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Another Wednesday has snuck up on us. Sneaked? Hmm…I’m a writer, I should know this, right? Well, no one ever said writers know everything.

ROW80 update first, since I missed Sunday’s AGAIN, and likely will up until this session is over. The past week saw not so much progress on EoD.  I am writing every day, but more often than not I’m in my sandbox playing. Sandbox? you ask. That’s what I call my notebook. It has scenes  that just pop into my head, bits of stories that may never go any further, character studies…I just go there and write and don’t care about what it is, where it’s going, or why. I suppose I should really call it my gym since I’m exercising my writing muscles, but a sandbox is way more fun. Well, just start something else, you say. Um….to put it nicely, no. If I start something else I’m afraid EoD will languish and there are a few readers who would like to see the series come to completion. Also, several characters who feel the same. So I just have to clear my brain and devote all available power to the front shields. Although sometimes it feels a bit like this

Now, to your WIPpet. More with Dragon Tale. I’m giving you 23 shortish paragraphs for the 23rd. This section includes one of my favorite exchanges. Remember, you can read everything you missed by going here. If you recall, last week Dachus saw something over Jannis’s shoulder.

The dragon waited in the doorway, its head angled to watch the exchange.

A nice trip to the north, the Proupunua had told him. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself, I hear Master Jannis is a real charmer. The part about her being a hot-tempered, emerald-eyed, half-thrall must have slipped his royal mind.

“I appreciate your concern regarding the beast’s–the dragon’s–care.”

“My concern?” Her eyes widened, and she raised both hands towards Dachus’s throat before curling her fingers into fists and lowering them to her sides. “I’m going to take into consideration that you’ve likely spent your life at the propanuee’s feet, frolicking in his shadow like a well-kept imp, and forgive your ignorance. I’d suggest you swing by the coastal schools on your way home, and purchase an older, tamed, and worn out lizard for the boy. They don’t much care who pays attention to them or what they get fed, so long as the meat’s at least a few days from spoiled.”

“A lizard is not a dragon.”

She blinked. “That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve heard you say yet.”

“I cannot go back without a dragon.”

“Well then, I hope you’re not leaving family behind that will miss you.”

Dachus’s jaw fell open and didn’t close until Master Jannis and her dragon disappeared into the dark maw of the barn. He started to follow, stopped, put his hands on his hips, and stared after them. His frown deepened. How could the woman not know of the Proupunua? The absurdity of it made his head hurt. There had to be a mistake.

“You, boy!” Dachus called to a lad making his way across the yard. The boy looked around, then pointed to his own chest, brows raised in question. Dachus waved him over. “Yes, you. Come here.”

He veered from his path to wander in Dachus’s direction, approaching with a sideways slant to his posture and stopping out of arm’s reach.

“Do you know Master Jannis?” Dachus asked.

The boy rolled his eyes. “No one calls her that. Where are you from? Hinderland?”

“I am the emissary of the Proupunua’s private court.”

“And I’m a Sapphire Apprentice,” the boy said. “What’ll that buy either of us?”

“Not nearly the same, I’m afraid.” Dachus held up his hand to stop the boy from making any further meaningless claims. “Can you describe Master Jannis to me?”


A shadow drifted over them and the boy cocked his head to look up. An expression of joy spread across his face. Dachus ducked, and covered his head, peering between his arms in time to see an immense blue creature wheel above them and angle for the field beyond the barn.

The boy waved as he ran in that direction. “That’s Myrrth. I’ll tell Janni you’re looking for her.”

“No, wait.” An ear numbing bugle drowned out Dachus’s protest and he cringed. The thought occurred to him that the Proupunua hated him. Why else would he have sent Dachus on such an outrageous mission?

“Still here I see.”

Dachus flinched. He scowled at Master Jannis as she re-emerged from the barn, water sloshing from the pale she carried.

“I suppose I should offer you lodging for the night. Unless you intend to head back today?”

And that’s all I have for today. Have a great week!



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  1. Bolin would KILL you if you let it go. As would I. *readies dragonlings for their first long-distance attack*

    PS- I go with sneaked. Snuck is accepted in the States, but I think it’s an ugly word. Sneaked is far more elegant. It suits you better. 🙂

    PPS- love the snippet. It made me smile on MULTIPLE occasions. Fantastic dialogue. I won’t point out the pale/pail thing, because you’re going to catch that.

    • Never fear, there’s no letting it go. I don’t want to be attacked. Well, not by dragonlings and irate readers that is. Bolin, on the other hand…

      See, I’ve always felt sneaked was rather…I don’t know…awkward.

      Pale. *head, desk*

  2. There’s so much to love about this story. I hope Dachus survives this trip. I’m guessing he’ll run after the blue dragon (as would I). I’m also guessing that yes indeed the Proupunua hates Dachus.

  3. I love there’s much going on beneath the surface. I am enjoying your dragon tale, more than I should. 😀

  4. I LOVE dragons. You should see my desk. 😀 So I don’t have to be guilty at all in enjoying these excerpts.

    Me, I want Dachus to get what he deserves — a couple of big, fat lessons in humility. But I’m confident you will provide that. *g*

  5. Another fantastic excerpt Kathi. I have to say I feel a lot of sympathy for Dachus. He’s been completely unprepared for what awaited him when he was told to get the dragon. I love Jannis’ great one liners such as: “Well then, I hope you’re not leaving family behind that will miss you.”

    But poor Dachus – he may be a bit obtuse when it comes to dragons and their keepers (not sure Jannis is that, just can’t think of the right word!), but it’s not his fault he hasn’t been given enough information. He’s clearly been dropped in the deep end and is struggling to get out! 🙂

    • That line of Jannis’ happens to be one of my favorites, so I’m glad you picked it out. 😀 And, yes, Dachus is so unprepared. Although he certainly believes he should have been. I mean, after all, his position should have made it so. Hee, hee, hee.

  6. I hear you on keeping a notebook of stuff. Mine’s a set of computer files, but same thing. Random stuff that pops into my head. I spend several hours writing out a plot bunny that wouldn’t leave me alone. Sadly, those distractions do take time away from the main project. It would be nice to have several more hours and a lot more energy every day.
    Nice excerpt. Dachus is growing on me.

    • Technically, mines a computer file as well. I do have other physical notebooks but not much gets written in those because then I have to decipher it!

  7. I love Janni even more now =P

  8. Ooh, a Star Trek reference. Nice. 😉

    I am also very good at getting distracted with various other writing things. It’s kind of why I dread research. I wouldn’t know when enough was enough.

    The snippet is a lot of fun. 🙂

    • Scotty is my most favorite ever!! How can you not like one of the only red shirts to not get killed?

      Ah…research…my love/hate relationship. No matter what I start researching, it always leads to many more things I didn’t even think about until I began. Next thing you know, it’s hours later and I’m not even sure what I was looking for to begin with.

  9. According to Grammar Songs: *cue bad rap beat* Sneak. Sneaking. Snuck. Have Snuck. Spell-check doesn’t like it, though. Pronounced out loud, “snuck” is a little easier to manage than “sneaked.”

    Dachus really has that whole, “My master is superior, and by proxy so am I, to any objection you could possibly have” thing going on in a big way, hasn’t he? Do you plan on humiliating him for our amusement? 😉

  10. Sandbox is an epic name for a notebook. I might just steal it sometime.

    “A lizard is not a dragon.”

    She blinked. “That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve heard you say yet.”

    “I cannot go back without a dragon.”

    “Well then, I hope you’re not leaving family behind that will miss you.”

    ^ I loved this part. Made me laugh!

    • Feel free to steal at your pleasure. 😀 A sandbox is such a great place to play, especially if you add just a bit of water. You can make incredible things and then…start again. I won’t get into the bad parts of playing in a sandbox, let’s just keep it fun.

      Glad you got a laugh out of that. I laughed when I wrote it.

  11. I once had a tribble named Doohan. He was stained with green grease paint from when I was an Orion Slave Girl….

    True story.

    I’ve got a cupboard full of sandboxes. The one from last weekend might even actually have sand in it, since I was on the beach while I played…

    I love this story. Janni’s mispronunciation of Dachus’ king’s name is perfection, and makes me think of McCoy deliberately mangling Vulcan words just because he could get a rise out of Spock that way..

    Somehow, i think Dachus is woefully outmatched here, and that he’s really not going to fins anyone who’s nearly as impressed with his position or his mission as he was when he arrived…

    And since Kate didn’t mention about the pale pail, I won’t either, OK?

    *ducks UFOs being slung by shadows outside -it’s dark, but I think I hear hoots and large wings…*

    • When I read that on my phone, without my glasses, mind, it came out as Onion Slave Girl. I knew that wasn’t right. Not saying there’s anything wrong with Onions, or their slave girls.

      Jannis is such an irreverent thing.

      Hey, it was a pale! Um…a pale pail of equally pale water that paled in comparison to milk. *clears throat* *gestures monkeys forward* They really haven’t been out to play much, you know.

      • Okay, Onion Slave Girls sound appeeling. (Forgive me or not, send the monkeys if you gotta; I’m TIRED!).

        That reminds me of my wedding, when the last minute officiant kept mispronouncing my given name as “Shanion”. Every time he did it, I though ‘onion!’ For a while, I wondered if our marriage was legal with all those mispronunciations!

        I like irreverent things. As a rule, they’re far more interesting than reverent things. =)

        I was reasonably sure it was a pale pail. I just like saying *neener neener* to the monkeys!

  12. I just love this snippet. 🙂

    And yes, no walking away from Bolin…er, EoD, I mean. 🙂 You would have many people with pitchforks coming after you.

  13. I don’t know snuck from sneaked, either. I usually just try to avoid it altogether and put it differently to avoid the awkwardness, lol. Definitely keep striving forward with the book, though! One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to force myself to write through the “bad times” where I wasn’t feeling it, and, let me tell you, it’s the only way I was ever to get anything finished. You can always go back and change things, but if you don’t push through, things dwindle and get lost entirely. Keep striving ahead, and, before you know it, you’re back to loving it or it’s done, one of the two, if not both!

  14. I’m woefully unfamiliar with dragons. I think I need to read more of your WIPpets. Also, I use sneaked and snuck interchangeably, but I’m not sure whether that’s legal. I just like both words. 🙂

  15. Definitely thinking “snuck” is correct but “sneaked” might flow better…

    And sandboxes? Oh, yes, love me some paper and ink sandboxes. 😀

    *shrugs because she’s given up on Dacchus getting a clue before blood is drawn* Myrrh sounds gorgeous!

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