I admit, I have never truly embraced Twitter. I’ve given it the ol’ college try. Really I have. I post on occasion, as you can tell by my sidebar feed. I retweet some things. I follow people who aren’t all about BUY WHAT I’M SELLING, but those people I know, or whose posts I find generally entertaining, funny, or informative.

At least, I thought I did.

This morning, the only way I can adequately describe my feed is ‘marketing vomit’. I couldn’t find the posts I like because there were far too many screaming BUY! BUY! BUY! I’ve obviously not been as choosy in my twitterfollow clicks as I thought. Normally, I take a peak at what the other person has been Tweeting before I click that button, making sure it’s not all self-promo or sales pitches for services offered. Honestly, after no more than a few minutes of scrolling, I was ready to unfollow nearly everyone and I’m only following 514… people? Tweeters? I’m not even certain how I got to that number, but it’s a drop in a bucket compared to some folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the need for authors to promote their books. I am one, for crap sake. I have posted promo tweets and helped other authors spread the word about their work. It’s not the norm for me, or the people I truly enjoy following.

I can’t even imagine the conglomeration of crap that must clutter up the feeds of people following thousands or tens of thousands. Sure, there’s way to weed out the ones you don’t like. You can make lists or simply unfollow. Unfortunately, though, Twitter just doesn’t work for me, and I’m thinking I will soon abandon it altogether. I only have so much social media time in my day. I want that time to be quality. I think, in order to understand and appreciate Twitter, you need to be good at small talk. Or tooting your own horn.

I suck at both.

Instagram, now, that is something I am finding more to my liking, though I haven’t been on it long enough to really decide. So far, there seems to be a lot less BUY THIS THING AND DO IT NOW. Yes, there’s some, and I’m okay with that. I’m pretty visual. I love taking pictures. And Instagram is all about sharing little glimpses, or odd pictorial thoughts. It also appears to be a bit slower paced. You blink on Twitter, and you’ve missed 7000 Tweets. Who can ever keep up?!!?

What about you? Twitter? Instagram? None? Both?

And, if you’re interested in connecting with me on Instagram, I’m k.l.schwengel




  1. I set up a Twitter account but did nothing else. Never used it and still don’t know how. I get tweets but haven’t time to read them. FB and Google+ keep me plenty busy. I’m overwhelmed with social media and don’t try to catch up anymore. I’m exhausted and I’ve not accomplished the good stuff yet–writing. Sigh.

    • Keeping up with social media does get exhausting. I find myself falling into it when I don’t want to do anything on my to-do list! LOL Great distraction, if nothing else.

  2. Amen! I’ve done so many Twitter clean-ups now just to rid myself of the marketers. I don’t use Twitter to promo at all unless I have a new book out or something. For me, it’s entirely a networking tool now, which makes me dislike it a lot less.

    But IG is great! So much fun to set up the photos and see what people are doing. And, like you say, even the marketing is less offensive because at least time goes into the graphics to make them visual and eyecatching.

    • Yep, that’s about the only time I Twitter promo also. I don’t know that it’s worked well for me as a networking tool (which I just typoed into newtworking, which is kind of cool, actually). I digress…

      I haven’t gotten into actually setting photos up for IG, and I’m still such a rookie I don’t really know the ins-and-outs of hashtagging there, or finding challenges and such. (Though Kate sent me one for June.) And I think you nailed part of it, the promos there are less a ‘store placard’ and more of a creative shot that’s interesting besides the selling aspect.

  3. I feel you on the twitter thing. It’s very fast paced. Extremely. I just joined. I kinda love it though. I haven’t tried Instagram yet. My camera phone is broken and rather irritatingly fuzzy so. As for Twitter. The reason I fell in love with Twitter is because I joined up with #WIPjoy. There are other hashtags too that are like little parties for writers or whatever your interest is. As I am sure you already know. I’ve already figured out what you figured out – that your feed gets clogged with sooooo much crap. But you know, Facebook is the same way for me. Last year I went and deleted EVERY page I had previously clicked ‘like’ on so that actual people I want to talk to would show up on my news feed. But you’re right on, social media is for building relationships. That’s why I love the hashtag games like #ilinewed and #WIPjoy b/c they discourage/ban buy links and because you can find interesting people. You kinda have to be on there a log though to get to know people.

    Anyway, instagram also has cool hashtag challenges and games I believe that are all pic oriented so I think it’s similar, but geared toward a younger audience. I read somewher that if you are a YA author you NEED to be on instagram to gain a following. lol idk

    • I probably don’t use Twitter hashtags as effectively as I could. But again, for me, it comes down to where I want to spend my social media minutes. I will probably clean out my twitter clutter and see if I like it better afterwards. I did a Facebook cleanup like you mention. Found several pages that people had added me to without even asking! O_o

      I’ve heard Instagram aims toward a younger audience. I’m definitely not YA, and not sure how much promoting I’ll do there. I think I’ve posted more pictures of my dogs than any books. LOL

  4. I need to do a Twitter clean-out, soon, too. I follow about 150 people and I have no idea how people manage following tens of thousands of people. I actually jumped on the bandwagon bakc in 2009 when it was first starting up, so I guess I’ve gone along with it since the beginning, and I quite enjoy it because I can just randomly say things that come into my head and it seems saying these things on the Internet is more socially acceptable than saying them out loud to an empty room.

    I love Instagram, too, though a lot of the bookish posts make me feel rather underskilled as a photographer. I just don’t have time to collect props and properly set up a shot. I just take the photo.

    • Most of the random things I think of shouldn’t be said anywhere. šŸ˜‰

      I know what you mean about some of the photos on Instagram, especially the challenge ones. I basically like it for the ‘instant’ shot, the moment, the spontaneous. I was looking at a challenge for June thinking, how would I set half these things up??? I don’t have the time for that so I’ll see how it goes.

  5. Twitter, with lists. I’m not a personal picture person. (You may have noticed.) I hardly ever go to my home feed on Twitter.

  6. I’m with you on Twitter, although I am sure I can find a way to make it effective for me. I just need to commit to it. Like you, I’m terrible at small talk and self-promotion, which is why blogging works better for me. I like conversations whose characters I don’t have to count before I’m cut off. Not that I’m long-winded, but (I like to think) meaingful.

    I’m not on Instagram, yet. I told myself if I’m going to add Instagram I need to give up another social media outlet because I already don’t have the flipping time to manage any of it. I’ll be interested to hear how it continues to go for you!

  7. I really like Facebook. That’s my go to social media. I am on Twitter, but I don’t use it as often. I’m on Pinterest too. Twitter is hard for me to go through–it feels like info overload and the # searching still feels like chaos to me.

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