Revamping & Platform Building

As you’ll notice, I’ve changed the look of this blog.

You’ll also perhaps notice I’ve slightly altered the name.

You see, I need to start building a platform.

“A platform?” you ask, “Can’t you build one of those in the backyard?  You’ve professed that it’s possible to build a house out of baling twine, popsicle sticks and duct tape.  Why not a platform?”

Well, perhaps if I was talking about a physical platform I’d run out and start twining and taping.  However, the platform I’m referring to in this context is what aspiring authors, established authors, and anyone in between apparently needs these days in order to develop a following.  A following is now required to get your foot, or more precisely your manuscript, in the door of a publishing house or a literary agent.  Unless, of course, you’ve already been on the best seller’s list or rub elbows with someone who has and is willing to give you a glowing recommendation.

So, here I am, jumping out of the anonymity closet and proclaiming to the world (or the portion that pays any attention to either of my current blogs or Face Book posts) that I am an aspiring author.  I could, I suppose, leave the “aspiring” off that claim.  I have had some poems and a few non-fiction pieces published.  Both many years ago.  But now I’m after the big game.  The novel.  One done.  One on the way.  Numerous others in various stages of incubation.

But first, the platform.  Networking.  Whether I like it or not.

So, the blog will change.  The focus will swing to my current works in progress, daily or not so daily trials and tribulations of seeking publication and balancing work and life with the pursuit of my craft – among other things.

Now I just need a catchy tag line and a really cool header.

Yeah, I’m working on it.  🙂

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