Title Brainstorming for WIPpet Wednesday

Yes, I’ve been a little absent from the web the past week or so. Not on FB much, not up to date on blog reading…it’s been a busy streak. Plus we had a few days of nice weather before the pseudo-winter returned, and that meant I was outside working dogs and getting a jump on some of the things that need fixing, dismantling, setting up, etc.

Anyhow, I’m trying to come up with a title for the first installment in CBC. I know which one I’m leaning toward, but I thought it would be fun to throw them all out here and see if anyone else has a favorite, based off just reading the bits of it provided as WIPpets over the past…um…6 months. Wow! Have I really been working on it that long? Ah well, here are the results of my brainstorming session (which was a very small storm as it consisted of…well…my brain and…my brain.):

Bound in Shadow                  A Brother’s Oath                   The Devil’s Bastard

A Sword Reforged                 A Brother’s Bond

Comments? Suggestions? Ideas?

Now, for the 16th of April (which feels and looks more like the 16th of February) no crazy WIPpet math, just a simple 16 sentences from CBC.

I grabbed Gylan by the arms and shook him hard enough to make his teeth clack together. “Listen to me.”

He sucked in a shuddering breath, then another.

“I want you to find someplace to hide. Don’t come out for anyone but me, understand? No matter what happens, or what you hear. No one but me.”


“Tam’s not coming, but not even her. Only me.”

“But I–“

“Damn the gates, Gylan.” I moved my hands to his face, cupping it as I forced him to meet my eyes. “Remember once I told you there would come a time when you would need to trust me?”

He nodded against my grip.

“This is that time.”

 Will Gylan trust Driev? What does he have to hide from? Are they both going to make it out alive? *shrug* Guess you’ll have to wait and see. Mwahahahahahaha!

And now, a surprise for those of you who read down this far. I give you a preview of the newly recreated full spread cover for First of Her Kind. I like it way better than the original.


And with that…I’m outta here!


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  1. Love the new cover! It’s gorgeous.

    This sounds like a big moment for both Gylan and Driev. Something big is coming.

    • Thanks, Emily.

      Yes, something big and nasty lurks just around the corner. Well, maybe not so big, but definitely nasty and up to no good. 😉

  2. oh wow, you are evil. Definitely sounds like something big(and bad) is coming.

    love the cover! It’s beautiful!

  3. Ooo. That’s chilling!
    I first leaned toward Bound in Shadow or The Devil’s Bastard. But with the latter (though it points to character perception) you run the risk of someone thinking a character is a spawn of Satan. So now A Brother’s Bond or even Bond intrigues me.

    • I do like The Devil’s Bastard, and for a while it was my favorite. But really, it’s only what Driev’s father called him. And, even though he certainly is no angel, he really isn’t the Devil’s bastard. I wouldn’t want to totally mislead my readers.

  4. ooh, L. Marie said pretty much exactly what I would say about the title possibilities. Maybe just Hell’s Bastard since “hell” is a more abstract concept?

    And to answer your questions at the end of the WIPpet… 1) No, 2) Everything, 3) Yes but not without a lot of hurting (dang! Still can’t pull off a lightning round)

  5. Great excerpt Kathi. I love the sense of urgency and the way Driev cuts Gylan off every time he tries to speak, how Driev is forcing Gylan to listen to him. I love the title ‘Bound in Shadow’ BTW. It’s really atmospheric. 🙂

    • Thank, Elaine. I’m amazed that Driev actually had the patience to force Gylan to pay attention to what he was saying. And poor Gylan is so scared…a true test of Driev’s character here.

  6. Love the excerpt, Kathi, great sense of urgency.

    For a title, my vote would also got to “Bound in Shadow” — and for what it’s worth, that’s what I thought before I read the other comments. 🙂

  7. I’m a fan of Bound In Shadow

  8. I love Bound in Shadow.

    Beautiful cover!

  9. Bound in Shadow really pops for me.

    And what a tense scene between Driev and Gylan! And a totally evil scene, leaving us hanging like that (though I know I’m just as guilty of doing that sometimes!)

  10. Nice cover!

    Um, I haven’t read anyone else’s comment because I’m supposed to be getting ready to go. Now. But… Bound in Shadow. Mostly because the brother theme hasn’t come up much in WIPpets for a while, and I’d probably ignore a book titled the Devi’s Bastard if I stumbled on it randomly. The Sword Reforged sounds a little too Tolkein, almost fanfic, to me.

    I like the scene. A lot. 🙂

    • Ha! You get your butt into bed, young lady. Well, okay, by now I think you might be getting up again. So, you get busy doing whatever it is you’re doing today. 😉 I’m getting ready for work. Blech.

      Good points about Sword Reforged. Never thought about it in those terms, but you’re right.

  11. Okay, I sense a pattern here. 😉 Bound in Shadow grips me, too!

  12. I like Bound in Shadow. It’s mysterious and it hints at magic and fantasy. The brother ones are good, too, but only as second choices.

    Oooooh – what a tense excerpt! Listen, Gylan! Driev will protect you!

    • Yes, Gylan, if you’re not going to listen to Driev, listen to Xina! Not that it’s going to do much good…I mean…um…of course they totally get out of the situation with nary a scratch. *cough*

  13. It was Bound in Shadow for me, as soon as I read it. Still is. Driev seems bound – by obligation, feeling, his present and his past….and he’s definitely the type to be lurking in the darker places…

    A tense, terse, white-knuckled emotional thrill ride of a snippet. And that cover – yum! =D

    May you get many more dog-working days soon! =D

    • Yes, he is definitely bound by many things. I’m glad that has come through. It’s always hard to get a sense of what impressions the excerpts are leaving in the minds of readers because, of course, I know all the behind-the-scenes info.

      Tomorrow, a group of my students are coming over to celebrate the arrival of Spring and the beginning of the training season. I haven’t gotten an RSVP from Spring yet. I’m thinking she may not show. But we shall persevere! Or at least eat, drink, and be merry, which is pretty much the same thing.

      • Driev seems to be one of those characters who comes through loud and clear, in every excerpt. I like that about him. =)

        Maybe spring won’t show, but with a whole passel of Aussies, I think you’ll have lots of cheery energy, just the same!

        Our previous dog, Bunko, was a 90 pound, black and tan, sky-blue-eyed, Aussie/border collie/German shepherd/chow (near as I could tell!). We got him at four weeks old, from a shopping cart at a fruit stand in Homestead, Florida.

        He was incredibly smart (and border collie independent!).

        Every time you mention your dogs, I think of Bunko, and that makes me happy.

        • Bunko sounds like an interesting dog. I’d love to see a picture of him.

          • I’ve been sorting old photos, and plan to scan. Bunko was pre-digital…and he was a big beautiful boy.

            He had a trick of playing with sticks twice as long as him…then, when he got tired and wanted to rest, he’d twist and rest the stick propped against his shoulder. When he wanted it again, he didn’t have to pick it up off the ground.

            I never quite got a picture of it, although I did try and got close. But I’ve never seen another dog do that. It was cool!

  14. Bound in Shadow gets my vote!

  15. I like Bound in Shadow because it’s got two power words in the title. 🙂 It grabbed my attention the most.

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