Slogging Through It

I’ve been a bit lax with the Blog of late. At first I thought it was just because January and February were such a whirlwind for me with the launch of First of Her Kind and the Blog tour, and I needed some time to unwind. But as March slips on I realize two things.

One: This weather absolutely sucks. I mean big time majorly sucks. I realize there is little nothing I can do about it, but it has prevented me from pursuing my other passion — working my dogs. It’s making them, and me, just a tad cranky. Okay, it makes me cranky. It makes them stir crazy. If you’ve ever had to live with six bouncing off the walls Aussies (ages 1 to 14), I’m recommending it. At least for five minutes, if you can last that long. It’s . . . fun. I’m chomping at the bit to get out there. To do anything I would normally be doing at the tail end of March. But winter seems to have dug in her claws and refuses to give way. Wednesday was, laughably, the first day of spring. Twenty degrees, the ground covered in ice and snow, and even more snow . . . hey, happy spring, everyone.

Two: I am mired in the middle of Emergence and can’t seem to find my way out. Yes, it’s a first draft. Yes, I should just write past the problem and fix it later. And I did for a while. Then, Monday I realized that a scene I just wrote bore a marked resemblance to a scene from First of Her Kind. It reminded me of how I felt about Star Wars. Not the original trilogy — loved those, still do — but the prequels. I saw the first one, whatever it was titled, and all I could think was that George Lucas had just rehashed the original plot with a few extra bells and whistles.
I should just ignore it.
I should just lower my head against the wind and blowing snow, and march forward.
But it affects what comes after.

**Editorial Note: Following is what I originally wrote: It’s put me in a mood. A glowering, black, sucking mood that is a combination of Cabin Fever and First Draft Suckalisciousness. Yes, that’s a word. I said so.

If only I could get my foot out of the muck. Rather like stepping in the Bog of Eternal Stench. Hmm . . . The Blog of Eternal Stench?

To take up time I would be should be spending writing, I’ve been reading. Lots. Which has been both refreshing and depressing. I’ve been choosing some very well-written books which, of course, makes me question my ability. Ah, Self-Doubt, the ever-present demon of writers the world over.

Okay, didn’t intend to make this a pity party post. I’ll work through it. One way or the other.

**Editorial Note: But then I pulled my head out of my backside because: As it turns out, Wednesday’s WIPpet was like a jolt of energy. 20 very well received lines that put some pep back in my step. I could stop grumbling about Emergence and dabble with something else. Also, this post from Kristen Lamb’s Blog How Being Tired Can Make You a Better Writer for some reason really resonated with me. I think it was the whole sub-conscious discussion.

So, even though my two points above are still there, I feel much better now than when I wrote them.

I intend to share my list of awesome reads in a future post. Also, I have a great line-up of authors from various genres who I will be interviewing, and another list of others I intend to approach. I just need to finish dragging myself out of the Bog and finish up interview questions. I’m hoping to make that regular feature. Good for them, good for me, good to introduce readers to new books. Win, win, win!

See, there’s something to smile about.



  1. When I get bogged down, I skip ahead a scene or chapter leaving notes about where I want to go.

    Sending good writing vibes!

    • Oh yeah, Leila, there’s been *a lot* of that going on!!

    • Leila, that’s a good idea. Something I should do when I get stuck. I’m just so weird about having to write everything in order that it’s hard to let go of that rigid control.

      • I hear you, Suzie! It takes a lot for me to put [insert something here] and keep going. Very, very, hard. But, I think I need to in order to get through this. Forward!

  2. Successful writers traverse that Valley of Despair. The rest merely complain about it and then give up, either on the Work In Progress or on writing in general. Abandoning a WIP in which one has already invested considerable effort is a dubious strategy. Setting it aside — temporarily — may not be, especially if you can return to it with a fresh attitude and ideas.

    When I’m unhappy with progress, it’s usually because my subconscious has said, “Hey, dummy, nobody’s gonna buy into this!” Which means everything has become too obvious, and I need to yank a new knot into the plot. That’s typically when I kill off one character and/or introduce a new one, often in the same scene.

    If all else fails, try that!

    • Therein lies the problem — >>When I’m unhappy with progress, it’s usually because my subconscious has said, “Hey, dummy, nobody’s gonna buy into this!” Which means everything has become too obvious, and I need to yank a new knot into the plot.<< However, that would mean going back to re-read, and re-work which would kick my rewriteritess into full gear. Something isn't quite right . . .

      Never fear, there will be no abandonment. Too damn stubborn in any case.

  3. I totally get it. The weather is a huge problem for me, too. And it does affect my writing, my mood, everything. I guess the only thing to say about that is we are into spring, it’s not like it’s November, so it will get better soon. Hang in there. 🙂

  4. Hope sunshine comes your way and you get over your First Draft Suckalisciousness!

  5. We finally have a nice day today. Am I writing? No, cleaning house for the most part. But we could get more winter weather on Monday.

    This winter is taking a toll on a lot of creative folks, if that’s any consolation. When spring finally does bust out, will we write, or will we need to run around on the grass for a while first?!

    • We have snow today — because a few feeble patches of grass were insolent enough to show their faces. Well, at least it’s covering the mud. 😉

  6. We got teased with warmer weather here for a week or so and I thought we were done with winter. It came back with a vengeance a few days ago. Guess it’s dragging itself out this year!

    • I keep hoping the fact it’s dragging out, will mean it will reappear much later. Not that we have two months of decent weather and then winter again. Eek.

  7. Reading your post what strikes me is that your energy ( and focus) lies squarely with finalising your draft of ‘ Emergence”. Pardon me for asking but is this a book? If so, I wish you all success.

    So what is it that makes you hold this guilt about not able to blog? And why blame the weather?


    • Hi Shakti, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, EMERGENCE is book two in a series and has been my focus since the beginning of this year. I’m not sure I feel guilty about not blogging, it’s just a matter of wanting to keep my readers entertained and coming back. 🙂 The weather isn’t totally to blame, but this winter is hanging on and many of the outdoor activities I like to do, which keep my spirits up and refresh my soul, are just not possible. We all need things that refresh us. That keep us going day to day. For me, part of that is working with my dogs and doing other things outdoors. Not being able to do those things really saps my creative energy.

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