Roses in December

It’s been a mixed emotional bag this week, but I’m sticking with my post-a-week pledge (this was supposed to post Saturday a.m. No idea what happened.) and I did warn you there was no telling what you’d get as far as subject matter, and that goes for mood as well.

On the up-side, it looks like Bound in Shadow has been officially assigned a reader at the publisher (for reals this time), so maybe I’ll know it’s fate sooner than I thought. My WoTF Finalist story is still under consideration for inclusion in a fantasy magazine I won’t name unless something comes of it. And I have a story just about finished (waiting on some Beta notes) for possible inclusion in an anthology due out later this year. So, on the writing side of things, it’s been okay as far as productivity, and that’s what it takes in this business.

On the personal side… the week was a bit rocky. We had to say goodbye to our oldest dog on Tuesday. You can read about Rowan on my Shadowdance Farm blog. Even though I knew her time with us was getting short, it was still hard. Last night I caught myself checking for her in the spare room before I closed the door. She had a habit of following me in there without me knowing, and then a while later I’d be wondering where she’d gotten to and scouring the house to find her.

I’ve had dogs my entire life so Row isn’t the first I’ve lost and she won’t be the last. For some reason, I think losing a pet should somehow get easier, but it never does. When I view it rationally, I realize it never should. Row was a part of our lives from the moment of her conception, quite literally. How cold and callous would we be if her loss nearly 16 years later didn’t leave a gaping hole in our lives and our hearts?

In any case, grief can really sap a person’s energy and motivation. My vow to exercise more went right down the tubes this week, along with some of my better eating habits. I succumbed to sugar temptations at the dayjob (thanks for the red licorice and the cookies). Argh. When sugar is no longer a normal part of your normal diet, then you indulge, your body isn’t subtle about telling you how much it didn’t appreciate the  slip up. At least, mine isn’t.

In any event, as they say, life goes on and we go with it. I’m hoping to knock a few more items off my To Do list this weekend, spend some time with my muses, and spend even more time with my other dogs. In the mean time, remember…


  1. My sympathies 🙁 Sending you msny hugs and much love

    • Thanks, Krista. Darn WP put all these comments in the spam folder and I didn’t see them until this morning! Silly cyberspace. >:[

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of Rowan, Kathi. *hugs*

    On the positive side, good luck with Bound in Shadow!

    • Thanks, Ruth. I’m trying to convince myself not to start twitching in regards to BiS until my ‘original’ date of May. 😉 So far, it’s not working.

  3. So sorry for your loss.

    On the other hand, fingers crossed about your story and novel! Hoping to hear good news!

  4. So sorry to hear about Rowan. We know how hard such a loss can be. [hugs]

    • Thanks, Josh. Hugs to you and Annie as well. It’s been a rough time for those of use with old dogs. <3

  5. Sorry for your loss, K.L. Our pets are part of our lives and member of our families.
    <3 <3 <3
    Good luck with the stories you readying for publication.

  6. Oh dear, I am so terribly sorry about your loss. I know what you mean about pets making our lives fuller and richer–of course we feel those gaping holes when we lose them. It is never, ever easy. But 16 years–is that right?–wow, that’s a nice long life for a dog. You did her good. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kate. 16 years seems so long when I think back on it, but just a drop in the bucket all things considered. She came from some long-lived genes. Her mother lived to be 17, her 1/2 brother 16 1/2. She lives on in her son who is going to be 12 and is the biggest, goofiest boy, ever. A very gentle soul.

  7. 🙁

    I’m sorry about Rowan. You must have taken excellent care of her, for her to live so long for a larger breed. I can’t say for sure, but after reading about her on your shadowdance blog, she sounds a lot like you. If nothing else, it seems she loved working with herds as much as you.

    I’m glad you got some encouraging news around the same time, to hopefully take off some of the edge.

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