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Welcome to another glorious Wednesday, and hat’s off to a record-setting turn out of WIPpeteers last week. Outstanding! I hope you got a chance to go visit some of them. Quite a few different genres and writing styles to choose from, but that’s what makes it so great.

ROW80 update first, since I missed Sunday’s: great progress on EoD = two more chapters and a clearer idea of where I think I’m going. Think. Ha! Also, started looking through the first of my Beta notes for CBC/BiS because I miss Driev.

WIPpet next. I’m continuing with the dragon tale. You can read everything leading up to this week’s installment by going here. Today I do some WIPpet math and give you 23 sentences. Month+day. Enjoy.

Dachus shook his head. “He doesn’t want an apprenticeship, he wants a dragon. Obviously, the Proupunua will hire only the most skilled caretakers for the beast.”

“Caretakers? For the beast?” Master Jannis pushed off the dragon and turned to the barn. “We’re done here. Come on, Tork.”

“Done? No!” Dachus dodged the dragon’s tail as it turned to lumber after the master. “Wait. Master Jannis, you don’t understand.”

He stopped in his tracks as she whirled on him, closed the space between them, and jabbed her finger into his chest. “Dragons do not have caretakers. Dragons do not have owners. They cannot be passed around from person to person, and they will not. Be kept. As anyone’s. Pet.”

A pointed jab punctuated each of the last words. Dachus leaned away from the onslaught and rubbed his chest. He glanced over Master Jannis’s shoulder. 

That’s it for me this week. Have a good one!


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  1. Outstanding action. 🙂 Awesome dialogue.

  2. I really like the word “Proupunua”.

    And poor Dachus. I just love how much he honestly believes his master has a legitimate claim.

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  4. I agree with Kate. I like Master Jannis. This was a great bit.

  5. I cheer every time Master Jannis speaks. But now I’m wondering what Dachus sees over her shoulder.

  6. I loved the piece. Well done. 🙂

  7. I just love how the imagery here was so vivid! I’m excited to join this link-up! It sounds so fun! 🙂

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  9. I’m with the others. I love Master Jannis. I want to see MUCH more of her. Clearly, Dachus needs to be put in his place. 😀

  10. Love the misunderstandings and interaction between these two — great cross-purposes!

    For some reason, I wanted a period after each word in this bit: “and they will not. Be kept. As anyone’s. Pet.” As is, it confused me briefly.

  11. I really liked Jannis. I kinda agree with Ruth about the additional punctuation but I’m not sure if it could be done and look right on the page. Just something to think about.

  12. Is Jannis single? =P

  13. Glanced over Jannis’s shoulder at what? At what??

  14. Oh, Yum! I want to see if Dachus will ever come to his senses and realize how very offensive he’s being…

  15. This kind of reminds me of Jasmine. I am NOT some prize to be won. 🙂

  16. Having read this and last week’s posts…

    I imagine cleaning up after a dragon would require a little more pay than the average stable-boy gets. Not to mention a few extra stable-boys.

    I love the contrast between Dachus and his “money answers all things” thought-process and Jannis’ “like I care about it” response. Kind of reminds me of a story – not sure how true it is, but it’s funny. Supposedly, after Katrina, hit New Orleans, the governor or some such went todwn to show his support for everyone. There was a “buffet” line for displaced people that included one peice of fried chicken per person. The story goes that when the governor got to the chicken, he told the lady to give him another piece. She refused. When he said, “Do you know who I am? I’m the governor,”
    she responded with, “Do you know who I am?”
    “No, who?”
    “I’m the lady giving out the chicken and you can only have one piece.” 🙂

    • Oh, I do hope that story is true because it is AWESOME! I’ve always been a bit that way, unimpressed by titles and such. Not to say I’m disrespectful. Not usually. But start being pretentious and then the attitude changes. 😉

  17. Another wonderful, hugely enjoyable excerpt Kathi. I like the way that Jannis points out in no uncertain terms that dragons do not have owners and are not pets. Great stuff! 🙂 BTW I’ve read ‘Emergence’ and found it hugely enjoyable. Expect a review soon!

    • Thanks, Elaine, for both comments. 😀

      Jannis’s attitude comes in part from my experiences dealing with people who figured that just because they had the cash meant I would sell them a puppy. Or thought they could ‘reserve’ a pup before they were even born. It was hard sometimes to explain to them that until the puppies were born, and I knew their personalities, I couldn’t possibly guarantee there would be one suitable for their situation. Them, “But, I’ve got the money.” Me, “Don’t really give a hoot.” (I breed only when I want a new dog and I am very careful where I place the rest of the pups. Money is never the deciding factor for me.)

  18. Dachus doesn’t get it because he can’t conceive of a life where things (including himself) are not owned by the rich and powerful. He’s got a whole new world to explore, I see.

    That is, if Tork doesn’t sit on him….

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