Things Are Looking Up ~ WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80

It’s Wednesday and I’m back in full swing! Look out WIPpeteers, I’ll actually be making the rounds this week. Mm-hmm. That’s right.

Let’s get right to business, shall we? I’m resorting to creative WIPpet math today to give you 23 sentences from The Adorned. (11 for the month + 12 for the day). I’m slowly running out of things to share from this one since I don’t have a lot written. Guess I’ll have to put more words down. However, if you read through to my ROW80 update, you’ll see why that may not be possible at the moment. Anyhow, I’ve removed one or two words from this excerpt that could have been spoilery, and have the expletive in brackets because I’ve yet to put effort into finding a replacement for it. Driev used ‘sarding’ as his version of the eff-bomb. Not sure what Roe will wind up with, so for now, it stays.

Roe wrenched her arm out of his grip. “No. Look, you hired me to help you find someone, we found her. I’m done. I’ve got other things to do with my time. You’re dangerous for me to be around. For some reason people want to dust me now. Well, more people than normal, leastwise. And meaner ones to boot. So, no. No, no, and in case you didn’t hear me up there, no.”

But Fader stepped in front of her; just a smooth, calm shifting of his body that claimed the space between her and the door. She should have been terrified. He towered over her, all hard muscle and swirling tattoos–and that soft look in his light eyes that belonged to someone far less imposing, and did things to her resolve she found hard to fight.

Roe clenched her jaw, and refused to look at him. “No fair. No [fucking] fair.”

“The world abounds in that which appears unfair.” Even when he kept his voice quiet it rumbled like a distant storm.

“It abounds in idiots as well,” Roe said. “I don’t mean to give it another.”

His fingers wrapped her wrist, light but firm, his hand making her arm look like a child’s. She stared at it, frowning.

Huh. Sounds as though Roe is a bit conflicted. Mwahahahahaha!

Now, my ROW80 update. If you recall, not too long ago I was all *head, desk, repeat*. Well, I’m pleased to say that at the present moment, I’m more like…


Because, not only did I manage to hit another 10k goal with EoD, which meant I got to send Shan  a new word to use in her WIPpet with Trip and T’pol, but I added quite a few more words somehow. Not only that– *looks around and lowers voice to whisper* —EoD is actually going rather well at the moment.

I know! Right?

Everyone is still doing unexpected things, but they seem to be doing them with a sense of cohesion I hadn’t felt before. We still may not all be on the same page, but we’re at least in the same book. There were times I questioned that. I think the change has come because I’m at creeping up on the midway point and shit is starting to happen. Pieces are being moved into position in preparation for the inevitable heart-stopping conclusion.

Well, someone’s heart will be stopped. That’s a certainty.

*ahem* Moving on…

I also have a new character who I just adore. Back in the early, early stages he was in, but I couldn’t make it work with the plot as it was, so he was out. Then I trashed the first 20 or 30 THOUSAND words I had written and managed to sneak him back in. Then he was out again. Now, he’s permanently back in. All I can say is he must have a helluva agent who negotiated him quite the contract. He comes complete with a few surprises, and I only hope readers will feel the same about him as I do.

So where does that leave my current word count? Glad you asked.

 Which doesn’t include another 2366 words of upcoming scenes and some climactic events because I don’t know if they’ll make it in. I think they will, but I’ll wait until then to officially count them.

That’s it for this week. Off I go to harass visit other WIPpeteers & ROW80 bloggers. I leave you with a bit of mood music from Adrian von Ziegler.


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  1. “No, no, and in case you didn’t hear me up there, no.” – haha. loved this.

    And yay for progress!! I just hope it won’t be my heart you’re going to stop. Wait, what am I saying? This is you. You’ll probably shatter it into tiny pieces. 😉

    • Progress…good. 😉 It’s been so long since I felt like I made any, even when I added words.

      As for your heart…perhaps locking it away might do the trick. Although my monkeys are very skilled with lock picks.

  2. OMG yay for writing on EOD and having it be easy! That’s so exciting!

    I like Roe. She’s spunky. I don’t like her as much as Janis though, just saying. Anyway, lol, I like that she’s not scared of him even though she should clearly be. It says a lot about her character and what she’s been through in the past methinks.

    • Keep in mind, ‘easy’ is a relative term. It’s less like ramming my head into the wall and more like walking with my feet encased in concrete. But I’m moving, right?

      Oh, don’t worry, I’ll go back to Janis again some day. She got such a good response I can hardly leave her dangling forever.

  3. Fader can grab my wrist anytime. I can see why Roe is conflicted.
    The squirrel made me laugh out loud! Congrats though on reaching 10K!

    • Isn’t that squirrel just the greatest? Although it really is hard to compete with Regina squishing a heart…maybe I could find an evil squirrel.

  4. Wow, go you with all the productivity! And that squirrel boogying down – I may have to snatch it for later use. 🙂

    But these things aren’t the end of the goodness in your post! What a lovely excerpt! roe’s character comes through so clearly, and Fader is so deliciously seductive, all without meaning to be (or perhaps he DOES mean to be). Love the direction this is going!

  5. Great interaction between the two again, Kathi! I’m really liking this. Too bad that it’s soon going to go away.

    OTOH, very good news that EOD is going well again! Congrats on the progress and all the words. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ruth. I’ll keep adding to Roe and Fader’s story, I just haven’t had time to sit down and really do any plot noodling so I’m not quite sure what’s really going on. I have hints of things, but nothing concrete yet.

  6. That’s great news about EoD Kathi. I look forward to the results. 😉 And fab WIPpet too. I love the sexual tension between the two of them and how, as you put it so well, Roe is so conflicted. I’ll be interested to see what happens next between the two of them. 😉

    • Sexual tension?!!? Who put that in there? ;p I can’t seem to write a scene between these two that doesn’t have some. What the heck. In fact, the one I wrote today…

      Oh, maybe later.

  7. So glad EoD is finally cooperating! I am curious about whose heart is going to stop. WE HAVE AN AGREEMENT, SCHWENGEL.

    I hear you on the [fucking] problem. I have an f-bomb in book three that I don’t think I can shake. On one hand, everything is translated from their language into ours, so I don’t have a problem with some of our slang staying in a Fantasy book any more than I do the word “fork” or “horse”. On the other, it’s YA. On the OTHER other hand, it’s the most perfect f-bomb I’ve ever concocted, and there will never be another word that carries its weight as a crude reference to sex. So we’ll see what happens…

    Yes, I have three hands.

    • STOP YELLING AT ME, SPARKES. Look, your boy is currently okay. I’m pretty sure he stays that way. Well, I’m pretty sure he lives. I think. Yeah. I mean, somebody has to make it to the end, right?

      I can hardly wait to read your f-bomb because I can and can’t picture it. That’s sort of like having three hands, by the way.

  8. I must come back and listen to the Celtic music. 🙂 (The kids are listening to audios about inventors at the moment.)

    “He towered over her, all hard muscle and swirling tattoos–and that soft look in his light eyes that belonged to someone far less imposing.” – I had friends like that. And they probably thought I was as much of a pipsqueak as Roe is being at the moment. 😛 She’s so funny. I’m not sure if this is how you’re writing her, but it’s like she feels an extra special need to prove herself tough-as-a-man with Fader around. Not quite the same, but it reminds me of this (with the roles flipped).

    • “Go, find your mark, little pebble. Go!” I’m laughing my butt off. That is so Roe!

      Roe feels a need to prove herself tough to any who don’t know her, it’s part of survival for her. But I think Fader brings it out even more strongly because he doesn’t really care. Not in a cruel way, just to him that sort of thing doesn’t matter. And to Roe, because he’s clueless to it and because she’s undeniably attracted to him, that just makes matters worse.

  9. Roe is…spirited and I like her. She can makes ‘things’ happen. 😀

  10. There’s lots of contrasts within the greater piece. Which is just me trying to sound smart and saying you have lots of opposites making up the whole. I might have still been trying to sound smart. I like that he’s scary big and has kind eyes. I like that she’s fighting so hard, but wants to cave in too.

    Congrats on the productivity and having things fall into place. I hope it keeps up that way! 🙂

    • I think you just made my head implode. 😉

      Thanks. I’m hoping it keeps on rolling so I can hit my goal of having it done by the end of the month.

      *picks self off floor* I meant to do that.

  11. Awesome work on your writing goals, I bow to your awesomeness 🙂 And I absolutely adore the scene you shared today. I love this pair. I want a full book of them, and I want it now!

  12. I can relate to Roe being conflicted. I do find people with tats a bit hard to resist myself. LOL! Uh oh…have you given us another lovely man to spend WIPpets drooling over?

    • I do tend to do that, don’t I? But Fader is a good boy. Well, okay, maybe not entirely, but he’s not a tortured soul. Or broken. Though he has tortured and broken others…wait. No. No, that’s not right. Oh, just forget it. Carry on.

  13. I like the line that it abounds in idiots. And of course, the dancing squirrel is a big hit. What will you make him do next week?

  14. First of all, three cheers for the dancing squirrel. You can never have too many of those.

    Loved this excerpt. This line especially jumped out at me: “But Fader stepped in front of her; just a smooth, calm shifting of his body that claimed the space between her and the door.” Great image! Can’t wait to see what happens between these two.

  15. Roe and Fader sound really intriguing. Great scene there. 🙂

  16. Awesome character interaction, they work so well off each other, and glad you got to sneak someone in 🙂

  17. In case you are still considering replacing the f-bomb with an alternative, here’s a smattering of viable options I came across. (I used to use fudgemuker, an intentional corruption of muckraker, but one time someone didn’t quite catch the “dgem” in the middle, so I stopped.)

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