ROW80 Check In ~ Week One

Okay, Wednesday and Thursday I slid in my 2k per day.  Not by much though.  However, I headed out of town Friday morning right after work to attend a stockdog training clinic (my other passion).  Absolutely no time to write.  I think I managed about 800 words Friday.  I’m not heading home till tomorrow morning and have to do a blog post as well so probably won’t get back in the rhythm until Tuesday.


  1. Life — or rather, chocolate — interferred with my Row80 goals, too, so I’m starting fresh on Monday. Good luck to you this coming week!

  2. Heya kathils,

    Despite life stepping in and interfering you have still achieved quite a bit, so don’t despair too much, ROW80 is about re-adjusting as these surprises of nature filter our way. Chin-up and stay positive, you’ll get back into the groove soon -I’m certain of it.

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