Sunday ROW80 Check-in

It’s Check-in Time.  ROW80Logocopy

Even as I write this update post I’m working on Emergence. I’m at a little over 76k toward my self-imposed target of 110k, and struggling a bit today because one of my characters has gone and said something I didn’t expect. Worse than not expecting it, I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about. I’ve tried to rewrite the scene several times now, but he won’t budge. He’s pushing myself and another character, and I think we’re both going to crack. Were he a minor character I would just kill him off and be done with it. You know, Alice in Wonderland style.

Unfortunately, he’s quite important. I’m sure he has a point — dipped if I know what it is. So I might just have to skim on to something else and hope he makes himself clear at some point.

I’ve continued to add words to the count for Crossing Paths as well. I’m at a tad over 11k with that one.

Then there’s . . . um . . . that nonWIP WIP that I call my “sandbox” because it’s where I go to play when I’m stuck on the other two real WIPs. It’s up to well over 10k. I’ve been sharing bits of it on WIPpet Wednesdays and its been well-received. So now I’m feeling pressure from some individuals to just embrace it as a third WIP. Seriously?!!? Who else is working on three WIPs at once? *head, desk* But I do like it. And the characters. And then the Sage comments, “Oh, why don’t you make it a serial?” People, let me lay it on the line, I’m a project whore. Yes, I have a problem. That sort of commentary doesn’t help. You’re enablers. All of you. Let’s feed the chocoholic more goodies, shall we? Yeah, you know who you are so stop trying to hide in the back of the room.

*ahem* So, yeah, writing . . . um . . . going good. Words almost every day — weekends are a bit tough for me but as long as I hit the other days of the week I figure I’m doing all right. We finally have spring here in southeast WI so I’ll be competing with outdoor activities as well but I’ll keep slugging away.

Now, writers — go write. Readers — go read. If you’re both, flip a coin. See you back here Wednesday for more WIPpets!chapflourish


  1. Nice to hear you’re having fun and making progress!

  2. Oh blame the other (supportive) people for the non-wip wip… (have you read any of the Sword of Truth series (Terry Goodkind)? I always liked the chicken that wasn’t a chicken…) No pressure to write in that sandbox – though it looks to me like you’re having fun, LOL.

    Glad the writing is going so well. I love / hate it when characters surprise you and then refuse to budge. The good thing is that eventually he’ll let you in on the secret and you’ll be in for a big a-ha moment. Sounds interesting!!!

    • No, I haven’t read any Goodkind. Perhaps I should?

      I should blame my Zephyr boys for the nonWIP WIP (I wonder if that’s like non-dairy whip cream?) since they’re the inspiration. Trouble-makers. I’m surrounded by them. 😉 I can hopefully repay in kind some day. Mwahahahahaha

  3. You make me feel lazy. I only have two WIPs. And I mostly ignore the second one. But congrats on your progress.

  4. I want a sandpit:) all the best

  5. Hey now! YOU invited US into the sandbox. Can’t blame us if we want you to stay and play.

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