Spying on The Land Down Under ~ A WIPterview With Amelia Browne

Today marks the second-to-last WIPterview. A moment of silence please.

*clasps hands, closes eyes, bows head*

*looks up with glower*

Hey, noisy guy…wait, aren’t you the same guy that brought the tomatoes to Krista’s WIPterview? Somebody idiot slap him. *points to hastily retreating figure* Krista has plans for you!

If I forgot anyone, please, don’t be shy. Stand and announce yourself. My WIPterview will be Monday for those who want to attend. I’ll set up a nice big table. Please, bring a snack to pass and BYOB.

Enough of that, today we welcome the incredible Aussie, Amelia Browne.


Oops…wait…this is one of my incredible Aussies, Quinn.

This is the incredible Aussie, Amelia Browne!

This is the incredible Aussie, Amelia Browne!

It’s a bit balmy in here today, Amelia, so why don’t you settle onto this floaty in my new cauldron pool. Let me get you something to drink. Someone ate all the vegemite snacks but I think I have some Kiwi’s left over. And some iced tea. How’s that sound.

Great, now, let’s get cracking. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Who are you, Amelia Browne?

AB: For the moment, I go by the name Amelia Browne, which is technically a pseudonym but it is also an alter ego. Amelia Browne is the person I am when I write, though it does not match the name on my birth certificate.

kls: Hmm…so you’re kind of like a spy.

AB: Ah…not really. *gives Kathi strange look* I’m from Melbourne, Australia and in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, hoping to major in Linguistics and Ancient History. First and foremost, though, I am a reader, writer and creator.

kls: *whispers* And a spy. Good cover, though. *raises voice* So, then, let’s talk WIPpeteers for a moment. What drew you to this thing that has grown beyond my expectations?

AB: I first saw the WIPpets on your site and I had been looking for a while for a platform through which I could share my writing in small doses. WIPpet Wednesday seemed to serve that purpose and provided enough of a challenge to keep me interested. I’ve been posting WIPpets for over a year now.

kls: Over a year?!!? Wow! Has it been that long? Holy hiccups, Batman, we might need to look at dates and have some kind of WIPterbration. *purses lips* Great, that got the gears turning. Well, keeps them from getting rusty I guess. So, what WIP(s) have you been sharing with our readers?

AB: I’ve been sharing from my Chronicles of Anrien series, the first book, Queen of Hearts, and its sequel set sixty years later, Rebellion Rising.

kls: And wondering bits they’ve been, too. Can you tell me and the rest of our readers, what your favorite part of WIPpet Wednesday is?

AB: My favourite part would have to be reading everyone else’s excerpts and also the amazing support and insights of the other WIPpeteers. I love looking through all the comments on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and seeing what you all have to say. I have definitely got a lot out of the feedback and it comes in handy for edits.

kls: That is definitely the number one answer to this question. Outside of WW, what project(s) are you currently working on? Or, being a spy, I suppose you can’t really tell us, can you? I mean, it would be a matter of, “I’d tell you…but then I’d have to kill you.” Right?

AB: *edges away* Well, apart form the works mentioned above, I have a few other ideas bubbling away and I’m planning a few short stories set both in the Anrien world, and in other fictional worlds which at the moment exist only in my mind. Any spare time I have is spent developing languages, family trees, religion, history and maps. I’m in the middle of drafting an in-depth street map of the capital city.

kls: Intense! But I’m sure that’s all in a normal day for a spy. J So, we’re at that point where I hand you a horn, unless you’ve brought your own? No? Here, I’ve got this bicycle horn no one seems to want to use. Give it a toot and sound off, time for some Horn-Blowing. Tell our readers what you have out there, where to find it, what’s coming next, and where to connect with you.

AB: At the moment I’m in the process of editing and I’ll be putting out a call for beta readers in about late March or early April. You can find me on twitter @Ink_and_Papyrus or Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/inkandpapyrus/ and WordPress http://inkandpapyrusblog.wordpress.com/

kls: Excellent! And now, well, you know what’s coming up. I call it a Lightning Round, but I guess I never really explained the rules so just have at it. Ready? Set…
 Coffee or tea? Coffee
 Rock or country? Rock
 City, country, or seaside? Country
 Favorite color? The colour of storm clouds at sunset
 Favorite pastime besides penning fantastic tales? Music or architectural design.

kls: Amazing! One of the best rounds yet. I’d like to celebrate but I need to go buy a secret decoder ring. I think that’s all I have for you today, *winks* Amelia. *winks* Thanks so much for stopping by and for joining in the craziness that is WIPpet Wednesdays. Anything else you’d like to share? Any final thoughts?

AB: At the moment I’m in the process of editing and I’ll be putting out a call for beta readers in about late March or early April. Also, just because I come from Australia does not mean I like vegemite. In fact, the stuff only really exists these days for the purpose of torturing gullible tourists. You’ve been warned. 🙂

kls: Oh, really. *makes note to cancel order of vegemite as thank you gift* Good to know.


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  1. What are you on about, Vegemite on toast is amazing! Though you have to get it immediately out of the toaster, so the butter goes all melty, and then the Vegemite and… dammit, I just had breakfast, now I want Vegemite toast. (The gullible tourists thing is totally true as well, though! I took a tube of it to Canada and convinced all my host families to try it).

    I will have to try to get to Melbourne again and we can have spy adventures together! 😉

    • Hehe yes 🙂 And I’m not a spy…definately promise… 😛

      • I also totally meant to say (but got distracted by Vegemite) that I love that you write your own languages, and that you’re actually studying linguistics and all of that. I wish I had the patience to sit down and develop something like that.

        • Aww thanks 🙂 It does take a lot of patience but I find it really therapeutic and relaxing, which is sort of odd in a way but I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge 🙂

  2. Great interview. Lovely to find out more about you Amelia. You’re obviously working really hard on the world of your novel. I’m impressed. 🙂

  3. Conlangs are so much fun! But also so much work … When I was developing the language for my SF novella Looking Through Lace, that took way longer than writing the thing. *g*

    Fun interview! Always nice to get to know another WIPpeteer better. 🙂

  4. Wow, how cool that you guys found each other and she’s a spy, er university student in Australia. 😉 Awesome interview, K.L.!

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  6. Good to see you discussing your language creation again, Amelia. Though… if you really want to be a spy, isn’t that a name that’s likely to catch attention? 😉

  7. Wow, you’re a talented woman with the map making and all – I’m impressed. And majoring in ancient history and language? AWESOME. Ancient history is my LOVE. Which you may not know due to the fact that I’m writing a novel set in the Middle Ages. But it’s the early middle ages and therefore more influenced by the ancient world than later. Or at least that’s my thesis.

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  9. LOL! “Only exists or the purpose of torturing gullible tourists.” I shall giggle long over that one. 🙂 It makes me so very happy.

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