Quite Simply . . .

Because my last couple of posts have been on querying — well, pitching, which is an entirely different beast — I thought I’d share this quote because it seemed so appropriate.


Crack the WIP!


  1. Ack. That actually makes me sick to my stomach. I struggle so much over my query! I can’t deal with the thought that it might be because I don’t understand my book well enough.

    • Now, don’t go getting all queasy on me! I think a query is something every writer struggles with. That doesn’t mean you don’t understand your book well enough. It just means your normal. Or, as abnormal as all writers, depending on your point of view.

  2. I’m not sure I agree with Einstein. That may be a true statement for many things. But I don’t think the truly complex can necessarily be simply explained.

    That being said, I dread writing the query for the current WIP. And the synopsis. But first, I’d better finish the WIP so I have a better idea what it’s about. 😉

    • EEK! Disagreeing with Einstein, oh my!! ;p LOL I still think you need to know your story and characters fairly well to get everything boiled down to query and synopsis level. It wasn’t until I started asking myself “why” my MC did something, why she responded a certain way, what would compel her actions, that I really was able to concisely sum her up.

  3. Ah… so that’s my problem!

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