ROW80 Check-in

This is my first check-in of this round so it’s going to be short and sweet. Well, okay, maybe just short. Below is my original list of goals which, much to my surprise,  earned the description “simplistic excessiveness”, and got me labeled as an overachiever. C’mon now! It’s only 5 things. *scratches head, reads list again* Okay, so I can see where they seem like 5 BIG things. Well, #2 isn’t all that big, provided my characters stop mucking things up. Anywho, what did I accomplish?

  • Finish cover, Worked on developing sketch. final edits, Done. formatting,Hopefully finishing that today with ARCs to go out shortly thereafter. etc. to release Emergence by some time in February. Anyone who would like an ARC and will take the time to review, please let me know. You should have read First of Her Kind or you may be a bit lost.
  • Hammer out some semblance of a cohesive plot for CBC. Nothing here.  Though I did work out some issues in my head. 
  • Finish the first draft of CBC. Added 1200+ words.
  • Spend some more time with Medieval Swordsmanship: Illustrated Methods & Techniques since the nearest class is a 45 minute drive on a weeknight and with my schedule, not doable. Yes, learning the longsword could be considered as something on my Bucket List, if I were the type to have such a list. Nothing here.
  • Get back into my healthy eating, exercising routine that went the way of the eggnog cheesecake sometime back before Thanksgiving. Um…well…yesterday was Family Game Night and my niece forced me to make a turtle cheesecake and, yes, I’m weak and indulged. But overall I’ve started getting back on track.

The highlight of the past week was some awesome reader love for First of Her Kind by way of a lovely e-mail and a 5-star review. Heck, that’s been the highlight of the whole month. 🙂 Yes, still giddy.

So, how are all you other ROWers doing on your goals?

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  1. Looks like you’re making progress. And one cheesecake never hurt anything. Now five cheesecakes that’s when you clog arteries. Entirely swearing off things is far from healthy and will drive you cracker-bats. Keep up the good work!

  2. well if it was icecream I could follow the conversation – I dont eat cheesecake – I know, I know weird:) – sounds like you’re doing okay and I liked your list made me seem quite slothful:( all the best for this week.

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