Sneaking Peeks for WIPpet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, one and all! I’ve been a bit of a slacker as far as ROW80 updates but only because I’ve been working feverishly at accomplishing them. And one of them, by far the most important, has been completed. *breaks into Snoopy happy dance in midst of flying monkeys*

Hmm…puts me a bit in mind of that scene from Labyrinth where the Goblin King is dancing around with his minions. Remember that?

But, I digress. Not only do I get to announce the imminent cover reveal and release date for Emergence, Book Two in my Darkness & Light Series, but I’m going to share a little piece of the cover with you. I know, I’ve promised that before, but this time I’m delivering. And here it is:

A little sneak peek at a portion of the finished piece.

Just a glimpse…

I have to say, I’m quite pleased at how it’s turning out. Anyone who would like to join in and help spread the word–and who I haven’t contacted personally–the cover reveal is scheduled for next Monday, 3/10 when you’ll get to see the full spread in all its glory. Just drop me a line in the comments and I’ll send you what you need. The expected release date for Emergence is Monday 3/17. I say ‘expected’ because there are some things out of my control, and you never know when one of them will gum up the works. However, feel free to add Emergence to your TBR list on Goodreads. Or, if you’ve read the ARC and feel like leaving a review, please do–absolutely no pressure. And finally, anyone who has some spare blog time and would like to host a little something in conjunction with the release…well, you know where to find me.

*more happy dancing*

And, because I’m all giddy about *finally* getting Emergence out into the world, I’m switching up my WIPpet selection. Not to anger Driev or his fans, but today, for 3/5, I’m going to venture into Book 3 of the Darkness & Light Series, Edge of Darkness, and give you the first 5 paragraphs of the very rough, first draft. For those who have read Book One and enjoyed Grumnlin, and were disappointed by his minor role in Book Two…heeeeeeeee’s baaaaaackkkkkk!

Grumnlin snuffled, and dragged his sleeve across his nose as he picked his way through the tall grass surrounding Barrowdown. The waving sea of green rose far above his head. There were no toadies to snack on, no mushrooms, no moss-covered trees or rocks, only league after league of scratchy grass. The stars that dotted the bit of sky he could see above him provided his only map. He crinkled his nose, trying to stifle yet another sneeze. It came anyway, and Grumnlin wiped his beard clean with grubby fingers.

Something besides the wind rustled the grass ahead of him. He dropped his hand, clenching the worn grip of the small knife at his hip, and sniffed the air, trying to catch a scent, but the dry grass made it impossible.

Grumnlin cocked his head to listen. The grass never stilled or grew quiet. It rubbed against itself, chattering in a steady hiss he couldn’t interpret. The great fen had always made sense when it talked. Grumnlin knew each insect’s hum, each creak of cedar, or groan of roots soon to lose purchase in the soft ground. Here, he knew nothing. The language of the plains escaped him, as did the reason why anything would choose to live here.

He edged forward, his hand still on his knife. Pretty witch wouldn’t have sent him here if she meant him harm. She saved him from lor-del-ing. She would have saved Lady, too, if she could have. They would kill lor-del-ing someday.

“Feed him to the creatures,” Grumnlin said with a smile. “Watch them pull him under the soft dirt, and gnaw his bones.”

Who knew Grumnlin still had a part to play? Now, venture forth and see what the other WIPpeteers and ROWers are up to today. I’m going to bet you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Love the sneak of the cover & added it on Goodreads. Can’t wait to read it. I’d love to help with the cover reveal.

  2. I can do a cover reveal on my blog. If you could email me at lwashin301(at)comcast(dot)net with the details (a synopsis would also be helpful) that would be lovely.

  3. Yaaaaaaay on all counts! I’m so excited for the cover reveal and release!

    Poor Grumnlin. I hate when there aren’t any toadies to snack on.


  4. Grumnlin. What a fantastic character. I hope he’s not in too much danger. And the ‘lord-del-ing. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes!

    • I’m not quite sure what Grumnlin’s up to yet, but he has some staying power. One of those unassuming characters that suddenly starts making waves.

  5. Woooohoooo on the cover reveal & release! 🙂

    Not having been around long, this is my first experience with Grumnlin. I see why he’s well-liked, though I’m not sure about the whole “snacking on toadies” thing. LOL!

    • Grumnlin was introduced in First of Her Kind. He makes a brief appearance in Emergence. I actually didn’t know if he was still alive. But seems he wants to be in book three. Pushy characters.

  6. Wow – your cover is looking magnificent! Woo hoo!! Looking forward to promoting the book for you!

    I absolutely LOVE the excerpt with Grumnlin – so vibrant and descriptive! I really get a sense of his (gross) personality from his actions and impressions. Well done! One minor niggle – the use of the word “chattering” sort of threw me out of the rhythm of the scene. Perhaps “whispering” might be a better word? Chattering makes me think of squirrels and teenage girls, lol.

    • Thanks, Xina. 🙂

      I can see where chattering might not be right for some characters, but Grumnlin certainly doesn’t see it as ‘whispering’. He finds it obnoxious and distracting. I’ll take a look at it again and maybe come up with another word. That is, of course, if this beginning makes it to the final piece! 😉

  7. so exciting you’re so close to release! That’s tremendously exciting. I love the cover. Here’s hoping for everything to go exceptionally smoothly for an on-schedule, hassle-free release!

    • Thanks, Alana! Yeah…I’ve got the ol’ “Holy crap there’s so much to do and so little time to do it in just remember to breathe” thing going on. 😉

  8. Back and up to his knees in trouble, I think. 🙂 I wonder how he’ll fare this time…

  9. Looking forward to your interview in honor of your new release!

    Great excerpt, as always. Was this character by any chance inspired by Gollum? That’s certainly who he reminds me of. 🙂

    • Actually, I would say I liken him more to Hedgewart…erm…Hogwart…I mean Hoggle. (Has it become obvious I’m a Labyrinth fan?) 😀 Although he’s not as smart as Hoggle. I’m trying very hard not to allow him to become too Gollum-like, and monitor his actions carefully.

  10. That first line conjured him right up – not that I ever forgot him. You have a wonderful writing style and am totally envious of your first drafts… Can’t wait to read Emergence!

  11. Nice (well, vivid… not sure “nice” fits some of the descriptions here) scene here with Grumlinn. I suspected he’d be back before. He has a lot hiding beneath the surface. Maybe it’s in more simple talk than some of us might think, but he’s got an awareness of the world around him that many would envy,

    Going up to Xina’s comment about chattering… maybe “chittering”. It has a sharper sounds, more grating, and yet… it sounds like it fits the mood you’re describing.

  12. The cover is captivating. 🙂

  13. New releases . . . always exciting! Good for you. I love the fact that you share a little of your WIP here. So much fun. All the best as you motor along.

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