Review of DRUIDS and ROW80 Update

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Not many people know that, but it’s true.  You have to take a lot of different art courses to be awarded a BFA.  One of them was weaving.  I actually enjoyed the class, especially when we were taught how to use a floor loom.  The putsy, pain in the butt part of it all was threading the loom, getting it set up to actually create your weaving.

Druids, the first in the historical fantasy Druid Saga Trilogy by authors Barb Galler-Smith and Josh Langston reminds me of weaving.  There are quite a few characters to keep track of, some with difficult names, in lands pulled out of ancient history — that part is like threading the loom, but much more enjoyable.  Once the characters are established, and the rhythm of the story takes over, it becomes like watching a master weaver.  The steady flow of the hand moving the shuttle, the various threads twining seamlessly in and out, each one no less important than the next, colors and patterns blending together to create an intricate tapestry.

The authors have done an amazing amount of research, and it shows in the careful crafting of the details and flavors that made up the ancient world of Celts and Romans.  The characters moving within the confines of that world are ones you will grow to love and hate.  Druids doesn’t pull any punches, showing the sometimes brutal truth of life in the midst of upheaval.  You will cry, laugh, cheer, and yell as the story unfolds, leading you to an unexpected conclusion.  If I were you, I’d make sure you have the second book — Captives — handy so you’re not forced to wait for it (like me).

As for my ROW80 update:  Still plugging away on the red-lining.  I’m nearing the end and will then transfer all my notes back into the e-file, have a couple folks read for consistency and any glaring errors (given that I’ve made those changes), and start the querying process.

Write on!


  1. Great review – I’ll have to look into it! And great job on your editing – the light at the end of the tunnel must feel fantastic.

  2. HOORAY for almost being done with editing! Sending good vibes your way while you finish up. Good luck with the querying and have a great week!

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