Review of Captives

Okay, okay!  Settle down everyone.  <pounds hand on podium, and peers at the assembled . . . chairs>  Hmm.  Look, I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for me to finish reading Captives, and I know it took a while, a really long while.  Which is absolutely no reflection on the book!  I’ve been busy.  But I’m finally done.  <the sound of crickets reach her ears>

<clears throat>  I said, I’M FINALLY DONE!

<momentary pause, the doors burst open and the unruly crowd crashes through, all fighting for the front row seats>

That’s better.  Now that I have your attention, I can do a proper review.  As soon as you — <points at man in cape> — get off that woman’s lap.  And go talk to someone about your wardrobe.  A cape is only cool if you’re a super hero, or a super villain, and plaid is not an appropriate choice.

Yes, if you’re wondering, I wrote this early in the a.m. when I hadn’t had nearly enough coffee to really get the grey matter less grey.

So, seriously now.  Review time.

 One reason I steer clear of historically based fiction, is the tendency of some authors to get far too hung up on the history part of it.  Hey, if I wanted that much of a lesson, I’d take a class.  Ultimately, I’m reading for the story and the characters.  The Druids Saga delivers marvelously on all scores.  The authors (Barbara Galler-Smith and Josh Langston) have masterfully intertwined history with story telling.  They give us just enough of a taste of the culture, and the people who lived in this ancient time, to put us firmly in there.  I’m still amazed at the depth of research that must have gone into these books.  It comes out in the subtle details, and the nuances of the character’s day to day lives, in a way that easily sucks the reader in.

In Druids the authors set the stage, moved all the players into their places, and left us craving the answers.  In Captives we get some of those answers, not all of which you’re going to like.  Tension builds on every page.  No one is safe.  It’s the reality of life — and the harsh realism brought to the story by the authors.  A happy ending with sunshine and butterflies is not a guarantee, but a hope, because we’ve come to know and care about the main players in the tale.  There are surprises — some good, some bad — and twists that make you cringe, and almost dread turning the page.  But you have to, because you need to know.  Does Mallec finally find Rhonwhen?  What becomes of Orlan?  Will Deirdre’s scheming bring her the results she desires?

Heck if I’m going to spoil it by telling you!  Get your own copy of Captives and find out for yourselves.   The only dull spot is having to wait for Warriors to come out.  <cue Jeopardy music>

Write on!


  1. I guess I’ll have to rethink my wardrobe choices. I was hoping capes might make a comeback!

    • If you decide to go with a cape, please, do not make it out of plaid. Oh, and no bow tie with it. Absolutely not. No fur trim either, then it becomes just a cloak and loses all its capelike appeal.

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