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I did it!  I’ve reclaimed my space.  Okay, so I’m not 100% done.  I still have some filing and organizing to finish up, but the bulk of it is complete — including file cabinet, bookcase AND closet.  We’re not talking small coat closet either.  I have my drawing table and work spaces back, with all non-essential who-ha either tossed or put away.  Best of all, I have my desk back.  That means I was able to set my laptop up as a two monitor system (my PC being just one step away from the trash bin ~ if only I didn’t need it to run my archaic plotter).

Why do I want a two monitor system?  Because what I *really* want is one of these:  Isn’t that about the coolest, geekiest thing you’ve ever seen?  Unfortunately, I don’t have $40,000.

My next choice would be this:  Quite a bit less than the Emperor chair, but still a chunk-o-change I don’t have to fling around at the moment.  <sigh>

So I’m settling for this.  Which will eventually include a bigger, better monitor than the one on the right.

Which brings us back to the ‘why’.  (But, really?  Do you need to ask?  It’s just freaking cool!  Yes, I have a little geek in me.  So what?)  I did find out a two monitor system is handy for transcribing a manuscript when you have some notes in a different electronic file and need to compare two files at once.  That’s what I was doing above.  Much easier than flipping screens on a single monitor.

But what I really intend to use it for is graphic design and digital artwork.

Yes, I do that also.  Not enough of it lately.  And, no, I didn’t find more time in my schedule.  I’m just certifiably insane, and need to constantly be working on fifteen projects at once.  I can’t help it.  I can’t shut my brain off, and it’s always generating ideas.  Some of them have to leave my head.  There’s not enough room in the ol’ brain pan for everything.  Besides, I’ve always wanted to do book covers and with the surge of self-publishing going on, there are folks who need covers.  (So, psssst, anyone needing a cover, let’s talk.  Get me now while I’m still cheap.  LOL )

For now, my lovely two monitor set up will continue to be used for finishing up BD&L so I can get it the heck out of here!

Write on!


  1. OMG, I want that Emperor Chair! *drool* I’m picturing World of Warcraft on that setup….omg! FUN!

    Wait, if I use it for work it could be a tax deduction, right? Right?

    • You’re brilliant!! Tax deduction, yes! I’m going to go order mine right now….let’s see…where did I put the credit card….

  2. I love your two monitor system. My last firm had two monitors at each desk. It really is helpful for comparing things and transcribing stuff. 😉 You totally motivated me to clean my desk and box up the last paper drafts of my manuscript for the basement. 🙂

    • Me?!!? Motivation to clean things?!!? Now I know for a fact the universe is unstable!! LOL It’s funny how even the clutter I couldn’t see, kept nudging at me to do something about it. Good luck! 😀

  3. For 40 Gs, I’d only want the big rig if it came with an auto-loading cooler of adult beverages! Two monitors? I use that setup ate work and love it. Unfortunately I am not writing at work, just working.

    • I wonder if for a few grand more you can add customizations to it? Because the auto-loading cooler idea just rocks!! That, and a coffee pot, are all it needs to be utterly perfect. 🙂 I’m really liking working with two monitors, and think I need to tell my boss it would make me more productive at work as well.

  4. *drapes arm around shoulder* Cover art, you say? We need to talk….

  5. May hit you up on that offer someday, who knows 😉

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