I fell off the face of the earth yesterday. Actually, I did something highly unusual for me: I laid on the couch and didn’t move. It all started Monday evening when my stomach thought it might be feeling a bit wonky. I tried to convince it otherwise. I’m guessing I ate something that would have preferred not to have been eaten. In any case, it kept me up the entire night, making its re-aquaintance with the world about 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. I felt remarkably better after that. Where ‘remarkably’ means I could actually sleep. At least for the hour and a half before my alarm went off. At which point I stubbornly dragged my exhausted carcass out of bed, fully intending on heading in to the day job.

As it turned out, that wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. I made it downstairs before becoming aware of how bad an idea it actually was, phoned in my absence, and went back to bed.

I’m not the best at being sick. I tend to feel I should still be doing something. Anything. Laying around and I don’t really have a long-term relationship. Sure, I give in to it. I relax…usually with a good book, or watching a movie, but spending the entire day napping on the couch and not even venturing near my office, is out of my comfort zone. I must have needed it, though.

So, here I am, bright and early Wednesday, giving a skeptical look at anything food related, (Also against my nature. I LOVE food.) pounding out a WIPpet post, before I head off to work.

Today you get a simple six paragraphs, immediately following last week’s installment, but we’ve now switched to Jannis’s POV.

Janni should have let Tork eat him. She still could. The young dragon hadn’t had his evening meal yet and though the pompous, illiterate son of a drunken noble wouldn’t be more than a mouthful, Janni would at least be rid of him.

“Probably just give him indigestion,” she muttered.

“What’s that, Janni?” Fiona, Dracon Hold’s head cook, glanced up from her dinner preparations. “Who has indigestion? I’ve got a remedy for that, you know.”

“No one. Yet.”

Fiona’s round, soft face scrunched as she surveyed Janni. “You have that look.”

“Which look?”

As always, you can find all that preceded this by going here.

I should have a ROW80 update as well but, sadly, there is nothing to report on that front.

As for my basking of last week…still laying on my rock in the sun…waiting…


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  1. Hope you feel better soon – it’s so lousy being ill! I’m currently ill myself, and I am much like you, as in not knowing what to do with myself or that I should be doing anything else. Not good.

  2. Get well soon Kathi. Stomach problems are a nightmare. I’m currently nursing a virus (can’t really call it a cold!) so I sort of know how you feel. But last year I did have a nasty stomach bug and I lost 3 pounds in a week which is unheard of for me! Not nice.

    Anyway, on to things that are… lovely excerpt again. I do like the character of Janni (or Jannis?) and it’s interesting to see things from her POV. And contemplating indigestion – great!

    • Two things I hate worse than anything: stomach problems, and sore throats. Thankfully I only had one to contend with. Hope your virus makes a quick exit.

      You know, I didn’t realize until just now how appropriate this excerpt was for this week. 😀

      • Yes, I must admit it did seem pretty relevant lol. I think if I was forced to choose I’d have a sore throat rather than a stomach bug. Neither are nice but… Nuff said!!

        I’m sure I’ll be back to normal soon. 🙂

      • I’m so sorry you had the stomach yuckies…having just gotten past the Bad Grape Plague of 2014 (yes, it’s a Thing!), I have all the empathy for you.

        Not to get all gross, but I was so sick, so often, over that weekend that my throat was raw. The worst of both worlds…and I am so glad it’s over!!!

        Those last two lines, about ‘the look’ – the whole thing was sassy and cute, but those made the excerpt, for me!

        Janni is my kinda girl!

        • At least you know what yours was caused by. I’m still wondering. And suspicious. And yours sounds way worse than mine, so I’m glad I avoided the Bad Grape Plague–and that you’re on the upswing. 🙂

          • Well, I do know I ate a bad grape I haven’t actually got confirmation, but I can’t think of anything else that might do that to me.

            It was pretty ugly. I am so happy to be on the other side of it.And glad that you are, too…

  3. Hope you feel better. I hope you didn’t have food poisoning.
    I’m glad you introduced Janni’s POV. So it’s Janni and not Jannis?

    • Her given name is Jannis but to anyone who knows her it’s ‘Janni’. To Dachus it’s ‘Master Jannis’ — he has no other point of reference to go with.

      I’m feeling almost back to normal, thank you. Still giving food a skeptical look. Not knowing what caused the issue makes me distrustful.

  4. Yep, I hear you about being sick. I am a HORRIBLE patient, mostly because I insist I’m not really sick. Also, the day my kids let me just lie around is the day pigs will fly.

    That last line—“Which look?” Hahaha! She must have several if she has to ask which one!

    • That’s it exactly, Amy — I refuse to admit I’m sick. I spend time trying to convince myself I’m not, and snarling at anyone who offers help because, after all, I don’t need it. It’s hereditary, I’m afraid.

      And yes, Janni has many expressions. Hee, hee.

  5. I really like this! You write with a good dose of humor and I love that. The characters feel real to me, which is a rare trait. I always enjoy your excepts.

    • Aww, thanks much. 🙂 I like to interject humor. Even when I’m writing dark. Well, that usually ends up being gallow’s humor, but there’s always one character that has to add it.

  6. LOL – great excerpt choice when you’ve been struggling with stomach flu (or so it sounds like). I love the interactions between your characters – you’re so good at giving a snapshot of their personalities from just a few lines of text. Brava!

    And feel better soon! I’m glad you took a day off. Sometimes though the spirit is willing the flesh is weak.

    • Thanks, Xina. I’m glad their personalities come through.

      My spirit and flesh have arguments anytime I’m feeling unwell. Which thankfully doesn’t happen all that often.

  7. Food generated illness is b-a-d. Glad you’re on the mend.
    I so love the sound of, “…illiterate son of a drunken noble…” Fantabulous!

    • I like to try and come up with inventive curses or insults that reflect the world I’ve built. It’s not always easy. But nothing throws me out of a fantasy quicker than a clichéd slang that’s obviously modern.

  8. Ergh, stomach bugs are the worst. I’m the same as you when I’m sick, I feel guilty if I’m not still trying to do something.

    Great to see Janni’s POV. Sounds like that Look is a regular thing, *lol*

  9. “Janni should have let Tork eat him. She still could.” LOL Loved this!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Yuck, get better soon. And, as always, I love the snark. indigestion – haha

  11. I’m terrible at being sick. I don’t like being taken care of, and I have a difficult time giving in to it — thus making everything so much worse!!

    Get better soon!

  12. Being sick SUCKS!!! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    I like Janni. She’s mine. I claim her. =P (even though I know she won’t like that)

  13. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Stomach problems are No Fun.

    Great excerpt again. This looks to be a fun project!

    • Thanks, Ruth. I hate stomach issues. Mainly because I love food, and now everything is suspect.

      This is NOT a project. I repeat, NOT a project. It’s just…playing. Yeah.

  14. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I think I like Jannis. This is such a small snippet, it’s hard to say at this point, but I like that she’s only half-joking to herself. I like the cook, too. I don’t envy her her duties, feeding dragons, but I like her quick perception of Jannis’ feelings and quicker offer to help as soon as she thinks there’s a problem she can solve.

  15. You had me at dragon! 😀 Instantly, I am interested. Love the contemplation of feeding a man to a dragon and yet, even if it might be joking, she shows concern that it might cause the dragon discomfort. Love it. 😀

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