The Time Has Come!

Yes, finally! Pre-ordering through Amazon is available for the Kindle version of Edge of Darkness, the final book in the Darkness & Light trilogy.

EoDtoSizePre-order here, and Edge of Darkness will be automatically downloaded on its release day, currently scheduled for April 13. If you haven’t yet started the trilogy, watch for a special deal coming on First of Her Kind later this month. And, if you’re at all curious about some of the music, images, and quotes that inspired me during the trilogy’s writing, take a look at my Darkness & Light Pinterest Board.

I still have a bit to do before release day. I experienced a catastrophic jump drive failure and lost my final edits file. Thankfully, I had already printed out a hard copy, and had a beta-reader’s version that isn’t too different. My fault for not backing up more frequently or using DropBox. Windows 10’s fault for not throwing up a huge warning that it didn’t just need 3 gigs, but was going to remove everything else.

Trust me, after the initial stunned moment of disbelief and denial, there was much swearing and gnashing of teeth. Done is done, and we move on. I survived, Edge of Darkness survived (sort of), and I’m trying not to dwell on what was lost.

Enough doom and gloom. Go. Pre-order. Wait patiently. April will soon be here.




  1. Noticed two different covers for this one, so naturally I preferred the one in the header ad. [weak smile] Not that a cover makes the book! The story’s the thing, and I’ve no doubt this one is just as compelling and enjoyable as the first two in the series. I look forward to seeing the final version.

    • So do I. But the same jumpdrive debacle that claimed far too many decent words, apparently claimed the original file for that cover. I needed a placeholder, and possible substitute. However, I have since found a copy of the original, tweaked a hair, and it’s back. 😀 I’m much happier.

  2. Exciting!!!

  3. Preordered it! Can’t wait for this finale to the epically awesome trilogy. I am so sorry that happened to you. I am so paranoid with editing. I back up to Google Drives, to an external harddrive and now I even email myself each finished draft. Tech fails are soooo awful. Hugs. Glad you are able to get over this one.

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