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Six From Greeley by Josh Langston is a collection of six short stories that take the reader on a delightful romp through the lives of some of the most memorable characters the town of Greeley, TX has to offer.  Starting in the mid 1800’s in Etta’s Gold and wrapping up somewhere around 1975 in Greeley’s Finest, each of the Greeley tales comes to life with lively characters, distinctive wit, and unseen twists.   Not to mention a solid writing style that pulls the reader in and keeps them there as this excerpt from Oberon Pratt and the Paradise Posse shows:

I fully expected him to blow.  I just knew there’d be Pratt shrapnel carvin’ up church-goers from one end of Greeley to the other.  Instead, he got real quiet, and his breathing leveled out like he’d received good news instead of bad.  It was the scariest damned thing I’d ever seen. . .

For a light read that makes you wish there was more, download your copy from  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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