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You know, sometimes we just can’t stop characters from talking to us. And, apparently, we can’t force them to talk to us either. *glares at assembled cast of Edge of Darkness lounging around in their bunny slippers* I had something else in mind to share with you this week since I thought I had shared my last bit of How Not to Buy a Dragon last week. Next thing I know, Dachus starts pestering me. He’s a bit put out, you see, and so he’s decided to give you 24ish sentences for the 24th. This follows immediately after last week’s, where Janni has invited him to stay for dinner and given him a room for the night.

Dachus stared down at the clothes laid out on the tiny cot in the room he had been given. Room. He snorted to himself. Closet would be a more apt description. The servants at the palace had larger quarters than this. He should have been awarded a chamber of equal, or at least comparable elegance, to Master Jannis’s. He honestly doubted she slept in such austere surroundings. And she couldn’t honestly expect him to wear the coarse tunic and pants she’d provided. Granted, his own clothes were travel-stained and now wet, but he had others in his saddle bags. Why had no one thought to fetch his bags to him?

He poked his head into the hallway, and looked up and down the corridor.

“You there,” he called when he spotted a young…person…hurrying toward the far end. Dachus found it hard to tell the child’s gender from the back, given the manner of clothing matched what now waited for him, which caused him to wonder if he’d been mistakenly taken to a student’s room. “A moment if you would.”

The figure turned, and Dachus’s jaw dropped open at the startling resemblance she–for it was obviously a girl–bore to Master Jannis. She tipped her head, rested her hands on her hips, and raised both brows. “Are you addressing me?”

The resemblance to the Dracon Hold master was not limited to appearance, it seemed. A younger sister, perhaps? “Do you see anyone else?”

Her green eyes narrowed, and Dachus swallowed.

“My pardon,” he said. “I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to fetch my bags?”

“Your bags?”

“Yes. They are on my horse.”

The girl smiled. “Ah. Well, in that case, you’ll want to go that way.” She gestured past him. “I’m sure your horse is in the stable.”

I do have something else I may be pulling from if Dachus and Janni decide enough’s enough and join the EoD group for popcorn and ale.


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  1. ‘Do you see anyone else’ that’s classic. I’m glad Dachus decided to put his foot down! I really enjoyed this scene 🙂

  2. I love her response!!! “I’m sure your horse is in the stable.” Take that, Dachus!

    • Unfortunately, strong personalities are a requirement when working with dragons. Dachus isn’t bound to find many in Dracon Hold who are sympathetic to him.

  3. What an arse. Of course he bugged you to write about him…

  4. Lovely excerpt Kathi. I’m intrigued by who this young woman who so resembles Jannis is. And I agree with Kate about Dachus.

    One small thing: repetition of the word ‘honestly’ in the first paragraph.

    Other than that, great!

    • Ah, good catch on the ‘honestly’. I’ll weed one of those out of there. I was adding words in a rush, apparently.

      As for the girl, I have no idea who exactly she is. She just inserted herself into the story. Hopefully she makes her intentions known.

  5. Ah, Elaine already caught the repeat of “honestly.” 🙂

    Glad these characters are bugging you to keep writing them! If your conscience is bugging you too much, take some notes on what you think has to happen in EoD and then reward yourself with some dragon mischief. *g*

    • Honestly you two! ;p

      I did get some words down for EoD. Did another pass at late Beta notes on Driev’s tale. If I’m just tinkering with Janni and Dachus, I don’t have to give them too much thought, but they are a fun diversion.

      • Sometimes a fun diversion is exactly what we need. 🙂 I’m working on a dragon diversion of my own at the moment, but since I want to test a pseudonym with it, I won’t be sharing.

  6. Why do I get the feeling Janni sleeps on hay in the stables with her dragons? hmmmm I can think of some fun scenes out there. Anyway! I’m glad to get back to this. He’s still a snob as much as he was when I left. Can someone smack him yet?

    • I’m sure there have been times when she’s slept on hay near her dragons–although I do believe she has a somewhat cluttered room in the hold. I’ll see if I can’t get someone to smack Dachus at dinner. 😉 Wouldn’t it just drive him completely insane if there was a food fight? And I’m sure, a family style dinner with rolls being tossed around, and no servants filling your plate is going to be very different than what he’s accustomed to.

  7. Yay! I’m glad they’re still talking to you. Hopefully they won’t get difficult like the others and refuse to cooperate. Hopefully the Edge of Darkness crew starts behaving shortly.

    • If anyone wants to volunteer to talk to the cast of EoD, I’d be more than happy. They are proving to be a most stubborn lot. When they do deign to talk with me, they go off on their own, refusing to abide by my somewhat sketchy outline of what I want to happen.

  8. don’t you just love those stubborn characters? I loved this snippet. Someone does need to smack Dachus though. And I loved her response.

  9. Maybe let these characters talk! Maybe this could be a teaser of a story that’s posted to inroduce readers to the rest of your books? Re the banquet, what will happen if he does (grumpily) retrieve his ‘proper’ clothing and appears so out-of-place at the banquet, surrounded by all those others in simple attire? This interaction was fun to read, especially the ending where that green-eyed girl points him to the stables!

  10. I want to smack him. He’s so snooty! Yay for the girl putting him in his place. “Ah. Well, in that case, you’ll want to go that way.” Hahaha!

  11. I like her. Seems witty. Nice job!!

  12. The new ‘mini-twin’ adds a new dimension. Sounds she’s more than a match for Dachus already. 🙂

  13. Hahahahaha! “Stable. Duh.” 🙂 Clearly, Jannis and her family do no believe in enabling anyone. 🙂 I’m so glad you kept writing this one. 🙂

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