Review of Day of Demons

Anthologies are a bit like a smorgasbord.  Lots of yummy things to sample and you can keep going back for more, and if you don’t like something, there are other options.  The problem with both when they’re good, is that eventually you come to the end.  <sigh>

By the time I hit story number nine in Day of Demons I wasn’t ready to be done.  I wanted more.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, or late night reading when you already have an overactive imagination, if you like demons, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this anthology.

Nine different stories, by nine different authors, all with their own unique take on the human-demon relationship.  Like every smorgasbord, however, there are some stand-out favorites.

The Deal by Karen Davies, The Serpent’s Kiss by Krista Walsh, and A Mother’s Love by James M. Mazzaro, were definitely three of the best.  Apart from the demon theme, all three were well written, kept me engaged to the end, and added a nice little twist I hadn’t seen coming.  Let’s not forget the spine chills either.

If your tastes run to the dark side, go now and buy your copy of Day of Demons.  But if you decide to read it before bed, don’t say I didn’t warn you. . .

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  1. Colin F.Barnes


    Just wanted to thank you for reviewing Day of Demons (I’m the editor for this book), and I’m so pleased to read that you enjoyed the stories. It’s always nice for me (and my contributors) to receive positive feedback and your review will no doubt give us all a smile.

    Kind Regards,
    Colin F. Barnes

  2. Fantastic review for an excellent book. Good job all round.

  3. Hurray! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Kathi! Apologies for the nightmares, if you were so plagued 😉

  4. I really enjoyed this book, too! Very well done. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the headsup, Kathi. Looks like I’ve got another title on my “To Buy” list.

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