Pre-Order A More Complicated Fairytale by Emily Witt

A couple weeks ago, I shared the cover reveal for Emily Witt’s A More Complicated Fairytale. Go here to read more about it.

AMCFTsmallIt is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and you can shelve it on GoodReads, so I’m sharing again. Because that’s how I roll.

A More Complicated Fairytale will be released this Saturday, April 2.

And, as long as I’m talking pre-order, don’t forget you can pre-order Edge of Darkness, the final book in the Darkness & Light trilogy. It still needs some tweaks but it's close.If you haven’t read First of Her Kind and Emergence, they are available to read for free through KindleUnlimited. Edge of Darkness will be released April 13.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my links! And I have just ordered my copy of Edge of Darkness, as I had somehow neglected to do that before. Thanks for the reminder!

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