Scary Stuff for Authors on Kindle Unlimited

I’m re-blogging this for any author currently enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program (and yes, I’m one). It’s very disturbing, and is causing me to take another look at where and how my books are handles.

Think You Couldn’t Possibly Lose Your Amazon Publishing Account? Think Again. From The Active Voice


  1. I’m considering putting my new series in KU, but am now having third or fourth thoughts on the subject. Amazon is already the bulk of my sales revenue – I don’t know how I feel about becoming 100% dependent on them and then having them pull me without warning or evidence.

    • I’m ‘all eggs in one basket’ as well. I don’t want to be, but for now, that’s what works best for me with limited marketing time. I understand Amazon wanting to curtail the sort of scams taking advantage of KU, but they need to do it in a different manner. As you say, warning, evidence… it’s poor business practice, to be sure.

  2. Wow. What a horrible situation! I hope it gets resolved soon. It’s terrible to be blamed for something you didn’t do!

  3. I read about this earlier. Talk about Scary Big Brother.
    There must be a better way to weed out the scammers not the authors.

  4. Wow this is really scary. How awful for the poor author who did nothing wrong. It seems like there needs to be a better process and more steps to notify to author of a concern and give them a chance to pull their book from KU voluntarily before being completely shut down like that.

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