Special Edition WIPpet Wednesday

This is a long post today folks, so get comfy. Or skip around, your choice.

First, did everyone see Monday’s Fall Into Fantasy post? This week features Bound by our very own Kate Sparkes. There’s a giveaway. You should go enter it. Go read Bound. Seriously. I mean, not right at this moment, of course. You can finish here first, but then you really should go. It’s a great book, by an excellent author, and she’s a fellow WIPpeteer. So there’s that, too.

Secondly, today is a Special Edition because I have coerced Rachel O’Laughlin into sharing an excerpt from Rise of Orion, book three in her epic fantasy Serengard Series. I love this series and can’t wait to thoroughly devour Rise of Orion, even though I suspect Rachel is going to rip my heart out. She is an excellent evil author. So, first a bit about the book:

After the Border Wars, Mikel Orion flees Serengard and seeks haven in the Desert of Aldad. Although he and his sister, Kierstaz, must become slaves in order to set foot inside its borders, the hot sands hold a bitter kind of peace—one he hopes to keep. But he risks destroying their newfound stability when he becomes entangled with an Aldadi girl. Aura has tragic secrets of her own, but she gives Mikel a purpose beyond his birthright, and when he leaves the Desert he carries scars that run deeper than skin.

Twelve years later, trouble brews in Serengard that threatens to pull in the Aldadi and the Drei alike. Trapped in a dungeon as the prize prisoner of Trzl—an orchestrator of the rebellion that killed his parents—Mikel is out of maneuvers. Even while Kierstaz gathers a force to attempt his rescue, Trzl transforms more and more into the hypnotic ruler she claims to loathe…and Mikel becomes convinced that peace has never been within his reach at all.


And now, Rachel’s guest WIPpet. There is no math. I’m going on the premise that it’s Thanksgiving for us in the states tomorrow, and Rise of Orion on my kindle is something to be thankful for.

He glanced back once to see how far he’d gone out into the blanket of night. Behind the last row of tents, a few torches bobbed. They moved slowly, as if the men who carried them were half-drunk. Maybe they were. Maybe they weren’t even looking for him yet. He started at the closest tent, one made of something rough-spun and hung with tapestries of colors he couldn’t see in the dark. There was no breeze to mask his voice, only the raucous laughter of some heavily wine-laden groups of women by the closest campfire.

“Tev,” he said softly. It sounded loud. Too loud. He used the name she’d taken for herself as a knight since Kierstaz was as uncommon as mammoth skin. He waited a moment, then moved on to the next, crept right up against the wall, and whispered, “Tev.”

A few seconds, and he moved on.

Then she was there, skidding softly into the sand beside him, whispering in Seren. “Mikel, you’ve the whole west end of camp in a scramble.”

He breathed better than he had all day. “You’re here?”


“Not hurt?”


“What do they have you doing?”

She wore a robe that looked crimson in the dark. It flowed about her like silk or muslin. Almost queenly. Poor, dear queen.

“They’re still deciding what I’m good for. Mikel, you shouldn’t have come over here. The woman who owns me is as sour as a goblin’s tooth and she—”

“Does she beat you?”

Kierstaz shrugged.

“Tev, we can leave.”

“No! I want to stay.”

“If you are in any kind of trouble, light something on fire. Something that will catch and burn fast. Or anything violent that will attract attention. I’ll come find you.”

“Mikel, I have to go.” She stood and disappeared into the night.

Oooohhh, so much awesomeness! Please stop by Rachel’s website to get more details about her books.

Okay, moving on, my WIPpet from The Adorned. Today I give you 26 sentences (+ 1 extra because it made for a better ending, and it is the holiday season, time for giving and all that). No Fader this week–oh, pipe down, Fader-lovers. I’ll think about making it up to you next week. This scene takes place before last week’s because I’m jumping around. Yup. I can do that. In this scene Roe finds herself on the wrong side of her boss. We can probably all relate to that in one form or another; however I’ll lay odds none of our bosses handle things like Roe’s boss does.

And, to head off any confusion due to out-of-context reading, Roe is a member of a thieves’ guild. Tuter Lighton is her guild master–or as they’re known amongst the criminal factions, a Prince. Though I might change that because after I started using it I realized it’s been used before. However, it is a term in the Thieves Cant dictionary so I might keep it. But for now, when you see Prince used, it doesn’t mean royalty. At least not the approved of form of royalty. 😉

Roe’s head snapped to the side, ears ringing, eyes watering. Damn but Tuter had a quick hand.

“What’s the rule?” he asked, his nasally voice at odds with his bulbous build.

Roe rubbed her cheek. They were alone in what Tuter liked to refer to as his Throne Room; the hour being too early or too late for anyone else, depending on what job they were working. “I don’t know wha–“

He caught her other cheek with a backhanded blow. That one drew a yelp from Roe, and she skipped away from him. A warm trickle of blood oozed toward her jaw. A quick, bejeweled hand, damn his hide.

“The rule,” he said, advancing on her.

Roe took another step back, brow furrowed. ” ‘All treasure to the trove.’ And you’ve got all I have. You think I’m holding out?”

“What did you find this morning, my gilded one?”

“This morning? I honestly–“

Hands gripped her arms from behind and Roe swallowed past a growing lump. Tuter’s Lads, Ham and Fist, twin brutes he’d raised up from boys after stealing them out from under Bingham Cole’s nose. Prince of Arms Bingham Cole. No one stole from the Arms if they wanted to live. No one except Tuter, apparently. The Arms were enforcers. Bingham Cole the meanest and deadliest of the lot. People that crossed Prince Cole were ended very publicly and messily no matter their rank or station.

When Tuter brought out his Lads, it meant trouble.

Tuter, I think you’ve been misinformed,” Roe said.

Poor Roe. Life is not easy in the Unheld City.

Last but not least, my ROW80 update. I missed Sunday’s for no other reason than lack of ambition. We had some outdoor chores to take care of in the morning, followed by grocery shopping, which got us back in the house just in time for the Packer game. After which it was time for chores, dinner, and relaxing. I do that on Sunday evenings. My prep for the upcoming work week. Veg out.

Anyhow, I do believe I hit another 10k mark on EoD but forgot to give Shan my word. For those who don’t know, as incentive to keep pounding out the words, the lovely Shan Jeniah Burton offered me a reward. For every 10 thousand words I add, I get to give her a word to use in her TnT WIPpets (for those who don’t know what that is, seriously, go check it out. Star Trek fan-fic with Trip and T’pol that will heat you up on a cold day. Pass the ice water!)

I haven’t had a good run of days, however, I do continue to add words every day.

I have reminded myself numerous times that first drafts are allowed to suck. They should suck. It is their fate and density…er…destiny. Yes. They are the skeleton upon which we build.

I’ve participated in some sprints and have come to this conclusion: I am no Gimli.

In fact, I suck at sprinting. Partly because my Rewriteritess flares up something terrible. I will rework a sentence numerous times to get it just perfect instead of plowing blissfully ahead like Dory. “Just keep writing. Just keep writing.” But sprinting does force me to sit and ignore distractions for 20 minutes or more. And a couple hundred words in 20 minutes is far better than none all day.

I have realized I will have to adjust my deadline because, as Writeometer shows me:
And that is most assuredly outside the realm of possibility. I’ve decided not to set a new deadline, but to make every effort to limit the number of days I go past the one I’m not going to meet.

To those who are awaiting the arrival of Book Three and the conclusion (?) of the Darkness & Light series, I apologize for the delay. But I’d rather give you the best book I can, rather than rush through and disappoint you.

 Happy Thanksgiving to all those partaking!


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  1. Wow, that was special! Long, but worth it.


    I feel for Roe. You are just so hard on your poor characters. 🙂

  2. two great snippets!! I can’t wait for Rise of Orion. So, so excited. And poor, poor Roe.

    Adding words is what’s important.

    • I’m dreading reading Rise of Orion almost as much as I’m dreading going to see the last Hobbit movie. I think the industrial size box of Kleenex will be much needed.

  3. Well after a lot of lurking about, I’m finally jumping into WIPpet Wednesday, it’s fun! (and not as scary as I thought – for now 😉 )

    Poor Roe sounds like she’s in for some trouble!

    Keep on going with that first draft, I find first draft writing about as pleasant as pulling teeth (it’s all about the rewriting), so I can sympathise!

    • Glad you’ve joined us, Celine! We’re not scary at all. Most times. There are the monkeys, of course, but they’re on good behavior of late. Which always makes me worry.

      • Thank you for the welcome!
        Yes, I’ve heard/read a few people mention as the mistress of the monkeys – what do these monkeys normally do?

        (on a monkey note, I was in Bali a couple of years ago (I live in Hong Kong) and a monkey out there climbed up me as if I was a tree, sat on my shoulder and leaned his elbow on the top of my head. Hilarious and slightly scary since it was a wild monkey!)

        • Ah…the monkeys. Well, see, I always had a thing for the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. I know I wasn’t supposed to like them, they were the evil minions of the Wicked Witch and all that but…well, I adore them. And I think they got a bad rap. Wasn’t their fault they had a bad boss. 😉 So I sort of adopted them. Turns out they’re great for celebration as well as keeping minions in line.

          I think that would be amazing if a wild monkey did that to me. Well, amazing in a slightly terrifying manner.

          • Hmm, I’m going to have to admit something embarrassing: I have neither seen nor read Wizard of Oz. I had to google the flying monkeys to see what they looked like.

            But on the plus side it led me to this sign, which you should totally hand on your door as a warning to anyone attempting to distract you during writing time.

            • That is a great sign. 😀 And so fitting. Though perhaps I should send the monkeys your way for a little one-on-one time since you had to google Wizard of Oz. That movie was a yearly tradition in our family. Until I got old enough to rebel against being forced to watch it. Again.

              • Yes, please send them my way! I will definitely check the movie out soon now – but the sad thing about this kind of film is that watching it for the first time as an adult inevitably lacks some of the magic of discovering it as a child. But still flying monkeys sound awesome no matter how old you are!

  4. Poor Roe indeed! That’s a lot of tension there.

    • Roe’s life has been hard, living on the streets, thieving for a living. In her situation, being a member of a guild is a good thing. Well, better than being on her own. More or less.

  5. *“What’s the rule?” he asked, his nasally voice at odds with his bulbous build.*

    *A quick, bejeweled hand, damn his hide.*

    The entire snippet is wonderful, but these lines….one of my parents favored the backhand blow to the cheek when I said or did something deemed ‘disrespectful’ – and I won’t go into the relative logic or lack thereof of trying to smack respect into a child who doesn’t know what respect feels like.

    Powerful stuff. I would like to say that TnT are waiting patiently for their word, but they aren’t either of them particularly patient. Matter of fact, T’Pol’s downright pushy sometimes….she keeps shoving her way deeper and deeper into this year’s NaNo – and she’s not even a POV character!

    Maybe, if you hurry up and give her a word, she’ll go play with her pretty Chief Engineer for a while….maybe. It seems unlikely, but maybe.

    Either way, thanks for the shoutout! =D

  6. Hmm… So now I wonder if Roe gets to dig herself out of this one alone, or if Fader will be around to help at some point. Hard to say. She seems way out of her depth physically, though I imagine she can talk fast when need be. That’s probably her only way out of this on her own. *pops corn, starts munching* Okay. Ready. *eye glints with sadistic glee* Let’s see how this goes.

    • *plops down next to ReGi, digs into popcorn* It doesn’t go well.

      *looks around* Got any Twizzlers?

      • Nah. I’m allergic to them. There is an upside to multiple food allergies though. *passes Kathi high-end chocolate bar and homemade strawberry eggnog* The cheap stuff simply isn’t an option.

  7. I would much rather read a quality book a bit later than a mediocre book sooner. I’ve also just downloaded Writeometer for myself. I like apps like that.

    Rachel’s excerpt is certainly intriguing! Why are they in that situation? Deciding what she’s good for? Doesn’t sound too pleasant…

    Speaking of unpleasant, Roe! Yikes! That’s a very vivid scene there, not sure I want to know what follows it…

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