisted on watching it 3 times because I was laughing so hard. They kept asking, “What? What’s so funny, Mom?”

    • Oh, he gets a schooling alright! But I think at least one of them does as well. 😉

      I’m glad I could put a giggle in your day.

  13. I love it! I also love that poem, because it is so so true!

    • My muse can toss poems like that out in fifteen minutes, but can’t move my plot along?!!? Probably a different department. And then there’s all that red tape. No cross-trained muses around here apparently. 😉

  14. So true with the poem and the video is hilarious. I get Horban trying to catch something out of reflex – did that with my flat iron when it fell from the counter. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done – but probably not the dumbest either.

    • Ouch!! I’m a great one for trying to catch things out of reflex. Like the heavy box containing a shelving unit that was sliding out of the truck so yes, I did stick my foot under it to keep it from hitting the ground.

  15. I thought your poem was divine! My best thoughts come to me at the most inconvenient times, usually when I can’t scribble them down right away. Most often, they disappear just as quickly and I forget what they were all about.

    Awesome video!

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