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As promised, I did try to get some video of lamb antics for you. Really I did. But, of course, when the opportunity came to film them in all their glory, they were less than cooperative. This ewe lamb has decided she’s my pal and typically follows me around while I’m doing chores. She made an effort to get her siblings to join in some lamb games for me, but to no avail. Just picture six of her friends all doing the same thing she is but at a high rate of speed.

Moving on…

This week’s WIPpet: 18 sentences plus a few bonus lines for the month, and because it just ended better that way. No context. I don’t think it’s needed. Just a reminder that the Needles are an assassin guild. THE assassin guild. Highly feared, highly effective.

“You don’t get it,” Roe said, shoving a shirt into the sack she’d grabbed to pack Fader’s things. “The Needles are watching you.”

“Even as I watch them.”

She paused in her packing to flick him a raised brow appraisal. “Right. Of course you do.” She pulled the cork on a bottle and sniffed its contents. Brandy. She took a swallow before recorking it and tucking it in next to the shirt. “You have to leave. Now.”

Roe turned to grab the remainder of the bread and stuff it into his pack. Fader reached past her to remove it and set it back on the table. Roe growled and made another grab for it, but he pushed her hand away so she scoured about for any other necessities he might need.

“Don’t you have any weapons?”

“I have no need of weapons,” he said. “And I am sworn never toΒ bare steel against my fellow man.”

Roe blinked at him. “You’re what?” She waved the question away before he had a chance to answer. “Never mind. Doesn’t matter. You’ll never see it coming anyhow.”

Not much else to report this week so I’ll let you go with that. Have a great rest of your week now that (at least in some places) Spring is trying to make an appearance. (Although we were back below freezing again this morning.)



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  1. *dies of cute*

    *comes back to appreciate WIPpet, dies again*

  2. D’awww! On this subject, your post on your other blog got passed around my office. We’ve taken to supporting each other through Fridays with pictures of cute animals.

    I love that Roe is dealing with Fader’s stubbornness by trying to pack for him, like she’s going to bundle him out the door and he’ll do as she says.

    • There will likely be more cuteness on the other blog shortly. The ‘oopses’ are making an appearance as of yesterday.

      Yeah, Roe’s a bit delusional here. Like Fader’s just going to meekly follow her to the city gate and get to stepping.

  3. Loved the video & the snippet!! Yeah, I don’t see Fader as someone who would just run off because someone’s after him.

  4. “I am sworn never to bear steel against my fellow man.” LOVE THAT!!! Oh Fader!!!
    Adorable video!!!!

  5. Cuuuuute!!! Love the video.

    “You’ll never see it coming anyhow.” Well, that’s chilling.

  6. Okay, so it might not have been half-a-dozen bouncing lambs, but one was pretty damn good. πŸ™‚

    Pretty damn good excerpt too! I really like these two.

  7. I love the contrast between them right now. Roe: “Hurry, hurry, hurry. Get gone.” Fader: “Why, yes, I’d love a slice of bread, thank you. No, no. I don’t need a knife.” πŸ˜› Either that or, “She’s so cute when she’s panicking.”

    Your lamb is adorable. πŸ™‚ Your WIPpet gets to sit on my screen for the next 3 hours until the kids wake up and drag themselves into readiness so I can show it to them. That means I’ll be thinking of your story all morning. *fumes* Sneaky trick there.

    • Mwahahahahaha! I love when my evil plans are realized. πŸ˜€

      What I find utterly endearing is Roe’s concern for Fader’s safety when Fader is twice her size, capable, and can be a bit intimidating. Still, in her world, the Needle’s are death personified. Unfortunately, Fader isn’t from her world and doesn’t share the same views.

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  9. He is so unflappable and calm while Roe’s trying to get him shifted. I really do love them both, they’re such a brilliant pair. πŸ˜€

    Ooooh lambie. I’m just going to have to watch her again. And maybe once more for good luck. And again. And… no, I don’t have a bouncy lamb addiction, why do you ask?

    • Yesterday our newest lamb, born on St. Patrick’s Day, decided that she was old enough to try out her legs. The first time they decide to do the popcorn trick is just hysterical. You can see them gearing up to it and then SPROING! or at least, an attempt. πŸ˜‰ Most times they barely get off the ground and landing isn’t always pretty. But then they’re all, “Hey, did anyone see what I just did? Didya? Hey, guys!!”

  10. that last line sounds very ominous

  11. Just a quick swig of brandy to cover those nerves and keep packing (I might have had a tad more…) as it tends to take your mind off things… I am intrigued as to why Fadar is going and the tension that the Needles bring to the equation is just expertly balanced by his oath. Nice.

  12. I can’t decide if Fader is brave or just unrealistic. Loved that last line. Major dose of cuteness with the lambs!

    • Fader is supremely confident in his own abilities. Now, perhaps that’s a bit naive at the moment, we shall see. But he isn’t bothered by the Needles and can’t really wrap his head around why Roe is. Two very different worlds have collided and I think both will be in for an education.

  13. I love how chill Fader is, and how irritating that is to Roe. They are such a great contrasting pair. Also, hot.

  14. How cute!

    He’s a little too calm for being hunted, especially by some deadly organization. Love the excerpt really brings out their personalities.

  15. Oh my goodness that lamb is adorable!!

    This excerpt was so good, I loved the contrast between Roe and Fader in this situation!

    • Ain’t she just the cutest!! Actually, we had an oops born a couple days ago and she is totally cute. Maybe next week there will be more pictures.

  16. Aww that lamb is SO cute!! Reminds me of a video I saw recently of baby pygmy goats (yes they are as cute as they sound).

    The Needles is a great name for an assassin guild by the way!!

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