Quick and Short from States Away

Yup, still in Bryan, TX at the ASCA National Specialty, but found myself with some down time yesterday so decided I’d toss out a quick WIPpet. Sorry I didn’t make it to anyone’s last week. Or this week. (Most likely.) And just to clear things up in my Driev quandary–it’s not the risk of rejection. That comes with the territory and I have pretty thick skin, so that’s not why I’m still debating about which avenue to pursue. It’s actually a combination of impatience and inability to craft a respectable synopsis. Possibly lame reasons, but reasons nonetheless.

Okay, my WIPpet, more from The Adorned. I’m not sure if it’s been clearly mentioned in my excerpts, but Fader Price has quite a few tatoos–abstract, tribal-type designs in black or perhaps wode blue. I give you 14 sentences for the year.

She watched him over the top of her mug. “What do the tattoos mean?”

Fader opened his eyes, just enough to see her through his lashes. “Many things.” He sighed and lifted a hand, tracing the line of one down his neck. “They are not easily explained. They are…my history. My future. Choices good and bad. Strength. Weakness.”

“You’re right,” Roe said. “Not easily explained. Forget I asked.”

And since I’ve added no (or very few) words, no ROW80 update. Maybe next week when I’m back home and trying to get into the groove again.



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  1. Short but very compelling! I like his explanation of the tattoos.

    And I was pretty sure from other comments you’ve made that time is the big factor for you in considering what to do with Driev.

  2. I like how abrupt Roe is. Great excerpt. And best of luck with choosing what to do with Driev. I’m sure you’ll come to the right decision in the end – whichever way you choose to go. 🙂

  3. Oh, I love a WIPpet with ink. Short but compelling.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. I would love to know more about his tattoos and what they all mean.

  5. Sounds to me the tattoos might be important in some way. Hmm. :star:

  6. Love his explanation of the tattoos. And hope you figure out what you want to do with Driev.

    • I wanted to give that thought last week but the brain was too busy elsewhere. This month for sure I make a decision. *draws line in sand*

  7. It sounds like those tattoos are an important part of who he is. I don’t have ink myself (yet!), but I love it, and I love the stories behind the tats my friends have. I’d like to know Fader’s stories.

    • I almost got inked a few months ago, but couldn’t get the design to make me happy and now might just have it made into a silver bracelet instead. But I have many friends who have tattoos and who got them for various reasons. None, however, like Fader’s. 😉

  8. Awesome! I loved his description of the tattoos, so mysterious and completely engaging. I want to know all about them 😉

  9. Hope you’re enjoying your time here in the States.
    Love Fader’s tattoos! Looking forward to reading his stories.

    • Back in Wisconsin as of last night. Texas was great. Not nearly as warm as we thought it would be, but warmer than the snow greeting me this morning.

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