The Care & Feeding of Creatives

It occurred to me in the wee hours of the morning (which for me is about 4:40 a.m.) that I promised a post a week and I really hadn’t given it any thought since then (yes, these are the things that pop into my head as I force myself vertical and begin to function). Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. Or perhaps…

Scrolling bleary-eyed (pre-caffeine) through the email inbox on my phone as I got ready for the dayjob (It’s a form of avoidance, okay? Don’t judge.) I saw a new post from 4 a.m. Writer aka Kate Johnston, who also happens to be a fantabulous editor. (I know this firsthand, and highly recommend both Kate’s editorial/coaching services if you’ve a need, as well as her Writer Uninterrupted series of books.)

I love Kate’s posts, for many reasons. In the current one, Take Action Against Writer’s Block, I found a link to a post she wrote in 2011. I think I’ve been following her long enough to have read it back then, I don’t recall. In either case, it certainly resonated with me now. It’s an excellent post for all creatives, as well as ‘normal people’, and so I share it with you here. Go have a peek at Don’t Piss Off a Writer, and remember…

“Writers are a little on the insane side,
but we make up for it in entertainment.”
~Kate Johnston


  1. I really needed that post from Kate. This is exactly where I am.

    • I’m glad… well, not entirely glad that you find it relatable. 😉 There are certain circles where I never mention I’m a writer for that very reason.

  2. Thank you for the mention(s), Kathi! Here’s to being a little insane!

  3. I try. I want to find out if my stories flow and are interesting enough to continue on with, but the answers I usually hear are its good or fine or great and then never hear again. Leaves me wondering.

    • It’s hard sometimes to get feedback from folks who aren’t writers. A lot of them only know if they like something or don’t, but not really why. They never learned to analyze. Their feedback is still important, though, just not as in-depth sometimes as we need.

  4. Blaaaaah… If I’m ever up at 4:40 AM, it’s likely I just haven’t gone to bed yet.

    Thanks for the tips!

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